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Point Pleasant Register Covers STM Mothman Movie

The Point Pleasant Register has a new article up on the upcoming Small Town Monsters film The Mothman of Point Pleasant (which I reviewed here):

"POINT PLEASANT - Though film crews may cause a stir in most small towns, not so much in Point Pleasant.
"Sine the explosion of material on the city's infamous Mothman, including a major motion picture dedicated to it (though that was filmed nowhere near Point Pleasant), seeing a film  crew a the Mothman statue has become commonplace. The attention and tourists have become one of those things people in other small towns sometimes take for granted - like hospitality, or knowing exactly when the church bell rings on Wednesdays and Sundays.
"Seth Breedlove, who lives in northern Ohio, is one of those filmmakers recently seen on the streets of Point Pleasant. He is a documentary filmmaker with the production company 'Small Town Monster' who credits the 'Mothman Prophecies' film with his love of paranormal subject matters. However, that curiosity is paired with his upbringing by parents who owned a bookstore dedicated to books on history. In fact, the family traveled the country going to historical book shows. He was also a journalist at one time who enjoyed writing more about people's lives than their crimes.
"'The small human stories drew me to make the movies we make,' he said, adding this movie was an opportunity to tell something more than a scary story.
"'I didn't get into the weird cryptid stuff until much later in life... I was always really into history,' he said. 'I think that's why our movies are the way they are. For me, this story is a piece of Point Pleasant's history whether or not they (people) want to believe (in Mothman) is totally up to them. You can't deny it was a part of the town's history.'
"Keeping this mix of cryptid mystery and history in mind, Breedlove and his friends, have made the film 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant: 13 Months that Changed History.'
"Prior to taking on the project, Breedlove said he knew so much had already been done on the subject matter, he wasn't sure if he could bring anything new to the table. So, he traveled to Point Pleasant and met with Jeff Wamsley, owner of the Mothman Museum and author of books on the sightings. Breedlove credits Wamsley and his daughter Ashley Watts for getting the movie made because Ashley convinced Wamsley to give Breedlove access to audio recordings of interviews with witnesses to use. He also gave Breedlove his 8mm film footage taken by a relative the day after the Silver Bridge collapsed.
"'It has never been seen,' Breedlove said, recalling a shot of people in the film standing along the flood wall the day after the tragedy, just looking at what had happened, perhaps waiting for news on the missing.
"'It is my favorite shot in the footage and the first time I saw it, I cried,' he said.
"Breedlove looks at the bridge collapse as obviously part of the town's history and doesn't try to connect it with Mothman, he simply includes it as part of those 13 months the film looks at. Breedlove said early on when he was considering the film as a possibility, he had traveled to the Mothman Festival and talked with a local man who remembered the bridge disaster well.
"'His memory of the bridge collapse was what made me want to make the movie,' he said."

You can see the rest on the Point Pleasant Register website. And be sure to check out The Mothman of Point Pleasant when it is released June 2nd!
By the Mothman Statue, Pt. Pleasant, WV


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