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TCZ Creature Feature: Best Evidence: “Bigfoot”

This is an episode of Best Evidence, a series that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2007. This episode is about Bigfoot and the potential "evidence" for its existence that has been found over the past 50 years (at the time). I recently re-watched it and I thought it was pretty good for a TV documentary. Mostly everyone interviewed is a scientist, which is very good.

Watch it below:

I remember when Destination America used to air lots of crypto-documentaries (not Mountain Monsters or such) and one day I spent all morning watching this one, Crop Circles: Mysteries in the Fields, American's Loch Ness Monster, and The Loch Ness Monser Revealed. It's a good memory.

Where Have I Been?

Regular readers of Tyler's Cryptozoo will have noticed that I have not been on much lately. I only had three posts up in August - all concerning news about my new book that I wrote with Colin Schneider, Ramblings of Teenaged Cryptozoologists.

So what's with the absence?

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you may recall a post from a few months ago (July I believe) in which I said I might not be on as much anymore. Well, that's obviously what's happening. In this post, I thought I would let my readers know why I haven't been on that much.

There's really one big reason - my interest in cryptozoology has died down. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not at all interested in the subject anymore. But, over the past year or so, a lot of stuff in the field has really turned me off. I'm still interested in looking at this stuff from a scientific standpoint. But, that's the main problem again: much of what goes on in cryptozoology is not scientific. Most …

Checking Out "When Roger Met Patty"

I just finished reading Bill Munn's excellent book, 'When Roger Met Patty.' It decisively proves the Patterson-Gimlin film was not and could not have been a hoax of any kind. As a professional special effects make up artist and creature maker for Hollywood, Munns is uniquely qualified to do the science in the book, and is logical and transparent in his approach. For those interested in the film and the forensics done to prove the film is genuine, and therefore the species is real, this is definitely worth your time.
So said Cliff Barackman (you all know who he is) in 2014.

That's the year Bill Munns published this book on the P-G film. I got the book back in 2014, but I've never read it. I decided to change that, so today I started said book. My views on cryptozoology have drastically changed since 2014, though, when I probably would have said similar things to the above. But now, after only reading the intro and acknowledgements in the book, I'm not so sure.

New Book - Now on Amazon

Ramblings of Teenaged Cryptozoologists, my new book that I wrote with Colin Schneider, is now available on Amazon as well as

Amazon link here.

Lulu link here.

Here's the contents of the book:

Introduction by Colin SchneiderIntroduction by Tyler HouckThe Ohio Dogman by Colin SchneiderMonsters of the Fay by Colin SchneiderJumping to Conclusions by Colin SchneiderA (Not So) Diminutive Look at Cryptid Dwarves by Colin SchneiderMemories of the Megalodon by Colin SchneiderThe Chupacabras Cronies by Colin SchneiderCanine Creeps by Colin SchneiderThe Beast that Bladenboro Feared by Colin SchneiderSo, You Want to be a Cryptozoologist by Colin SchneiderWhy Modern Pterosaurs Make No Sense by Tyler HouckWessie, the Monster Snake of Westbrook by Tyler HouckNessie, Landbound! by Tyler HouckFinding Nessie by Tyler HouckCapturing Cadborosaurus by Tyler HouckSearch for the Sea Serpent by Tyler HouckDinosaurs, Giant Lizards, and Bunyips by Tyler Houck"Sea Monsters" of 2017 by Tyler…