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London Loch Ness Monster?

Something likened to the Loch Ness Monster has been filmed in the River Thames in London.

The Daily Starreports (Oct. 27):

"A MYSTERIOUS finned creature  has been filmed lurking in the Thames. "The strange footage shows ripples in the water near the University of Greenwich. "Moments later, a black creature appears on the surface and no one has any idea what it is. "The man who filmed the phenomenon yesterday (October 26) from the University, said: 'I was at work today. "'I'm about the eighth floor up when me and my workmate noticed a weird fin-like object coming up and down and making some weird swirls in the water. "'We kept our eyes out for about five minutes and it came up again right by the shore. And then it disappeared again.' "And it's not the first time strange animals have been caught on camera in the capital's iconic river. "Earlier this month, Londoners were terrified after news a crocodile was spotted in t…

The Loch Ness Mystery Reloaded

A new Loch Ness Monster book by Ronald Binns that came out in August…

Binns also wrote The Loch Ness Mystery Solved in 1983. Now he has published The Loch Ness Monster Reloaded.

Here's the book description:

"On the fiftieth anniversary of the local newspaper report which made the Loch Ness Monster world famous, Ronald Binns published his now classic but controversial book The Loch Ness Mystery Solved. Over three decades later it remains both influential and a source of fierce debate. In this new book Binns takes a fresh look at Nessie in the light of later evidence and recent analysis of the classic photographs and film. He considers the relationship between the Loch Ness Monster and the water kelpie tradition of Scottish folklore. He also scrutinizes the role played by central figures in the Loch Ness story such as Rupert Gould, Tim Dinsdale and Ted Holiday. Ronald Binns is a former member of the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau. He has made numerous visits to the lo…

Crypto-Kid - Halloween Special!

Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, Colin Schneider will have a special mystery guest on for a Halloween special. They will be discussing "popular Halloween monsters and the folklore behind them."

Listen live and join the chatroom on WCJV Radio.

Fossil Shark Teeth

Some fossilized shark teeth I got at Creature Weekend...

The teeth are from Otodus obliquus, a shark that lived about 60-45 million years ago. It grew to a large size (about 30 feet long) and was an ancestor of the gigantic megalodon shark.

"Hunt for Champ Continuing"

The Sun Community News has a new article up on the search for Champ, the Lake Champlain monster…

It reads:

"PORT HENRY - Champ Search Director Katy Elizabeth is continuing her hunt for the Lake Champlain monster. "Now residing in Ferrisburg, Vt., she was in Port Henry recently to talk about some of the high technology she's acquired to help her in the search for Champ. "'I've got a drone,' she said. 'I'm building an airboat. I have a 17-foot (power) boat now.' "She's been setting up remote wildlife cams around the lake. "'I can monitor them on my smartphone,' she said. 'One has sound and nightvision [sic]. That's going at the best spot.' "Many Champ sightings have been in Port Henry's Bulwagga Bay and Button Bay in Vermont, and Elizabeth is keeping an eye on both. "She also has a thermal imager to look for the creature's heat signature, a nightvision scope, and an electronic thermometer to c…

Creature Weekend - Pictures

Some pictures from Creature Weekend, which took place yesterday at Salt Fork State Park…

"Mysterious Sea Creature Washes Up" in Australia

NT News is reporting:

"An NT News reader spotted this monster from the deep at the Lee Point Beach, describing it as a 'fairly large' skeleton. "Efforts to identify the Lee Point Kraken have so far proved fruitless. "If you're an expert in marine life and able to help us out, drop the newsroom a line."
Looks like some kind of decomposing mammal. If it were a shark there would not be bones like the ribs as their skeletons are made of cartilage.

Patterson-Gimlin Film 50th Anniversary

50 years ago today, on October 20th, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin encountered a Sasquatch, which Patterson managed to catch on about 60 seconds of film. Since that day the film has become legendary in the field of cryptozoology and even those not interested will know it as "the Bigfoot film."

Now while many will argue that is hasn't been proven 100% real, no one has been able to prove in fifty years that it is fake, either...

Because it's not.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Wishing a happy 86th birthday to Bob Gimlin, one of the most famous Bigfoot witnesses ever, and a super nice guy!

Crypto-Kid: Brian Parsons Tonight

Tonight at 8:

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, Colin is joined by Dr. Brian D. Parsons as a rescheduled interview due to last week's cancellation. We will be discussing the field of cryptozoology, issues that exist within the field, and how it can be improved."
Listen live on WCJV radio.

Surviving Megalania - Monster Lizards in Australia?

50,000 years ago, Australia was home to a gigantic monitor lizard called Megalania. In appearance, it would have resembled modern day Komodo dragons, except for one thing - its size. While Komodo dragons are known to reach lengths of about eight-and-a-half feet, Megalania is thought to have been anywhere from fifteen to almost thirty feet long!

Could something that large have survived, relatively hidden, into the present day? If eyewitness reports are true, it seems that this giant lizard may still be with us.

Peter Hancock, an author and journalist who also happens to be an expert on Aboriginal legends of Australia, has noted one story the Aborigines tell about a Megalania that fought a great white shark and dragged it out of the ocean. While this is likely just folklore, it does show that the people know about giant lizards that may have survived long past their supposed extinction date.

Australian cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy has collected several stories of supposed Megalania sighti…

Three Best Ohio State Parks for Bigfooting

Ohio State Park Lodges has a new article up on three SPs in Ohio where Bigfoot may be seen…

"Bigfoot. Is there a mythical creature with a stronger hold on the popular imagination than this ape-like beast? Whether the product of folklore, misidentification, or hoax, this large, hairy humanoid - also known as Sasquatch - continues to fascinate believers and attract countless 'spotters' around the country. "One popular place for reported sightings is Ohio, which ranks in the top five states nationally. Many of those eyewitness accounts come from visitors and rangers at Ohio State Parks. In fact, three Ohio State Park Lodges are the center of that activity, making them convenient home bases for Bigfoot enthusiasts who want to join in organized events and hikes or just head out on their own in search of the elusive creature. "PUNDERSON STATE PARK "Punderson State Park in rural northeast Ohio has a number of documented sightings. In the heart of the woods is Pun…

Review - Invasion on Chestnut Ridge

Small Town Monsters' 5th film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, comes out soon. STM director Seth Breedlove let me check out an advance copy of the film to put up a review on here. Though I've been quite busy for about the last month and a half, I finally got a chance to check out the film, and these are my thoughts on it.

Invasion is about the strange happenings along the Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania. Local residents who have had strange encounters are interviewed, as well as researchers Stan Gordon and Eric Altman.  Along the ridge, witnesses have reported ghost lights, UFOs, Bigfoot, werewolves, thunderbirds, and many, many other odd things.

Many well known sightings happened in the early 1970s, when reports of UFOs and Bigfoot were very frequent. The strangest thing of all this was that sometimes the two would be seen at the same time, or shortly after on another. Some witnesses even saw a white colored Bigfoot that was holding a ball of light.

On another occasion, two Bigfo…

Book Review: On Wildman by Ronald Murphy Jr.

Last month at the Mothman Festival I met Ronald L. Murphy Jr. and picked up a couple of his books. I recently read one of those books - On Wildman: Tracking Bigfoot Through History.

On Wildman takes a look at hairy, man-like creatures throughout history. Ron examines legends of giants, Grendel, and tales of apeman beings from the Bible and Epic of Gilgamesh, etc. He explores Greek and Roman legends of wild men, satyrs, the Green Man, and things of the sort.

Ron's book shows that the archetype of a large, hairy, man-like creature (like Bigfoot or Yeti) is nothing new. Though it isn't very long, it is packed with information and is probably one of the best books on historical Bigfoot-type stuff I've read (and I have over 200 cryptid books!).

If you are someone who has an interest in Bigfoot, definitely check out this book. And, if you are someone who is more skeptical, you should check it out too - and see that Bigfoot is not just a modern legend!

Get On Wildmanhere.

Crypto-Kid: Brian Parsons Tonight

Tonight at 8 on Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid:

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, Colin will be joined by Dr. Brian Parsons. Dr. Parsons is the host of the Paranormal News Insider also on WCJV Radio. Colin and Dr. Parsons will discuss the state of cryptozoology today and how it can be improved. Also, if time allows, will delve into some recent information concerning mystery feline sightings in America."
Listen live on WCJV Radio.

*cancelled and rescheduled for next week due to technical issues*

"Stunned Newlyweds" Spot Loch Ness Monster

The UK Sun is reporting on a recent sighting of a Loch Ness Monster.

It reads in part:

"A stunned woman enjoying her honeymoon at Loch Ness had a monster surprise. "Newly wed Rebecca Stewart was touring with husband Paul when she become the seventh person to spot Nessie this year. "Mrs Stewart from Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, photographed and saw the large fin shape for five minutes. "Her husband also saw the creature which gatecrashed their honeymoon. "Shop manager Mrs Stewart's sighting on Monday at Fort Augustus has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register. "'It was hard to tell on size, however birds would fly near it and (they) looked try small in comparison to the ting in the water. We were on the pier and the thing was over near what looks like a small boat house. Birds would fly near it and quickly fly away from it,' she said in her report. "'A boat came from the canal and the thing then disap…

Creature Weekend 2017

Creature Weekend is coming up later this month! This year's event is taking place October 20-22 a Deerassic Park in Salt Fork State Park, Ohio.

Speakers this year are:

Tom Sewid, Kwakwaka'wakw and Cree Indian from Vancouver Island, Native American Bigfoot researcher
Jeff Wamsley, director of the Mothman Museum and author of the books Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend and Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes
Todd Neiss, "eyewitness turned researcher" of Bigfoot. Todd holds the "Beachfoot" event in the Pacific Northwest each year and his goal is to set up a "Bigfoot Interpretive Center" there
Scott Mardis, active Champ investigator since 1992.
Adam Davies, explorer/adventurer/cryptozoologist who has searched for Bigfoot, Orang-Pendek, Yeren, Seljord Lake Monster, and more. Small Town Monsters will also be screening their Mothman of Point Pleasant documentary on Saturday, as well as premiering their 5th film, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge!

There will also be lot…

Research Material...

Received in the mail today a copy of Michael Newton's Globsters from Jon Downes/CFZ. Looks to be quite interesting and will be very helpful in my research for my own globsters book...

Another Fake Bigfoot Story from Texas

A few months ago, Round Rock, Texas was the site of several fake Bigfoot stories all leading up to a Bigfoot weekend in the area. And now a Texas state park is doing the same thing.

My San Antonio is reporting:

"Everyone needs something, or someone, to believe in and for a Texas state park, that thing might be Bigfoot.  "Daingerfield State Park, which sits a little southwest of Texarkana, captured what may possibly be Big Foot - the mythical creature, who stands towering on two legs and appears to be covered in hair, only ever spotted running by surveillance cameras or caught as nothing but a blur in photos. "Employees at the park posted footage on Facebook Wednesday of what kind of, sort of, maybe a little bit looks like Big Foot. "The video, cast in black and white, shows a figure creeping across what looks like a parking lot. Its lunky arms swing back and forth, and the creature takes large steps to speed across the lot. "'Legend, lore, myth or ??? What …

Book Review: Sea Serpent Carcasses - Scotland by Glen Vaudrey

Today I finished up Glen Vaudrey's book Sea Serpent Carcasses - Scotland: From the Stronsa Monster to Loch Ness. The book is an examination of odd remains that were thought to be sea serpents that have washed up in Scotland from the years 906 to 2011. The book was published by CFZ Press in 2012.

Notable accounts include:

The "Giant Woman" of 906The Stronsa MonsterThe Hunda MonsterThe Girvan MonsterThe Orkney MonsterA Captured "Loch Ness Monster" in the 1970sLoch Ness Hoaxes from the 2000sAnd more.

While its not the longest book in the world (coming in at 112 pages before bibliography, etc.) and isn't the most well-written book I have ever read (although I have certainly read worse!), I would definitely recommend Sea Serpent Carcasses - Scotland to anyone interested in the subject. It is one of two on the subject I have found (the other is Michael Newton's Globsters, also published by CFZ) and will be extremely helpful in researching cases for my book I …

Crypto-Kid Returns Tonight with Nick Redfern

Colin Schneider's Crypto-Kid returns tonight at 8. In this episode:

"Tonight on the Crypto-Kid, I am joined by Nick Redfern, author of over 30 books on cryptozoology and the unusual to talk about his newest book Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters and Changing Cryptids. This is going to be a great episode!"
Listen on WCJV Radio.

Check out Nick Redfern's Shapeshiftershere.