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A Nessie Rhyme!

Karl Shuker is a cryptozoologist who lives in the United Kingdom. He is the author of many cryptozoological books, including The Beasts that Hide from Man, Mirabilis, Dragons, and The Journal of Cryptozoology. Shuker is also a poet, and has written a poetry book called Star Steeds and Other Dreams. 

He had one poem on his ShukerNature blog about the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie. I read the poem and must say that it is spectacular!

To see the post on ShukerNature click here.

Linda Godfrey's "American Monsters" Reviewed!

Today, I finished reading Linda S. Godfrey's newest book American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America. The book came out on August 28, 2014.

Linda is also the author of many other book, most of which cover creatures like the Beast of Bray Road and Michigan Dogman. This book has a chapter on Dogmen(of course!) but also covers many other cryptozoological monsters, like Bigfoot, the Gator Man, Chupacabras, Thunderbirds, Mothman,  Waheela, Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters, Lizard Men, Live Pterosaurs…. the list goes on and on.

I have read some of Linda's other books(and have gotten to meet her, too), and, I must say, this one is just as good as all of her others! She doesn't spend much time writing about one specific creature, which is why the book is so full of different cryptid sightings.

The first part of the book covers flying critters… things like Thunderbirds, Mothman, the Van Meter Visitor, dragons(yes, dragons!), pterosaurs, chupacabras…

This Could be the Ohio Grassman!

There's a new post on Bigfoot Evidence about a video showing what could be the Ohio Grassman, Ohio's Bigfoot, in Salt Fork State Park, OH. The video is a sighting that occurred this year… just last week!

Here's the link to the Bigfoot Evidence post and the YouTube video.

Is it the Grassman? Maybe. If there's one thing I can say, it's that Bigfoots are alive and well in Ohio, especially in the Salt Fork area. I know a few people who have had encounters with big foots in that park, which is also home to the annual Ohio Bigfoot conference, which will be on May 15 next year!

For more info on the Ohio Grassman, click here.

Or, check out this book by Ohio researcher Joedy Cook.

More Bigfoot

A White Saber-Tooth Cat in China?

Karl Shuker(Author of the Beasts that Hide from Man, Mirabilis, and many other books) has a new post on his ShukerNature blog about white tigers in China. These aren't just normal tigers, though; they may be of the saber-toothed variety!

Saber-Toothed "Tigers" actually weren't tigers at all... For more on all of this click here to go to ShukerNature.

Texas Bigfoot Conference 2014

The Original  Texas Bigfoot Conference will take place on October 18, 2014 in Jefferson, Texas. Confirmed speakers for the event so far are:

Lyle Blackburn
John Kirk III
Ken Gerhard
Nick Redfern

For more on the Texas Bigfoot Conference 2014, see these posts on Cryptomundo.

2014 Original Texas Bigfoot Conference

Talking Bigfoot in Texas

John Kirk is also going to be a speaker at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference on May 16, 2015.

Alaska Monsters: Attacked by an Alaskan Bigfoot and the Saberwolf!

Last Friday on Destination America's new show Alaska Monsters, the team was hunting a huge, wolf like creature called the "Saberwolf." Apparently they also ran into Central Alaska's Bigfoot again on one of their hunts.

For more see here, here, here, and here!

American Legends and Monsters

There's a new article on Bigfoot Evidence and another website about "9 American Legends You've Never Heard Of." They apparently didn't contact me before writing the article, because I've heard of four of these things. The creatures/ghosts/legends in the article include the MoMo, Bragg Road, Snallygaster, Jersey Devil, Dog Boy, and the Green Man.

For more, click here or here. 

Jeff Meldrum is Writing Another Bigfoot Book!

Dr. Don Jeffry Meldrum, Professor of Anthropolgy at Idoho State University, and author of the 2006 book Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, is now preparing to write another Bigfoot book called Sasquatch and Other Wildmen: The Search for Relic Hominids.

For more, see this post on Cryptomundo:

What's Dr. Meldrum Up To?

Cryptids of the World - Which is Your Favorite?

Cryptids are seen all over the world. Some seen on different continents may be related to each other in some way... Like the yeti of Nepal and Sasquatch in North America, but I don't fell like writing a bunch about that now.

I would like to know what your favorite cryptid is. There are lots to chose from - bigfoot, Nessie, ogopogo, champ, the yeti, Almas, thunderbirds, Batsquatch, the dover demon, the bishopville lizard man, the lake worth monster, the Yowie, mothman, owlman, Texas big bird, Dogmen of different sorts, chupacabras,....... The list could probably go on forever.

My favorite cryptid is, for some reason, the MoMo, or Missouri Monster. The crypid is said to be a bigfoot-type creature. I don't know why it's my favorite, though, because I don't live in Missouri and have never been there.

This guy says he's talked to a Yowie!

*For more on the Yowie, or Australia's Bigfoot, please click here.*

There's a new post on the Cryptomundo blog entitled "The Yowie Whisperer." The post is about a man in Australia who claims to have actually talked to a Yowie, which is basically Bigfoot in Australia, for two hours! The creature first was speaking in a language that he thinks may have been Latin. The creature was a male and was about eight feet tall.

The man, Tony Duffy, feels that Yowies are very human-like, intellegent, and should be protected. He says they are peaceful creatures, and have families, just like us humans. He thinks they may be the "missing link" scientists have been searching for for so long.

Here's how the post starts out on Cryptomundo:

"Tony Duffy claims he had a two hour conversation with a Yowie that spoke in a language he thnks was Latin.

Tony Duffy's claim to have met Yowies puts him in suprisingly good company."

To see the Cryptomundo post, click her…


Transformers: Age of Extinction comes out on DVD, Blu-Ray, and the like on September 30, 2014!

The Mothman Festival is this Weekend!

The 13th annual Mothman Festival is this weekend! The event kicked off today, Saturday, Sept. 20, and will continue into tomorrow. Lots of speakers are there to talk about Mothman and other crypt ids, and lots of vendors are there as well!

Guest speakers tomorrow, Sunday, will be:

11 AM: Guest Speakers Panel at State Theater
12 PM: Brian Seech of the Center for Unexplained Events and the Center for Cryptozoological Studies
1 PM: Chris Mcdaniel    author and paranormal investigator
2 PM: Dale Morton   Mothman costume creator
3 PM: Joedy Cook    Bigfoot investigator and cryptozoologist

Turtleman from Call of the Wildman is also down in Point Pleasant this weekend, at least he was today.

the group SOSBI(Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation) also has a vendor table in Pt. Pleasant this weekend!

If you are anywhere near the Pt. Pleasant area this weekend be sure to check out the Mothman Festival!

For more info, please click here!

An update on Cryptid U.S.

Its been awhile since I posted about my book, Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America. 

I am currently working on the final draft of the book, and after that I will publish it at CreateSpace, and then it will be available on Amazon.

I've already shown the first draft to a couple of my friends that I have met in the world of Bigfooting, and they seemed to think it was very good. I hope all of you reading this do, too.

I will have another post on here when Cryptid U.S. finally comes out… hopefully that won't be too long from now!

I have also started working on a second book about Mothman, and you may possibly see a sea-serpent book in the future, too! : )

Joedy Cook's "Mothman Casebook" Reviewed!

Joedy Cook, cryptid researcher from Cincinnati, Ohio, has a new book out called Mothman Casebook. I got the book recently and this is my review.

I enjoyed this book quite a lot, not just because I know the guy who wrote it, but because its a great book. Most of the book is sightings of Mothman or Mothman-like creatures in various states, including Ohio, West Virginia, Texan, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, and more.

All in all, I'd give this book 5/5 stars!


At the end of August, we went to the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I remember saying how odd I thought it was that there are relatively few Mothman books out there compared to other well known cryptids, like Bigfoot. Just the next day I found this book. I thought it was a big strange… maybe Mothman had something to do with it!

Description from the back cover of Mothman Casebook:

"On a chilly November night in 1966,…

Check out this cool Sasquatch sign

I got this Sasquatch X-ing sign today, and its awesome.

The sign's about 20 years old.

And check it out! This is the 100th post on Tyler's Cryptozoo!

The Owlman Again

This is another repost of an old post on here when I first created this blog. To view the original post, click this link.

"The Owlman is a moth man-like creature seen in Cornwall, England. Cornwall is located near Falmouth Bay, where the sea monster Morgawr is seen.

                                                Owlman sketch     Credit: Tyler Houck

The people who saw it said it looked like a man, but had wings instead of arms. The head and face of the creature was described as "unnatural" and had a gaping black mouth, with large eyes, and pointy ears.
The Owlman seems totally unnatural, but, if it is somehow related to owls, the "pointy ears" on it's head  might make some sense, like in the picture below.

                                                  A Great Horned Owl looking like it has pointy "ears." Picture Credit:

If the Owlman is real, it could be some supernatural crea…

Boggy Creek Festival 2014

The 2nd annual Boggy Creek Festival in Fouke, Arkansas will take place on October 24-25, 2014.

For more, go to Cryptomundo.

Alaska Monsters is Mountain Monsters in Alaska, Just as I suspected

Alaska Monsters is an all new show on Destination America. The show premiered last Friday, and was followed by a Monsters and Mysteries special called "The Blackburn Files" with Lyle Blackburn as the host.

Alaska Monsters started out with the monster hunting group(the Midnight Suns) sitting around discussing the monster that they were gonna go after, the bushman, or central Alaska's Bigfoot. After that they went to meet the first witness, just like in Mtn. Monsters. After that, they had a "night recon" and had an encounter with the bushman, which was probably one of the camera men out shaking a tree branch.

The group is almost the same as the group on Mountain Monsters, but at the same time they're not. One of the guys on there, "Face", was very annoying and is probably supposed to be the Wild Bill of the group. The researcher of the group is called "Crusty." The opening to Alaska Monsters was very similar to that of Mountain Monsters.

I …

Cryptids that Turned out to be "Real"

Many people don't believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Orang Pendek. There are some cryptids, however, that have turned out to be real!

In the 1930s, fishermen in Africa caught a strange looking fish. Scientists looked at it and were amazed to see that it was a coelacanth, a fish thought to have been extinct for 65 million years! The natives didn't know why the scientists got so excited. They caught the fish all the time, they said.

If the coelacanth survived, why couldn't dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and plesiosaurs do the same?

Explorers came back from the African jungles and told stories of giant, hairy, wild men that swung from the treetops and pounded their chests. Nobody believed them. On OCtober 17, 1902, the mountain gorilla was "discovered" and turned out to be real.

If no one knew about gorillas for so long, why couldn't a creature like the Orang Pendek survive virtually undetected in the forests of Sumatra?

Explorers came back in the year 19…

Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters

Just the other day, I finished reading Ken Gerhard's 2007 book Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters. 

The book was published by CFZ(Centre for Fortean Zoology) Press and has a forward by Jonathan Downes, author of The Owlman and Others.

Ken's book covers sightings of apparent live pterosaurs in the United States, Africa, and other places in the world. The two longer chapters are about the "Big Bird" sighted in Texas in 1976. Other flying beasts discussed include thunderbirds, the kongamato, and the ropen. 

Ken is also the author of  Monsters of Texas(2010, with Nick Redfern) and Encounters with Flying Humanoids.

I have read Big Bird! and Flying Humanoids, and they are both really good reads.

Bownessie caught on camera?

I have just seen today on Bigfoot Evidence & Cryptomundo that there is a new photo of the lake monster Bownessie. Bownessie is a monster seen in Windermere, a lake in England.

The Photo was taken by a camera set up on the shore of the lake to catch the changing seasons.

If the photo is real, then it is the best photo of a lake monster ever taken! If it's not, then I'm gonna be disappointed & mad again.

Now, here's the photo.

Here's a close up view.

For more see here, here, and here.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope this one is real, folks.

Some may remember the Loch Ness Monster photo from a few years ago that seemed to real show a monster that turned out to be fake…… : (


Those of you who have looked at this blog recently will probably know that we went to the Mothman Museum on August 30.

Now, here are some Mothman pics I created, that may or may not have something to do with a new project I'm working on. : )

The Locals

Recently, I finished reading Thom Powell's 2003 book The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon. I had heard from some researchers that I know that this book is one of the best on Bigfoot…. and it is!

Powell discusses man different aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon. He discusses infrasound, psychic sasquatch powers, bigfoot as interdemensional beings, bigfoot with UFOs, etc. He has chapters about sightings he investigated himself, and a chapter about the Skookum Expedition of 2000. During that expedition, the BFRO team found an impression of a lower body of a sasquatch.

All in all, I'd totally give this book a 5/5 stars. Anyone who is interested in Bigfoot should read it. If you don't believe in Bigfoot, read it too. It might just change some of your opinions.

You can check out The Locals on

"The Blackburn Files" is on Tonight!

*For more, see this post: The Blackburn Files*

Lyle Blackburn, author of the excellent books The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster and Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster is going to be featured on a special episode of Monsters and Mysteriestonight called "The Blackburn Files."

The show will air at 10pm EST on Destination America tonight, Friday, Sept. 12, 2014. It will re-air on Saturday, Sept. 13 at 1am EST.

The episode will feature the Lake Worth Monster, Rake, and Beast of Bray Road with Mr. Blackburn as the host.

For more, click here to go to Cryptomundo.

The Blackburn Files

From Lyle Blackburn on Cryptomundo:

A special edition of Monsters and Mysteries titled “The Blackburn Files” will air this Friday Sept 12 at 10pm EST on the Destination America channel. The episode re-airs Saturday September 13 at 1am EST. The episode features enhanced versions of the Lake Worth Monster, Rake, and Beast of Bray Road stories with myself as host. For more, click here