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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Mothman Festival is this Weekend!

The 13th annual Mothman Festival is this weekend! The event kicked off today, Saturday, Sept. 20, and will continue into tomorrow. Lots of speakers are there to talk about Mothman and other crypt ids, and lots of vendors are there as well!

Guest speakers tomorrow, Sunday, will be:

11 AM: Guest Speakers Panel at State Theater
12 PM: Brian Seech of the Center for Unexplained Events and the Center for Cryptozoological Studies
1 PM: Chris Mcdaniel    author and paranormal investigator
2 PM: Dale Morton   Mothman costume creator
3 PM: Joedy Cook    Bigfoot investigator and cryptozoologist

Turtleman from Call of the Wildman is also down in Point Pleasant this weekend, at least he was today.

the group SOSBI(Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation) also has a vendor table in Pt. Pleasant this weekend!

If you are anywhere near the Pt. Pleasant area this weekend be sure to check out the Mothman Festival!

For more info, please click here!

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