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Monday, September 15, 2014

Alaska Monsters is Mountain Monsters in Alaska, Just as I suspected

Alaska Monsters is an all new show on Destination America. The show premiered last Friday, and was followed by a Monsters and Mysteries special called "The Blackburn Files" with Lyle Blackburn as the host.

Lyle Blackburn

Alaska Monsters started out with the monster hunting group(the Midnight Suns) sitting around discussing the monster that they were gonna go after, the bushman, or central Alaska's Bigfoot. After that they went to meet the first witness, just like in Mtn. Monsters. After that, they had a "night recon" and had an encounter with the bushman, which was probably one of the camera men out shaking a tree branch.
One of the guys on Alaska Monsters, forget his name

The group is almost the same as the group on Mountain Monsters, but at the same time they're not. One of the guys on there, "Face", was very annoying and is probably supposed to be the Wild Bill of the group. The researcher of the group is called "Crusty." The opening to Alaska Monsters was very similar to that of Mountain Monsters.

I only have watched about half of the episode, and all I have to say is it's not as good as Mountain Monsters. The episode next week is about something they call the "Saberwolf."

So, Alaska Monsters is not as good as Mountain Monsters, 'cause it's hard to beat that monster hunt'n group, 'specially Wild Bill! But, I had the same thoughts about Mountain Monsters when it first came out, and now its one of my favorite shows. Maybe Alaska Monsters will someday be like that, too.

Mountain Monsters is filming a season three this fall that will premier next spring.

As Wild Bill would say at this point, HOORAH!, but we still have to wait 'till next year for the real monster hunters to be back.

Wild Bill says "HOORAH!"

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