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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cryptids that Turned out to be "Real"

Many people don't believe in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Orang Pendek. There are some cryptids, however, that have turned out to be real!

In the 1930s, fishermen in Africa caught a strange looking fish. Scientists looked at it and were amazed to see that it was a coelacanth, a fish thought to have been extinct for 65 million years! The natives didn't know why the scientists got so excited. They caught the fish all the time, they said.

If the coelacanth survived, why couldn't dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and plesiosaurs do the same?

Explorers came back from the African jungles and told stories of giant, hairy, wild men that swung from the treetops and pounded their chests. Nobody believed them. On OCtober 17, 1902, the mountain gorilla was "discovered" and turned out to be real.

If no one knew about gorillas for so long, why couldn't a creature like the Orang Pendek survive virtually undetected in the forests of Sumatra?

Explorers came back in the year 1910 and told stories of a "land crocodile." Two years later, in 1912, scientists announced the discovery of the Komodo Dragon.

A strange animal that looked like a cross between a zebra and a giraffe  was depicted in ancient drawings as far back as the fifth century BCE. In the 20th century, scientists "discovered" the okapi.

Sailors came back from voyages and told stories of the monster called the Kraken. Now we know that it is just the Giant Squid.

Who knows though, because there's still the "Bloop" noise recorded in the Pacific Ocean in 1997. The sound could be heard from different stations 5000km apart. Scientists say its a cracking iceberg, but I don't think so. They probably just don't want everyone to know that there could be a creature bigger than a blue whale in the oceans of the world.
What is the Bloop?

Earlier this year, scientists tagged a 9 foot great white shark off the coast of Australia. The scientists tracking the shark saw it go down almost 2000 feet in only a few seconds. Then they saw a huge temperature change on the screen… another living thing. Now, what could have eaten a 9 foot grew white that fast? Scientists said that it was a "colossal cannibal great white shark." Maybe that's their way of saying they think it's a Megalodon without scaring anyone.

So, if you believe in cryptids, the next time someone asks you why they could be real or not, mention the examples above.

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