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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This guy says he's talked to a Yowie!

*For more on the Yowie, or Australia's Bigfoot, please click here.*

There's a new post on the Cryptomundo blog entitled "The Yowie Whisperer." The post is about a man in Australia who claims to have actually talked to a Yowie, which is basically Bigfoot in Australia, for two hours! The creature first was speaking in a language that he thinks may have been Latin. The creature was a male and was about eight feet tall.
Old drawing of a Yowie

The man, Tony Duffy, feels that Yowies are very human-like, intellegent, and should be protected. He says they are peaceful creatures, and have families, just like us humans. He thinks they may be the "missing link" scientists have been searching for for so long.

Here's how the post starts out on Cryptomundo:

"Tony Duffy claims he had a two hour conversation with a Yowie that spoke in a language he thnks was Latin.

Tony Duffy's claim to have met Yowies puts him in suprisingly good company."

To see the Cryptomundo post, click here.

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