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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Matanuska: Klondike Crawler"

It's Saturday (and Halloween!) which means there's a new Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition on tonight.  Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Matanuska: Klondike Crawler."

Here's the episode description:

"The AMS team returns to Zone 9 of the Alaska Triangle, to investigate an aggressive Bigfoot responsible for slaughtering livestock. The Team finds evidence of a deformed Bigfoot that is damaging the farms and must design an enormous trap to capture it."

Be sure to check out Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition on tonight at 10 in Destination America. There is a marathon of Bigfoot shows on now, too. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

True Monsters: "Giants and Beasts"

There is apparently a new History Channel show on called True Monsters. Three episodes have already aired ("Cannibals and Killers," "Devils and Hell," "Gods and Monsters,") and a new episode is airing tonight after the first three (which start at 6 pm.) The new episode is "Giants and Beasts" and Ken Gerhard will be on it. 

Here's the description of "Giants and Beasts":

"Real monsters are behind our greatest legends. Stories of giants and beasts permeate our past and fascinate us in the present. From the Bible's Goliath to the Cyclops of Greek mythology, our colossal adversaries inspire tantalizing tales of terror. Now, new evidence suggests that many of these mythical creatures may have been anything but made up. Could the real labyrinth of a man-bull named the Minotaur have been discovered? Do fossils prove the Cyclops legends are true? Could a monster named Grendel from the famous tale of Beowulf actually have stalked a banquet hall in Denmark? New evidence suggests many of our giants and beasts were real - but in ways you've surely never imagined."

I think I already know the answer to the Cyclops….

Check out True Monsters tonight starting at 6 on the History Channel. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Snallygasters, Jersey Devils, and Jabberwocks

In the Northeastern United States there have been tales of strange flying monsters for hundreds of years. Lots of times, these monsters are said to look like a groutesque combination of many animals. Are they just legends, or are they something more?
Jersey Devil

The most famous cryptid of this sort is the Jersey Devil, said to live in the New Jersey Pine Barrons. Stories of the Jersey Devil go back to the 1700s, but its heyday (discussed later in this post) was in January 1909. Along with the Jersey Devil, there is a possibly even stranger creature called the snallygaster, and the jabberwock, too.


Starting in the 1930s, the area surrounding Washington, D.C. and Frederick County, Maryland was settled by many German immigrants. Many of these people told of seeing something they called a "Schneller Geist," which means "quick spirit" in German. The Schneller Geist was said to be some sort of dragon-like monster, part bird, part reptile, with a beak lined with sharp teeth and tentacles. So, not really something you'd want to run into when you're alone in the woods in the middle of the night!

Settlers said the creature, which later became known as the "Snallygaster" here in the U.S., would silently swoop out of the sky and snatch up human victims! Some stories also said that it drained the blood out of whatever it caught. Farmers painted seven-pointed stars on their barns, because that was supposed to keep the Snallygaster away. People still do it today.

In February and March, 1909, many newspapers carried stories about a "beast with enormous wings, a long pointed bill, claws like steel hooks, and an eye in the center of its forehead." The monster also was said to make "screeches like a locomotive whistle." After these stories came out, the Snallygaster received a great deal of publicity. The Smithsonial Insititution offered a reward for its hide, and President Theodore Roosevelt even considered hunting the beast.

Many people think the stories of a Snallygaster were just a newspaper hoax. It supposedly met its doom in a vat of moonshine. Maybe that's what started the stories of the Snallygaster in the first place?


There were also stories about the Dwayyo, another strange Maryland monster, said to be the enemy of the Snallygaster.

The Dwayyo is supposed to be bipedal, hairy, and has a bushy tail. It is commonly said to look like a wolf but stand like a human. (That sounds like a Dogman!)

The Dwayyo and Snallygaster are said to be bitter enemies. Violent encounters between them have been reported since settlers first arrived in the areas they supposedly inhabit.

On November 27, 1965, the Frederick News-Post, of Frederick County, Maryland, described an account of an encounter with a Dwayyo. Here's the account:

"Near the woods of Gambrill State Park, 'John Becker' went out in his yard to investigate a strange noise. It was getting dark, and he had started back to the house, when he saw something moving toward him. 'It was as big as a bear, had long black hair, a bushy tail, and growled like a wolf or a dog in anger.' As it got closer, it stood up on its hind legs and attacked him. 'Becker' fought the creature until it ran into the woods, leaving him, his wife and children in horror. Deciding to the remain anonymous under the alias John Becker, he filed a report with local state police, telling of an attack by a mysterious monster that he called a Dwayyo." 

If anyone can, I encourage them to see if they can find the Frederick News- Post from Nov. 27, 1965 and see if the story is really in there, or see if there was actually a police report about a Dwayyo attack. If the story is true, it really sounds like the Dwayyo is a Dogman.

Just like with the Snallygaster, the Dwayyo is probably more fiction than truth. But, there have been a good number of reported sightings besides the one above. Maybe there really is a werewolf-like monster in Maryland.


In January 1909, residents of New Jersey and surrounding states were in a panic because of reports of the "Jersey Devil."

The sightings started Saturday, January 16, when Thack Cozzens, from Woodbury, New Jersey, was leaving the Woodbury Hotel. As he was leaving, he heard a hissing sound and saw "something white fly across the street. I saw to spots of phosphorus, the eyes of the beast. There was a white cloud, like stream escaping from an engine… it moved as fast as an auto."

There was another sighting at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, in Bristol, Pennsylvania, when John McOwen woke up to the sound of his crying daughter. He went over to the window and saw a "creature that looked something like an eagle" that "hopped along the tow-path." Another Bristol resident, Officer James Sackville, saw the Jersey Devil after McOwen. As he was walking towards Buckley Street, he heard dogs barking at something. When he turned, he saw the creature. He said it was winged, hopped like a bird, had the features of some peculiar animal, and had a horrible scream. Sackville ran towards the creature and fired at it. The Devil started to retreat, flying close to the ground at first, but then shot upwards and out of sight.

Sightings of the Jersey Devil occurred in many other places in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding states that week. The reports have been chronicled in many books on cryptozoology, (including my own book, and an older one called The Jersey Devil) so I will not go into the details of all the other sightings here.
Book on the Jersey Devil.
It's a good one, too!

Descriptions of the Jersey Devil varied widely, with some people saying it was about three-and-a-half feet tall, with a "head like a collie dog" or "face like a horse," back feet "like those of a crane," a long neck, horse hooves, short front limbs that it held up, and which had paws on them, wings, and even a serpent tail. One witness said it was "something like a possum, but the size of a dog" that "made a shrill bark and flew off into the air." Another said it had antlers, and yet other descriptions saying it was "three-toed and dog-like," had "eyes like blazing coals," and looked like "a winged kangaroo with a long neck." One woman said "It's a two-legged cow with wings!"

Sightings have continued after that week in January in 1909, but the Jersey Devil has never been sighted as much as it was that year. But, were people really seeing what they said they were seeing?

With all the varying descriptions, it's obvious that mass hysteria had at least a part in spreading rumors of the Jersey Devil. The real question is: did some of the witnesses actually see some unknown creature, and if they did, what was it? That question remains unanswered to this day.


What is a "jabberwock?" What does it have to do with snallygasters and Jersey Devils?
Jabberwocky from Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1872)
By Lewis Carroll

We're not talking about the jabberwocky from the Lewis Carroll poem. We're talking about the term "jabberwock" regarding snallygaster and Jersey Devil-like creatures.

One witness who saw the Jersey Devil, Louis Strehr, a Camden policeman, called what he saw a "jabberwock."  He said it had the antlers of a deer, the head and body of a kangaroo, and bat wings.

Did he just get the term from Lewis Carroll's poem? Probably. But now the name "jabberwock" is associated with weird winged wonders seen in Maryland and New Jersey.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mystery Sea Creature Photographed?

Today I've seen this mysterious picture on three sites. I first saw it on Cryptomundo this morning (see: Corfu Cryptid.) Later I also saw it on Mysterious Universe (see: Crocodile-Hippo and Crocodile-Buffalo Puzzle Many), and also on the Daily Mail, where it was originally posted.

The Daily Mail article is titled "Mystery of the deep: Tourist baffled by bizarre SEA MONSTER captured on camera in Corfu." Here's how it starts:

"There is no question that the sea holds mysteries and inhabitants beyond our imagination, that we are yet to encounter.
"But a Scottish tourist was left in shock after unwittingly capturing the image of a bizarre sea creature in his holiday snaps.
"Harvey Robertson, 52, was on a boat cruise with his family in Corfu when he took a number of photographs inside a sea cave.
"He held the camera over the side of the boat to take pictures of the sea.
"But when he lifted his camera back up, Robertson later realized a mysterious creature had appeared in one of the frames."

The article goes on to quote Robertson,  who said:

"I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it. I caught the picture by accident. I was in a sea cave on a small boat about 20 miles south of Albania on the west coast of Greece."

He claims he was trying to "capture the water color and was not looking at the water" when he took the picture.

I have to admit that I also have no clue what is in the photo. But, to me, it does somewhat look like something that's just, well, fake. I don't know if it's just me, but it almost looks like the thing's made out of plastic. It also kind of resembles a dolphin of some sort. Robertson's story is strange, too. He claims he was on a boat, in a cave, with his family and wanted to take pictures of the water, but apparently didn't look at the water (or his camera!) when he took said photos. And then, you get the mysterious sea monster. And of course, he has no idea where it came from or what it was.

There tends to be a good number of supposed cryptid photos on the Daily Mail webtsite, like the photo of a "fairy" (that is obviously fake) from June, and a video of a supposed live pterosaur (that is also fake, and it's painfully obvious.)

This photo, though, for me, at least, is a little harder to explain. What do you think it is? A hoax? A dolphin of some sort? Or is it a real unknown sea creature?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Boggy Creek Monster

Small Town Monsters is working with Lyle Blackburn on another Bigfoot documentary. This one is Boggy Creek Monster, obviously about the Bigfoot sightings in Boggy Creek, near Fouke, Arkansas.

Small Town Monsters made the Minerva Monster documentary about the Bigfoot sightings around Minerva, Ohio, which premiered at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May of this year. A while back they announced that they are working on a documentary on the Bigfoot sightings in Whitehall, New York, and that documentary will be out next April.
Good documentary!

The STM team announced Boggy Creek Monster at the 3rd annual Boggy Creek Festival just a few days ago. Here's some info about the new film from Cryptomundo:

"Just announced at the 3rd annual Boggy Creek Festival is the next film in the Small Town Monsters, cryptid-documentary series. The film is titled Boggy Creek Monster and will focus on the history of sightings in and around the community of Fouke, Arkansas that inspired the film, Legend of Boggy Creek. Boggy Creek Monster is a Small Town Monsters production in association with cryptid researcher, author, musician, journalist, and television personality, Lyle Blackburn. 
"The film is slated to go before the cameras next April with an eye toward release in late 2016. A massive kickstarter campaign will launch in February to fund the production of the film. Among the rewards for backing the Boggy Creek film will be access to the upcoming Small Town Monsters' release titled, Beast of Whitehall, a month before its official release."

See more here.

Boggy Creek Monster will be directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Brandon Dalo and Lyle Blackburn. Blackburn is serving as a consultant on the film and will also appear in it.

You can find out more on the Small Town Monsters Facebook page or website.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

U.S. News Article on Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo

The U.S. News and World Report has a new article from yesterday about the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo that just took place in New York.

"CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. (AP) - Bigfoot believers gathered Saturday in western New York, convinced the legendary Sasquatch has left its footprints all over the region.
"About 100 people sported buttons saying 'I Believe'  and swapped stories at the fourth annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo.
"Organizer Peter Wiemer knows it may not be the first topic that comes to mind in the rural country, best known for the Chautauqua Institution, a summer retreat devoted to scholars and artistic pursuits.
"'You say Bigfoot in a room full of people and watch everyone stop and look to see who's talking,' he said with a laugh.
"And while he may have started the event as a way to draw people to the tourist-dependent region and his family's rental cottages, he said he has since met dozens of people who are certain they've seen one of the ape-like creatures in the area, far from the oft-cited Pacific Northwest."

You can check out the rest of the article here.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Bear Country: Thunderfoot"

Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition: "Bigfoot of Bear Country: Thunderfoot" airs tonight at ten on Destination America.

Here's the episode description:

"The Alaska Midnight Sons head into dangerous bear country to investigate a creature known as Thunderfoot. This Bigfoot is reported to have the largest feet of any known Bigfoot, and has been attacking grizzly bears."

It appears they are running out of ideas if they have to go after the Bigfoot with the "largest feet of any known Bigfoot." I just bet you this will be the "most dangerous Bigfoot they've ever gone after," just like all of the others are! : )

Check out Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition tonight at ten on Destination America.

Lots of Bigfoot Conferences & Festivals Today!

There are three Bigfoot conferences going on in three different states today.

The Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo, hosted by Peter Wiemer, is taking place in New York. If anyone is in the area, check it out! Peter is a cool guy. I don't know who all the speakers are, but I do know some of the folks from the SouthEastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) are up there today.

The 3rd annual Boggy Creek Festival is taking place at the Miller County Fairgrounds in Fouke, Arkansas. The Boggy Creek area around Fouke is said to be home to a Bigfoot called the Fouke Monster (or Beast of Boggy Creek.) Speakers at the festival are Lyle Blackburn, Loren Coleman, Chester Moore, Robert Robinson, and Dana Holyfield. There's also lots of other stuff, like campouts, parades, BBQ, a car show, etc.

The Big Sky Bigfoot Conference is taking place at Symes Hotel in Hot Springs, Montana. Speakers are Becky Cook, Brian Sullivan, Michael Cook, and Russell Victor Acord. There are also vendors, a panel discussion, and other things. You can find out more on the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference Facebook page or blog. 

If you live in New York, Arkansas, or Montana and like Bigfoot, check out these events today!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rabbits with Antlers! And Rabbits with Wings! Are They the Real Things?

On April 29, 2014 I had a post on my other blog Cryptozoology 101 about Jackalopes. Here's part of what I said about the antlered rabbits:

"A jackalope is a mythical animal from American folklore. The jackalope story was popularized in the 1930s in Wyoming after a hunter put deer antlers on a rabbit and sold it to a hotel. Many other fake jackalopes have been made since then, and I have seen one in a restaurant."

Today, I will expand more on the jackalope in this post here on Tyler's Cryptozoo, as well as another weird rabbit (this one with wings) called the skvader.

Jackalope stature


Jackalope postcard from the 1968 Dexter Press,
West Nyack, New York

The name "jackalope" is derived from the words "jackrabbit" and "antelope."  According to Alex Boese on the Museum of Hoaxes site, the jacaklope is:

" antlered species of rabbit unfourtunately rumored to exist, though occassional sightings of this rare creature continue to occur, suggesting that pockets of jackalope populations continue to persist in its native home, the American West.
" The jackalope is an aggressive species, willing to use its antlers to fight. Thus, it is sometimes called the 'warrior rabbit.'"
The post on the jackalope on Museum of Hoaxes continues, describing its ability to mimic human sounds:

" Jackalopes possess an uncanny ability to mimic human sounds. In the old West, when cowboys would gather by their campfires to sing at night, jackalopes would frequently be heard singing back, mimicking the voices of the cowboys. Jackalopes become especially vocal before thunderstorms, perhaps because they mate only when lightning flashes (or so it is theorized.)"
The jackalope is quite well known in the folklore of the American West, but descriptions of animals like them go all the way back to 13th century Persia. A piece of artwork from that area and period shows a rabbit with a horn like that of a unicorn.

Some people think the whole legend about the jackalope is a total hoax (and the mounted jackalope heads with antlers are), but part of the legend may also come from sightings of rabbits with the Shope papiloma virus, which causes horn-like protuberances on the animals. A recent example of this is from Canada, and you can read the story about that on Mysterious Universe. 

A rabbit with Shope papiloma virus.
Could it have inspired stories of the jackalope?


Perhaps even more strange than a rabbit with antlers is a rabbit with wings! This one's called the skvader, and it's just as fake as its cousin the jackalope.
Skvader created by Rudolf Granberg in 1918

The skvader in the picture above was created in the year 1918 by taxidermist Rudolf Granberg, and is on display (permanently) at the museum at Norra Berget in Sundsvall, Sweden. It was created with "forequarters and hind legs of a European hare, and the back, wings and tail of a female wood grouse. It was later jokingly given the Latin name Tetrao lepus pseudo-hybridus raissimus." 

Now, just why and how did the skvader come about? The one in the picture was created in 1918, but the story actually goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. A man named Hakan Dahlmark claimed at a dinner party that he had shot the critter during a hunt in Sundsvall in 1874. In 1907, on Dahlmark's birthday, his housekeeper gave him a painting of the creature he said he had killed over thirty years before.

Just before his death in 1912, Dahlmark donated the painting of the skvader to a museum. While it was begin exhibited in 1916, the museum manager asked taxidermist Rudolf Granberg (mentioned above) to make a re-constructed animal based on Dahlmark's story and painting. Granberg did exactly that, and in 1918 presented it to the museum, where it and the painting remain to this day.

So, not only is the jackalope a fake taxidermy critter, but its winged cousin the skvader is as well. And, even though they are both fake, they sure are cool. You can even find jackalopes for sale online. Maybe I'll get one someday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Day

Today is the one and only Back to the Future Day!

Happy October 21, 2015 everyone!

Too bad we don't have time traveling DeLoreans.... Yet. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SOSBI Bigfoot Conference 2016

After their conference that was a huge success this year, the Southeastern Ohio Society For Bigfoot Investigations has started planning for a 2016 conference. The dates are already set, so mark your calenders - the second Burr Oak Bigfoot Conference will be taking place October 29, 30, and 31, 2016. A perfect time to have a conference on Bigfoot, if you ask me!

You can find out more on SOSBI's Facebook page. There isn't really much about it now besides what I've got here, but announcements and speakers will be announced on the Facebook page.

Patterson-Gimlin FIlm: 48th Anniversary Today!

Today is the 48th anniversary of the day Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed a Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California. 48 years later, it is still the best evidence for Bigfoot.

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin went down to California from Washington in 1967 to investigate Bigfoot and hopefully catch it on tape, and that's exactly what they did! Sadly, Patterson passed away in 1972, but Gimlin is still alive (his 84th birthday was just two days ago.) He has stuck to his story all these years, because he is telling the truth.
With Bob Gimlin at the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

So, happy "Patty Day" everybody.

A good book for today would be Bill Munns' 2014 work When Roger Met Patty… I haven't yet read it myself (because I have over 150 cryptozoology books, with the list continually growing… it's going to take me a long time to read them all!) but everyone else says its great. It was named the best cryptozoology book of 2014 by Loren Coleman.

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Bigfoot Video?

This is the latest video on Bill Brock's YouTube channel - it's a video of a Sasquatch, says the person who sent it to him. He, however, thinks its a human. And I do, too. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Check out Bill Brock's YouTube channel here.

Me with Bill Brock at Creature Weekend 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Bob Gimlin!

I'd like to wish Bob Gimlin of Yakima, Washington and of Patterson-Gimlin film fame a happy 84th birthday today. Bob is a legend in the Bigfoot world and I'm honored to have met him at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference last and this year, and will next year as well. He is one of the greatest people you could ever meet.
With Bob at the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Happy birthday Bob Gimlin, and here's to many more.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mountain Monsters Merch!

If you are a fan of Mountain Monsters, you'll be glad to know that you can now get Mountain Monsters merchandise on

Things available include some cool T-shirts, headlamps, mugs, books, etc. Check it out!

Mountain Monsters T-Shirt - White

Mountain Monsters Black Devil T-Shirt - Black
Mountain Monsters Mothman T-Shirt - Grey

There is also the Trapper T-shirt, which you can get here.

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Copper Valley: Red Devil"

Episode five of Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition airs tonight at ten.
Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Copper Valley: Red Devil." Here's the episode description:

"The AMS Team travels to the woods of Copper Valley to investigate a group of tree dwelling Bigfoot sightings. After discovering a dangerous alpha Bigfoot leading this tree clan, the Team designs a Bed of Nails trap to capture the aggressive leader."

Be sure to check out Alaska Monsters  tonight at 10 on Destination America. There is also a marathon of Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters on Destination America today.

Monster Marathon on Destination America Today

There's a marathon of Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters on Destination America today!

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Putnam County" is on right now, until 10 AM.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Eastern Kentucky" is on from 10 Am to 11 Am.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Lincoln County" is on from 11 Am to 12 Pm.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Clay County" is on from 12 Pm to 1 Pm.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Washington County" is on from 1 Pm to 2 Pm.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Ashe County Attacks!" is on from 2 Pm to 4 PM.

Alaska Monsters: "The Alaskan Tiger" is on from 4 Pm to 5 Pm.

Alaska Monsters: "Central Alaska's Bigfoot" is on from 5 Pm to 6 Pm.

Alaska Monsters: "The Saberwolf" is on from 6 Pm to 7 Pm.

Alaska Monsters: "The Sasquatch of the South" is on from 7 Pm to 8 PM.

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Tok: Yukon Howler" is on from 8 Pm to 9 Pm.

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Cache Creek: Woodsman" is on from 9 Pm to 10 Pm.

NEW Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Copper Valley: Red Devil" is on from 10 Pm to 11 Pm.

Episodes of Alaska Monsters continue after the new episode until 5 Am.

Be sure to tune in to Destination America today to watch everyone's favorite monster hunters!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Good Reviews of Tyler's Cryptozoo and Cryptid U.S.!

Tonight I decided to look up this blog and my book on google and see if anyone else has said anything about them. I had seen some cool stuff before, and what I found was super awesome!

First - Nick Redfern remembering me and my book!

Second - a great review of my book on the U.S. Amazon, which I actually saw back in August. Thanks jfunk40!

Third - some links to this site on Pinterest.

Fourth - another great review of Cryptid U.S. on the U.K. Amazon - thanks helen louise ayres!

Fifth - a link to this site on Karl Shuker's blog ShukerNature - thanks Karl! And, more thanks to Karl for helping me find out the truth behind a photo of a "Loch Ness Monster..." (that turned out to be nothing of the sort.)

Sixth - links to this blog and the Cryptid U.S. page on Amazon on Weasels Ripped My Book: The Men's Adventure Library on Facebook on September 30, linking to my review of their book Cryptozoology Anthology. Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone who has given great reviews of my book and/or this blog and who have been a great support in my cryptozoology research! All of it is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the support!!!

Death Worms of Mongolia - A Real Shocker!

The Gobi Desert in Mongolia is said to the home of a weird worm.

This cryptid is called the allghoi khorkhoi and allergarhai horhai by locals (those names translate to "intestine worm.") It's other name is the Mongolian Death Worm.


The Death Worm is said to be anywhere between two and seven feet long, blood-red in color with dark spots (see the image at the beginning of this post), and it gets its name "intestine worm" from its resemblance to the organ. The worm is said to be about as thick as a man's arm, and has no scales, eyes,  and some say no mouth. Some accounts say it has something like spines of spikes at one end of its body.

The Death Worm is said to sometimes be encountered in June and July (the two hottest months in the Gobi) lying on the surface of the desert after a downpour of rain. Many local people say it can be found near the black saxual shrub.


This cryptid is known for being deadly. Very deadly. And it has multiple ways of killing things. The first way is spitting a corrosive venom that is extremely lethal to anything it touches, and the second is even more bizarre (and terrifying!) - the worm is said to be able to electrocute its victims, and from a distance, too. Nomads in the desert have told how the worm has killed entire herds of camels when they walk over the patch of sand it is hiding under. There is also a story about a geologist who poked some sand in the Gobi with an iron rod, and fell to the ground dead as he did. His colleagues ran over to see what happened, only to spot a Death Worm coming out of the sand!

So, if you see a Death Worm, it is probably best you do not go too near it, or you might get killed with acid or electrocuted. Neither is a way you'd want to meet your demise. ("How did he die?" "Oh, he was electrocuted by a worm!")


Starting in the 1990s, the Mongolian Death Worm gained notoriety in the world of cryptozoology, and there have been several expeditions in search of it, and it has been featured on several TV shows, such as Beast Hunter with Pat Spain. 

The Death Worm has also been an inspiration for movies, and even if it wasn't, there are some critters in movies that are quite similar.

The Graboids in the Tremors film series do not spit acid or electrocute victims, but they are pretty similar to the MDW as they are giant, underground worm monsters. Some people say the Death Worm was the inspiration for the movie, but having just read Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors, I can say that they were not. The real inspiration is that one day one of the creators was sitting in the middle of nowhere on a big rock, and wondered what would happen if he was stuck on it because there was a giant worm monster under the sand.
One of the best movies ever!

There is also a 2010 movie called Mongolian Death Worm, but from what I have seen of it (I've never watched it) the worms in it aren't much like the real thing. And I don't think it's that good either.

If you ever go to the Gobi Desert, be careful if you poke the sand with a metal rod - you might get electrocuted by a worm!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finding Bigfoot Filming in California and Oregon

More regarding another season of Finding Bigfoot….

If you live in California or Oregon and have seen a Sasquatch, you could have a chance to be on the show!

Finding Bigfoot will be filming in those two states in November and December. In California they will be in Shasta, Trinity, Siskiyou, Modoc, & Lassen Counties, and in Oregon, the will be in Klamath, Josephine, & Curry Counties.

If YOU have had an encounter or sighting with/of a Sasquatch in CA or OR, they want to hear from you! Email your experiences and encounters to You could be invited to share your story at a Town Hall meeting, and might even get it recreated on the show!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Jersey Residents Claim they have Evidence of the Devil

The New Jersey Devil, that is.

A new photograph and video supposedly showing this famous cryptid have been making the rounds on the internet as of late. Here's the facts - or the stories, at least.

Dave Black claims he was driving home from his security job when he saw something by the edge of the road.

"I was just driving past the golf course in Galloway on Route 9 and had to shake my head a few times when I thought I saw a llama," he said. "If that wasn't bizarre enough, then it spread out leathery wings and flew off over the golf course."

Black has a picture of what he says is the Jersey Devil. You can see it below.

Look! It's the Jersey Devil! It's a flying goat! It's a fake!

"I swear it's not photoshpped or a staged thing." Black said when he sent his picture to the website. "People say it's fake, but it's not. I'm honestly just looking for an explanation for what I saw."

I can say this is a photoshopped image of a goat with wings put on its back and put in the middle of a picture of some trees. Black even said he saw what he thought was a "llama," and his picture shows a goat!

The second piece of new "evidence" is even worse than the first.

Emily Martin claims she also recently saw the Devil and took a video of it, which you can see above.

Martin seems to be too calm when she is so close to the creature, and why would she be pointing her camera right where the thing would be flying? My opinion - this is fake as well.

I do think that the Jersey Devil is hiding somewhere in the New Jersey Pine Barrons, but these images are total fakes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Beast of Truro - A Cat-Like Vampire in Massachusetts

Last year I had a two-part post on this blog (see part 1 here, and part 2 here) about the Beast of Bladenboro, North Carolina. That beast, however, may not be the only one of its kind.
Newspaper article on the Beast of Truro

Beginning in the autumn of 1981, Truro, Massachusetts was also terrorized by a mysterious cat-like beast that killed many pets and livestock. The New York Times ran a story on the "Beast of Truro" on January 17, 1982, which I am reprinting in its entirety below:

"TRURO, Mass., Jan. 16- Who or what is the 'Beast of Truro?' Is it a mountain lion preying on local pets and livestock, a dog or a pack of dogs, an ocelot, a lynx, a wild cat or some yet unidentified creature?
"The purported beast, Cape Cod's answer to Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, has been a major topic of conversation and news articles since last fall. 
"The first evidence that some unknown predator was loose came when a dozen dead cats were found in the same area in Truro in September. Two weeks ago, a 175-pound hog was so badly mauled, its flanks ripped by deep claw marks and a chunk of flesh ripped out of its neck, that it had to be killed. A few days later, two pigs were clawed in their pens in another part of town.
"Initially, the culprit was thought to have been a dog or a pack of wild dogs on the loose. Then people started reporting seeing a large furry creature that they did not recognize. Others heard strange noises at night.
"The most dramatic description came from William and Marsha Medeiros of Truro. They said they were taking a walk about three months ago on the bike path near Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro when the animal appeared 50 feet in front of them. 'Definite Long Ropelike Tail.'
"Mrs. Medeiros continued: 'My husband put his arm out to stop me and said, 'You see what I see?' Together we said 'It's not a fox.' It had a very definite long rope like tail like the letter J. It hit the ground and went up. We figured it was about as tall as up to our knees and weighed 60 or 80 pounds.
"'We were frightened and froze. He was in the path and didn't see us at first. As we made some noise, he turned and we saw his face with short ears.'
"Mr. Medeiros left the path to get a branch to protect them. The creature did not rush for cover, Mrs. Medeiros said, but walked slowly and casually along the path in front of them before disappearing into the nearby woods.
"The Medeiroses are sure that they saw a mountain lion. 'What we saw fits that description,' said Mrs. Medeiros. At first the couple was reluctant to report what they had seen. 'Who would believe it?' Mrs. Medeiros said.
"Others have reported hearing strange catlike cries in the night. Edward Oswalt, a Truro Selectman and health officer, said a New York man called in mid-December to say he had seen 'something resembling a mountain lion' in North Truro.
"Mr. Oswalt and seashore officers have made efforts to identify the culprit by its tracks near the pigpens, but in the sandy soil they could find no clear impressions. Mr. Oswalt said the 'general consensus is that the beast is a dog or dogs, but I don't know if you can put that together with what happened.' Could it be a mountain lion? 'That seems far out, but it's not impossible,' he replied. Records on Mountain Lions The mountain lion, also known as a cougar o r panther, is said to be the largest cat in North America. Males ca n be six feet long with at three-foot tail, and overall length of more than nine feet, and weigh more than 200 pounds. Records indicate that the last known mountain lion in Massachusetts was killed in 1858. Experts believe the Eastern mountain lion is probably extinct.
"Truro seems as an unlikely, but not impossible, habitat for a wild creature such as a mountain lion. Seventy percent of the town is undeveloped land, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Packs of wild dogs occasionally kill deer in the woods. There is enough small game and domestic pets fro a wild animal to subsist on.
"Donald Rodenhaven of Wellfleet, who formerly worked at the Bronx and Staten Island Zoos in New York and is familiar with the habits of wild animals, says the mode of attack more suggests a cat than a dog. Dogs do not slash like a cat, he said. May Have Left by Camper
"Mr. Rodenhaven said he believes the so-called Beast of Truro may be a mountain lion, ocelot or lynx, that may have escaped or was left behind by a summer camper. Both mountain lions and ocelots are for sale, he said.
 "The official view in Truro holds that the attacks on the pigs were by a dog or dogs. Thomas Kane, Truro's Assistant Town Clerk, said: 'I think it's a figment of the imagination. People I know, the people whose opinions I respect, think the damage was done by dogs. At one point, there was talk that the 'Beast' was a fisher. Finally it got so ridiculous that I ignored it.'
"Others, however, expect the "B east" to strike again."

I first heard about he Beast of Truro the other day when I saw a post by Jason Offutt about  monsters of Massachusetts on Mysterious Universe.  I thought it was an interesting story, as I always do when there are reports of a  mysterious creature killing livestock that no one can seem to figure out exactly what it is. The reports, to me at least, sound very similar to the reports of the Beast of Bladenboro in North Carolina. There are some differences (the B.o.B. usually attacked dogs, and the B.o.T. seemed to like to attack pigs) but the descriptions are somewhat the same.

Many people at the time thought the Beast of Truro was a mountain lion. By the witness descriptions, I would not be surprised if that is what it was. It would still be of interest to cryptozoologists, though, because of the "surviving Eastern Panther" theory. If mountain lions are still in Massachusetts, and are thought to have gone extinct there in the 1800s, that would still be a great discovery.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alaska Monsters: "Bigfoot of Cache Creek: Woodsman"

Episode four of Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition is on in half an hour. Tonight's episode is "Bigfoot of Cache Creek: Woodsman."

Here's the episode description:

"The Alaska Midnight Sons trespass on gold claims to investigate a Bigfoot reported to be responsible for the notorious unsolved murders in the Cache Creek mining area. But after a shocking discovery, the team realizes there may be more than one Bigfoot."

It seems that Alaska Monsters is blaming mysterious deaths on Bigfoots again, and that they are also doing the same thing Mountain Monsters did amazingly running into multiple Bigfoots in one episode! This stuff is staged, but it sure is entertaining. To me at least.

If you are also entertained by shows about a bunch of bearded old men running around hunting Bigfoot, be sure to check out Alaska Monsters: Bigfoot Edition tonight at 10 on Destination America.
 : )

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Real Life Creature from the Black Lagoon?

An encounter with a creature decidedly like the Gill-man of Creature From the Black Lagoon now called the "Green-Clawed Beast" was encountered by two women swimming in the Ohio River on fateful day in 1955.

"It was August 21, 1955. Mrs. Darwin Johnson and her friend Mrs. Chris Lamble decided to go for a swim in the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana. They had only gone about 15 feet into the river when Mrs. Johnson felt something grab her leg. She said it felt like a hand with 'furry' (perhaps she meant scaly) palms. Whatever it was had come up from behind her, grabbed her knee, and pulled her under the water.
"She kicked at whatever it was and got away from it. She barely had time to go to the surface and get a breath before the creature pulled her under again. Both women were know screaming at the creature, which they could not see, and it only left when Mrs. Johnson hit Mrs. Lamble's inner tube. When the two got back to shore, they saw that Mrs. Johnson had scratches and a green stain on her leg. They could not remove the stain for several days.
"Later, Mrs. Johnson said she was visited at her home by a man who identified himself as an Air Force Colonel. The 'colonel' listened to the story and took many notes, and told Mrs. Johnson not to talk about the incident again.
"Strangely, the encounter in the Ohio River sounds like a real life Creature from the Black Lagoon encounter. That movie had come out only one year before the incident in the river. Is it possible that the 'Green-Clawed Beast,' as it is called, is a real life 'Creature?'"

This post is excerpted from the section on the Green-Clawed Beast, Bishopville Lizard Man, and Loveland Frogmen in chapter five of my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America. 

Is a gill-man-like creature in the Ohio River?


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Casroroides Ohioensis - Still Alive?

Casroroides ohioensis was a giant beaver that lived a few thousand years ago. It is generally believed to be extinct, but people do report sightings of giant beavers today.

A few months ago, I read John Warm's book Strange Creatures Seldom Seen, which came out in April of this year. In it, there is a whole (long) chapter on sightings of giant beavers.

Warms recounts lots of sightings of the creatures, including his sighting of what may have been one. He also discusses (and has pictures of) tunnels that are thought to have been made by the beavers. And those tunnels are gigantic. There are also pictures of giant beaver dams. (Which are also gigantic.)

Native Americans told stories of these huge beavers (just like they did with Sasquatch and Thunderbirds) and they have been reported from various places in Canada and the United States. For example, the Mi'kmaq people of Canada and the Pocumtuck people of Massachusetts both have legends of giant beavers.

Lots more information on sightings of giant beavers can be found in Warms' book, as well as in Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe's Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep. 

Do you think the giant beaver could still be alive?

Twenty-Five Years of Tremors (UPDATED Oct. 8)

In 1990, the movie Tremors hit the big screen. Starring Kevin Bacon (Val) and Fred Ward (Earl), it is set in the fictional town of Perfection, Nevada. It has since become a cult classic, and has spawned multiple sequels, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, and a short-lived TV show.

And today, we get Tremors 5: Bloodlines.

The film starts Michael Gross who plays survivalist Burt Gummer, who has been in all the Tremors films and TV show, and who happens to be my favorite character, because he's crazy! It also starts Jamie Kennedy as his new sidekick Travis.
Burt Gummer (Michael Gross)
My favorite Tremors character

Here's the basic plot:

"Survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) and his new sidekick Travis (Jamie Kennedy) are hired to track down an ass-blaster terrorizing South Africa. As they engage in battles with the aggressive creatures, they discover an even more lethal creature."

The film will have the good old monsters, Graboids, and ass-blasters (which originally appeared in Tremors 3,) and will have something else, too. As to what that is, I don't know.

The Tremors series is the one so-bad-it's-good Sci Fi series I really like. (It's a lot better than a lot of the other movies like it.) I already pre-ordered the new movie.

If you want to get it too, you can find it here.  


Got mine Tuesday…. I'll be watching it this weekend!