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Friday, October 16, 2015

Good Reviews of Tyler's Cryptozoo and Cryptid U.S.!

Tonight I decided to look up this blog and my book on google and see if anyone else has said anything about them. I had seen some cool stuff before, and what I found was super awesome!

First - Nick Redfern remembering me and my book!

Second - a great review of my book on the U.S. Amazon, which I actually saw back in August. Thanks jfunk40!

Third - some links to this site on Pinterest.

Fourth - another great review of Cryptid U.S. on the U.K. Amazon - thanks helen louise ayres!

Fifth - a link to this site on Karl Shuker's blog ShukerNature - thanks Karl! And, more thanks to Karl for helping me find out the truth behind a photo of a "Loch Ness Monster..." (that turned out to be nothing of the sort.)

Sixth - links to this blog and the Cryptid U.S. page on Amazon on Weasels Ripped My Book: The Men's Adventure Library on Facebook on September 30, linking to my review of their book Cryptozoology Anthology. Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone who has given great reviews of my book and/or this blog and who have been a great support in my cryptozoology research! All of it is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the support!!!

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