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Friday, October 2, 2015

Honobia Bigfoot Festival, Today thru Sunday

The Honobia Bigfoot Conference & Festival starts today and continues until Sunday, October 4. It is being held at the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission Campground in Honobia, Oklahoma.

There will be music, vendors, food, a kid's zone, arts & crafts, speakers, and more. The crew from the TV show Killing Bigfoot, coming to Destination America in early 2016, will be there filming and conducting interviews.

Here are the speakers:

Harvey Pratt - American forensic artist and Native American artist, he has worked in law enforcement for over forty years. His work has assisted in thousands of arrests and hundreds of identifications of unidentified human remains throughout America. He drew forensic sketches of Bigfoots for David Paulides' books.

Scott Nelson - Retired from the navy after 17 years as a crypto-linguist. Is a professor at Wentworth College in Missouri. Listed to the Sierra Sounds Bigfoot recording and knew three things - he was listening to a language, it was not human, and it was not fake!

Ron Morehead - His book Voices in the Wilderness chronicles his forty years of investigating Sasquatch. Recorded the Sierra Sounds.

Samuel "Webb" Sentell - His research into Sasquatch has led him to the Big Piney Woods, which ranges from Fouke, Arkansas, through northern Louisiana and east Texas down to the Big Thicket area.

If you are near Honobia, Oklahoma, this weekend, check out their Bigfoot festival!


Craig Woolheater and Lyle Blackburn are going to be at the festival, too!

There will be a Bigfoot Idol singing contest, with the top three prizes being $300, $200, and $100!

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