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Friday, October 30, 2015

True Monsters: "Giants and Beasts"

There is apparently a new History Channel show on called True Monsters. Three episodes have already aired ("Cannibals and Killers," "Devils and Hell," "Gods and Monsters,") and a new episode is airing tonight after the first three (which start at 6 pm.) The new episode is "Giants and Beasts" and Ken Gerhard will be on it. 

Here's the description of "Giants and Beasts":

"Real monsters are behind our greatest legends. Stories of giants and beasts permeate our past and fascinate us in the present. From the Bible's Goliath to the Cyclops of Greek mythology, our colossal adversaries inspire tantalizing tales of terror. Now, new evidence suggests that many of these mythical creatures may have been anything but made up. Could the real labyrinth of a man-bull named the Minotaur have been discovered? Do fossils prove the Cyclops legends are true? Could a monster named Grendel from the famous tale of Beowulf actually have stalked a banquet hall in Denmark? New evidence suggests many of our giants and beasts were real - but in ways you've surely never imagined."

I think I already know the answer to the Cyclops….

Check out True Monsters tonight starting at 6 on the History Channel. 

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