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Ramblings of Teenaged Cryptozoologists - Available Now

Colin Schneider and I have been working on a collaborative project that is a collection of articles by both of us on a variety of cryptozoological topics. It's taken the form of a book called Ramblings of Teenage Cryptozoologists, and it's now available!

My previous books have been published through CreateSpace, but this time we decided to go through Lulu publishing. The book will also be available on Amazon in the near future, though I would ask, if possible, you get it straight through Lulu's store - we still get a percentage of the money when it is sold through Amazon, but not nearly as much as we would get if it was bought through Lulu. And, believe it or not, writing books on cryptids does not make you rich, so the extra couple bucks would really help out…

Anyway, I hope readers check out the book, and tell your friends about it too!

Ramblings of Teenage Cryptozoologists is now available on

Here's the book's contents:

Introduction by Colin SchneiderIn…

Ramblings of Teenage Cryptozoologists

Colin Schneider & I have finished up our book we were working on together. It will be available very soon, and is called Ramblings of Teenage Cryptozoolgists: A Collection of Articles from Two of the World's Youngest Monster Hunters. 

I will post an update when the book is available on Amazon, but for now, here's the contents:

Introduction by Colin SchneiderIntroduction by Tyler HouckThe Ohio Dogman by Colin SchneiderMonsters of the Fay by Colin SchneiderJumping to Conclusions by Colin SchneiderA (Not So) Diminutive Look at Cryptid Dwarves by Colin SchneiderMemories of the Megalodon by Colin SchneiderThe Chupacabras Cronies by Colin SchneiderCanine Creeps by Colin SchneiderThe Beast that Bladenboro Feared by Colin SchneiderSo, You Want to be a Cryptozoologist by Colin SchneiderWhy Modern Pterosaurs Make No Sense by Tyler HouckWessie, the Monster Snake of Westbrook by Tyler HouckNessie, Landbound! by Tyler HouckFinding Nessie by Tyler HouckCapturing Cadborosaurus by Tyler Ho…

Announcement - New Book Coming Soon!

Colin Schneider and I are putting the finishing touches on a book we have been working on together. It is a collection of articles by both of us covering all sorts of cryptid creatures, including sea serpents, bigfoot, dogmen, dwarves, mystery predators, and much, much more. It should hopefully be out before too long, so check back sometime for an update!