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Another Book Update

I'm quite close to being done with my second book. I only have about two chapters to finish up, and then the proofing process will start. I'm hoping to have it finished next month (hopefully in a few weeks or so.)

Colin Schneider, another paranormal/cryptozoology researcher, has agreed to write a forward for the book as well. You can check out his stuff on his blog Paranormal101.

And, for a preview, here's the image I'm planning on having on the cover of the book…

My first book, Cryptid U.S., can be bought on If you like it, leave a review! (And, if you buy it, please buy the $15 one!)

Monstro Bizarro Book

Coming on October 1st - a new book by Lyle Blackburn!

Blackburn writes a "Monstro Bizzaro" column for Rue Morgue magazine and this book is a compilation of what he has written.

Here's some more information:

"My upcoming book from the Rue Morgue library edition series is now available for pre-order! The book - named after my column in the magazine - explores the entertaining world of cryptozoology in horror cinema and culture. It features articles, photo galleries, cryptid files, and much more with a Foreward by Exists director and Blair Witch Project co-creator, Eduardo Sanchez, and contributions by my cryptid-chasing cohorts Ken Gerhard, Nick Redfern, David Weatherly, Dave Alexander, and others! (From Facebook.)"
You can pre-roder the book on Rue Morgue's website.

Giant Catfish in the Ohio River

Is the Ohio River home to gigantic catfish? If the following stories are to be believed, it is.

Loren Coleman noted in his book Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation's Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creaturesthat Ron Schaffner, and Ohio cryptozoologist, reported that welders along the River (in Ohio and Mississippi) would sometimes refuse to work underwater after giant catfish were seen.

Coleman also notes that Marc DeWerth, a Bigfoot researcher, said that his grandfather once told him about hitting what he thought was a log in the Ohio River. His grandfather had a 20-foot-long boat, and soon found that he had not hit a log, but a 25-foot catfish, dead in the water.

Other stories similar to these come from all across the United States. Certainly there are some very large catfish, but could there be some truly giant ones as well?

This post is excerpted from The Ohio Monster Guidebook, my upcoming book on Ohio cryptids.

My first book,Cryptid U.S., ca…

"Loch Ness Monster" Photographed in the River Thames

It probably isn't the "Loch Ness Monster," but something has been photographed in the River Thames, supposedly.

TheDaily Staris reporting that Jonathan Jones spotted the "so-called beast" in London.

"I've never seen anything like it. Me and my friend came down to London to see the sights, but we never expected this," he said.

He spotted the thing when:

"We were sitting there for about five minutes when the dark shadow emerged. It looked like a shark at first, but it was much bigger and it definitely wasn't reeds like my friends keep saying. Who knows what it was. I'm hoping it was Nessie though - if not some other kind of lost sea creature."
It almost looks like there is something in the water, but who knows. It could just be a shadow or something, or it could be a fake.

New Evidence Proves Wessie the Snake is Real?

Since the end of June, stories have circulated about "Wessie," the giant cryptid snake of Westbrook, Maine. The only thing for investigators to go on were eyewitness accounts.

Now, evidence has been found. Or has it?

On Saturday, August 20, police in Westbrook found a shed snake skin along the Presumpscot River.

Now, the police are warning people about the 10-foot snake.

"Until the type of snake is determined and we can assess the safety risk, we caution people who recreate along the Presumpscot River to remain alert, maintain a safe distance from any wildlife, and report any sightings of the snake to the Westbrook Police Department," Police Chief Janine Roberts said. The police department is going to send samples of the skin to be tested.

Others believe that the skin could have been put there by a person, as a hoax. The President of the Main Herpetological Society, Rob Christian, said "It's very suspicious to find a shed that's laid out like this that…

Woman Photographs Loch Ness Monster?

Calley Tulleth thinks she photographed one of the Loch Ness Monsters.

The Mirrorreports:

"A holidaymaker reckons she has captured the Loch Ness Monster on camera. "Gobsmacked Calley Tulleth, 28, was having lunch on the balcony of her holiday let when she saw a mysterious ripple on the surface. "She said her eyes 'popped out' of her head and she grabbed her camera to capture a few snaps yesterday. "The mother-of-three said: 'I was having my lunch on the balcony looking over Loch Ness and all of a sudden I saw this blue thing swimming across. "'I wasn't scared by my eyes popped out of my face. "'I quickly took my phone out and started snapping away - I tried to soon in and got a better view but then it just disappeared. "'It looked so much like the Loch Ness monster.'"
Tulleth took her photos while vacationing at Loch Ness with her family.

Below are her photos.

Do you think Tulleth photographed a Loch Ness Monster, …

"Real Life Lake Monster" Found in Lake Champlain

Not a real "lake monster," per se, but something pretty cool nonetheless.

Recently a 6-foot 9-inch sturgeon washed up on the shore of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Anyone interested in cryptozoology will know that Lake Champlain is said to be home to the lake monster Champ. Some people think that sturgeon can explain sightings of Champ and other lake monsters, but I don't think that is the case.

Cryptid Culture #3 Review

A few weeks ago I got the third issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine.

The first article in this issue is written by Bill Munns and is titled "Is the Patterson-Gimlin 'Bigfoot' Film A Skeptical Conundrum?" In it he discusses people who have said the Patterson-Gimlin film is fake just because they want to think it is fake or because of unfounded rumors. Munns has studied the film from a filmmakers standpoint and has also written a book on the subject called When Roger Met Patty.

Next is an article by Eric Penz on "crypto fiction," and how it is becoming more popular.

A writer called "Wen" contributed an article on the Beast of Gevaudan, a "werewolf"-like creature that terrorized France in the 1700s. Something I found interesting in this article is that the beast was apparently thought to be female, because it was called "La Bete du Gevaudan," and "La Bete" is a feminine noun in French.

Heidi LaMoreaux contributed an articl…

The "Graveyard Ghoul" of Fostoria

In January 1884, it was reported that a "graveyard ghoul" had been spotted around Fostoria, Ohio. James Bates, "an old hunter and a gentleman," gave a description of the "ghoul:"

"Its neck and breast are white, and the rest of the body black; its front tracks are about eight inches long and three wide, making tacks in the snow with its claws about twice the length of a man's finger; the tracks made by the hind feet are nearly round, and about the size of a large dog's, except the claws, which are longer and sharper. The animal is about three feet long and eighteen inches high. It burrows into the ground in the graveyard, and penetrating the coffins therein contained, devours the contents thereof. It travels with much rapidity and all attempts thus far to kill it have proved futile. The gentleman who last saw the animal says it was in the middle of the road, having gone from a farm by literally tearing the fences to pieces. His dog gave chase …

It's Raining Fish in Scotland

A few days ago, Kevin Bain, a man from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, went outside to find about 75 fish in his back garden.

Bain posted pictures of the fish online to try to find out what kind they are.

He believes they were sucked into a waterspout and then dropped into his yard.

"It has been stormy for the past few nights, so it's possible that a water spout has lifted the fish from the sea during the bad weather. It's a really strange phenomenon."

It would not surprise me if Bain's theory about the waterspout is true.

Over the years there have been many, many reports of animals raining from the sky. In Jerome Clark's bookUnexplained!, he discusses many different occurrences of this sort in a long chapter of the book.

Ohio's Monstrous Melon Heads

"Some of the strangest monsters of Ohio are the Melon Heads of Kirtland. "Supposedly, the Melon Heads were originally children that a mad scientist named 'Dr. Crow' performed strange experiments on. This eventually transformed them into monsters with bulbous heads. It is said that the Melon Heads killed Dr. Crow and burnt down his facility, and now roam around Kirtland. "Another version of the story says that the Melon Heads are the result of secret government testing. This testing caused the subject's heads to swell. They were all shipped to a secret location in the woods. "The Melon Heads were mostly calm but sometimes wanted contact with the outside world, so every once and a while one or two would sneak out of their facility. "The Melon Heads supposedly are cannibalistic and eat what they can catch (including humans.) "Stories of Melon Heads also come from Michigan and Connecticut. Most seem to be third- or fourth-person or 'friend of…

A Killer Vampire Cat!

Over on his Paranormal101 blog, Colin Schneider has a preview up from his upcoming book on vampiric cryptids.

It starts like this:

"The Eastern United States used to have large felines roaming its forests. Unfortunately, hunting and human encroachment has resulted in the Eastern cougar (Puma concolor cougar) to be labeled an extinct animal in 2011. Experts believe the animal has been missing from the area since the mid-1930s. That does not stop the cougar from being seen by reliable witnesses all around the Eastern US. Along with the cougar; lions, panthers, and even leopards have been seen in the USA. There are hundreds of cases of ABCs attacking livestock for food, which supports the possibility that there is truly population of cats that shouldn't be in the USA, but there is also many 'high strangeness' reports such as the vampiric ones discussed above. Mutilations supposedly perpetrated by felines are unusually common in America. "Probably the most extensive …

UFOs and a Werewolf? - The Wausau Whatzit

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a strange, werewolf-like creature was spotted several times by a family in Wisconsin, in conjunction with sightings of strange flying objects. The creature is called the "Wausau Whatzit" by some researchers.
The story starts when: "A boy (he was 13 at the time of the first encounter) and his friends were out in one of his parent's fields, sitting around a campfire, eating pizza, and throwing snowballs at each other. Suddenly, a strange beam of light appeared in the field and started moving towards the boys. The group got spooked because they could not identify the source of the light, but calmed down when it disappeared. "Three years later, the boy and another one of his friends saw three of the strange lights above a creek. He and his friend saw those lights several times over a span of a few nights. the boy also saw a large, glowing, oval shaped object (a UFO?) floating towards Lake DuBay one night at 1:56 a.m. Six minutes l…

Minerva Monster Day 2016

Coming up on September 23rd and 24th in Minerva, Ohio - Minerva Monster Day 2016.

Minerva Monster Day is a cryptid-themed film festival. Here is some info from the promo trailer for it:

"Minerva Monster Day in Minerva, Ohio. The event will be held September 23rd and 24th. Minerva Monster day is a cryptid-themed, small town festival that centers around the subject of a famous Bigfoot-type creature said to live near the town. While last years' event acted as the official premiere for the Small Town Monsters' production, Minerva Monster, this one will see screenings of multiple films across a variety of unusual creature topics from Bigfoot to Loch Ness Monster. The Minerva Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the event which will also play host to a speaking presentation from renowned museum curator, author and lecturer, Loren Coleman. "Minerva Monster day will kick off on Friday, September 23rd with a short, amateur, monster film festival. Local residents and people…

Ohio Cryptid Book Update

A while back I announced that my second book will be fully on Ohio cryptids.

Right now I'm about halfway done with that book and am hoping to have it completed something this fall. So far there are chapters written about things like the Loveland frogmen, Bigfoot, lake monsters and giant catfish, and Mothman. I am also going to include chapters on things like thunderbirds, out-of-place cats, the Melon Heads, Dogman, etc. I'll also probably add a few appendixes and I might change the title.

Be on the lookout for more on the book in the future - as I get more done I'll post about that and might post some previews of some chapters!

My first book is available on If you like it, leave a review!

Mystery Monster Mummy Found in Siberia

A strange mummy has been found in a diamond mine in Siberia.

The Daily Mailreports:

"The mummified remains of what appears to be a carnivorous mammal were discovered encased in the sandy sediment at the diamond mine in Udachny, 1,160 miles north west of Yakutsk in Russia. "Miners who found the strange creature have been baffled by it, describing it as a 'monster mummy.'"
Below is a picture of the mummified thing.

The miners who found the "strange ancient creature" (as the Siberian Times called it) think it is, for some reason, a new kind of dinosaur.

Others have said it is probably something like a wolverine, marten, or otter, which it probably is. It is definitely not a dinosaur!

Shooting Bigfoot - Wasted Time

A week or two ago I found the show Shooting Bigfoot playing on Destination America. Since it was a show about Bigfoot I decided to watch it.

When I started watching it was already partway through. Basicsally it was filmed by a guy named Morgan Matthews going around with a camera and going to places where different people were looking for Bigfoot. And, let me tell you, this show is not something that would make any non-believer see that most Bigfooters aren't total nuts or hoaxers. Why? Well, because those appeared to be the only people Matthews filmed for his show.

The people he follows around include hoaxers like Tom Biscardi and Rick Dyer. There's also a few guys from Ohio (I have no idea who they were) and some people from other places. In one that I watched, he was with the two guys from Ohio in the middle of the day when they said they saw a Bigfoot at the edge of the woods. Matthews could not see it. Then one of the guys proceeded to tell him that he (the guy, not Matthe…

New Dogman Book

Joedy Cook has a new book out on the Dogman.

It's titled Werewolves: Encounters with the Black Dog. 

The book has chapters written by contributors like Joedy, Linda Godfrey, Brian Seech, Ron Murphy, Donna Fink, etc.

You can check it out here.

Mothman Festival 2016

Coming up on September 17 & 18 - the 2016 Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

This year's festival is going to be a big event - it's the 15th anniversary of the festival, and 50th anniversary of the first Mothman sightings in 1966.
Speakers this year are:
Rosemary Ellen GuileyNick RedfernKen GerhardLoren ColemanStan GordonJohn FrickChad LambertJoedy CookFred SalugaSherri BrakeCameron JonesBill BrockRobert RobinsonSusan Sheppardand George Dudding The entire AIMS team from Mountain Monsters will also be at the festival.
There will be lots of other stuff to see and do at the festival too. 
You can find out more about the festival on their website or Facebook page.
I think I'll actually get to go to this one.

Lizard Men on the Loose!

Scape Ore Swamp, located near Bishopville, South Carolina, is infamous for sightings of a strange cryptid called the "Lizard Man." Sightings of the creature began in the 1980s, when people living in the area saw something that they described as human-like, but similar to a lizard.

The most famous sighting occurred on June 29, 1988, when Christopher Davis was coming home from working the night shift at a local McDonald's. As he was heading home around 2:30 a.m., his car got a flat tire. It was a bright, moonlit night, so he got out at the edge of Scape Ore Swamp to change the tire.

As Chris was putting his tools back in the trunk after changing the tire, he noticed something about 30 yards away from him. Whatever it was was walking towards him, swinging its arms.

Soon Chris could see that it was a "large, humanoid creature with glowing red eyes." He described it further, saying it was "green, 'wetlike,' and about seven feet tall, and had three finge…

Dwarves and Ape-Men - Helpful Research Lists

Over on his Paranormal101 blog, Colin's Schneider has a new post up with two lists he's made about ape-men cryptids and diminutive humanoids (dwarves, essentially). Each is pretty cool.

You can see the lists here, and be sure to check out the rest of Colin's blog, too! He always posts some interesting stuff.