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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Book Review: A Monstrous Commotion by Gareth Williams

Last week I finished Gareth Williams' book A Monstrous Commotion: The Mysteries of Loch Ness. This book is probably my favorite I have ever read on the Loch Ness Monsters.

Like mostly all other Nessie books, this one gives info on sightings of the creature, but it focuses more on the people who were involved in the search (mostly from the 1930s to 1980s.) I learned more about people like Peter Scott, Constance Whyte, Tim Dinsdale, Roy Mackal, etc. in this book than I have with all my other Nessie books combined.

I've found that I tend to really enjoy cryptozoology books that are more about the people involved in the search than the cryptids themselves, like Monster Hunters and Monster Trek. This book was probably better than both of them. And, it was nice to find a good book on the cryptid that got me interested in the subject in the first place.

If you are someone who has an interest in cryptozoology (at all) and especially the Loch Ness Monsters, I definitely recommend this book to you.

On the back cover it says that Williams comes to "a startling conclusion." That is certainly true, but I'm not going to reveal what it is here. This book made me reconsider what I thought about lots of the most famous Loch Ness Monster sightings, photos/films, and researchers. It will probably make you do the same.

Kudos to you, Gareth Williams, for managing to write a cryptozoology book that really made me think about what I believed about the Loch Ness Monsters.

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