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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mystery Monster Mummy Found in Siberia

A strange mummy has been found in a diamond mine in Siberia.

The Daily Mail reports:

"The mummified remains of what appears to be a carnivorous mammal were discovered encased in the sandy sediment at the diamond mine in Udachny, 1,160 miles north west of Yakutsk in Russia.
"Miners who found the strange creature have been baffled by it, describing it as a 'monster mummy.'"

Below is a picture of the mummified thing.
One of the miners holding the mummified creature
found in Siberia
(Siberian Times)

The miners who found the "strange ancient creature" (as the Siberian Times called it) think it is, for some reason, a new kind of dinosaur.

Others have said it is probably something like a wolverine, marten, or otter, which it probably is. It is definitely not a dinosaur!

Marten skull

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