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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Killer Vampire Cat!

Over on his Paranormal101 blog, Colin Schneider has a preview up from his upcoming book on vampiric cryptids.

It starts like this:

"The Eastern United States used to have large felines roaming its forests. Unfortunately, hunting and human encroachment has resulted in the Eastern cougar (Puma concolor cougar) to be labeled an extinct animal in 2011. Experts believe the animal has been missing from the area since the mid-1930s. That does not stop the cougar from being seen by reliable witnesses all around the Eastern US. Along with the cougar; lions, panthers, and even leopards have been seen in the USA. There are hundreds of cases of ABCs attacking livestock for food, which supports the possibility that there is truly population of cats that shouldn't be in the USA, but there is also many 'high strangeness' reports such as the vampiric ones discussed above. Mutilations supposedly perpetrated by felines are unusually common in America.
"Probably the most extensive and widely known case of ABC mutilation is a series of attacks which occurred around the area of Richland Township, Ohio in the spring of 1977. The first attack occurred on March 22 when a 74-year-old farmer, Elmer Nesbaum found his sheep pen ripped open and most of his sheep killed or wounded. The sheep had deep claw marks on their bodies and Nesbaum reported that blood covered the animals and the pen. There were also deep fang marks on the animal's necks, which suggest a creature of the same ilk as the Bladenboro Beast. Nesbaum quickly called a veterinarian to try and save the few survivors. Only a handful of the animals survived.
"Nesbaum, determined to protect his remaining animals, moved the pen into a more enclosed area between his barn and storage sheds. He put heavy gates in front of the pen and wire around and on top of the pen. Steel muskrat traps were also placed strategically in front of the gates. Nesbaum's strategy seemed to work… for a few days." 
You can check out the whole thing here.

And be on the lookout for some previews from my upcoming book on this blog…

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