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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Minerva Monster Day 2016

Coming up on September 23rd and 24th in Minerva, Ohio - Minerva Monster Day 2016.

Minerva Monster Day is a cryptid-themed film festival. Here is some info from the promo trailer for it:

"Minerva Monster Day in Minerva, Ohio. The event will be held September 23rd and 24th. Minerva Monster day is a cryptid-themed, small town festival that centers around the subject of a famous Bigfoot-type creature said to live near the town. While last years' event acted as the official premiere for the Small Town Monsters' production, Minerva Monster, this one will see screenings of multiple films across a variety of unusual creature topics from Bigfoot to Loch Ness Monster. The Minerva Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the event which will also play host to a speaking presentation from renowned museum curator, author and lecturer, Loren Coleman.
"Minerva Monster day will kick off on Friday, September 23rd with a short, amateur, monster film festival. Local residents and people who plan on attending the event are encouraged to make and submit their own short, monster-themed, all ages appropriate films to be screened at the historic Roxy Theater in downtown Minerva. There will be prizes for the winning films selected by a panel of judges. Among the movies screening at Saturdays' event are I've Seen Bigfoot, Mystery at Loch Ness, Beast of Whitehall, Minerva Monster, and more.
"The 2015 version of Minerva Monster Day was a blowout success with as many as fifteen hundred people attending, and four sellout screenings of Minerva Monster. Due to over-crowding last year, this years' September 24th screenings and speaking presentations will be held in the high school gym. Monster-themed vendors will be set up at the neighboring Minerva City Park where the annual Oktoberfest will also be taking place. Among the vendors are local Bigfoot research groups, and sellers of apparel and board games, as well as Small Town Monsters. Plan to spend the day, as there will be monster movies playing into the evening.
"For more information on Minerva Monster Day or to enter your own monster movie into the festival, visit"

Find out more about Minerva Monster day here or here.
 Some films that will be playing at Minerva Monster Day:

There will be a sneak preview of Boggy Creek Monster

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