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Monday, August 15, 2016

Ohio Cryptid Book Update

A while back I announced that my second book will be fully on Ohio cryptids.

Right now I'm about halfway done with that book and am hoping to have it completed something this fall. So far there are chapters written about things like the Loveland frogmen, Bigfoot, lake monsters and giant catfish, and Mothman. I am also going to include chapters on things like thunderbirds, out-of-place cats, the Melon Heads, Dogman, etc. I'll also probably add a few appendixes and I might change the title.

Be on the lookout for more on the book in the future - as I get more done I'll post about that and might post some previews of some chapters!

My first book is available on If you like it, leave a review!


  1. You can use my Ohio Dogman article as a reference if you need for your Dogman chapter. I am looking forward to your book