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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cryptid Culture #3 Review

A few weeks ago I got the third issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine.

The first article in this issue is written by Bill Munns and is titled "Is the Patterson-Gimlin 'Bigfoot' Film A Skeptical Conundrum?" In it he discusses people who have said the Patterson-Gimlin film is fake just because they want to think it is fake or because of unfounded rumors. Munns has studied the film from a filmmakers standpoint and has also written a book on the subject called When Roger Met Patty.

Next is an article by Eric Penz on "crypto fiction," and how it is becoming more popular.

A writer called "Wen" contributed an article on the Beast of Gevaudan, a "werewolf"-like creature that terrorized France in the 1700s. Something I found interesting in this article is that the beast was apparently thought to be female, because it was called "La Bete du Gevaudan," and "La Bete" is a feminine noun in French.
Beast of Gevaudan
The Beast attacking

Heidi LaMoreaux contributed an article titled "Cryptids: Fact and Fiction: An Experimental Liberal Studies Course at Sonoma State University." LaMoreaux taught a class on cryptids there and discusses some of the things she did with it.

John Mezaros wrote an article about a cryptid I had never heard of, the Tuttle Bottoms Monster of Illinois. Reports of the creature began in the 1960s, and was described as an "eight-foot tall, shaggy ape-like creature." It didn't sound like a Bigfoot, however, because it also had "a long, anteater-like trunk." A very strange creature indeed.

Next was "In Search of Strange Beasts: My Journey to Cryptozoology" by well-known cryptozoologist and author Lyle Blackburn. He discusses his interest in "monsters" throughout his life, and how he became a researcher and author on the subject.
Me with Lyle Blackburn at the 2016
Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Ashley Wamsley-Watts contributed an article about the 15th Annual Mothman Festival, which is taking place on September 17 & 18. More on the festival can be found here.
Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Robert C. Robinson has an article about "Who's Who in Legend Tripping" from his new book, Legend Tripping: The Ultimate Adventure. The article basically discusses people who research the unexplained, including Loren Coleman, Cliff Barackman, Josh Gates, Marc DeWerth, Lyle Blackburn, Nick Redfern, Percy Fawcett, Ivan T. Sanderson, Ken Gerhard, and others.

Dr. Steven Mizrach wrote an article called "Wakinyan and the Trickster." The article is about the thunderbird in Native American culture, and I found it very interesting, because the Native Americans did not say the thunderbird was like the cryptids called that today.
Thunderbird drawing

Last, but certainly not least, is an article on the Tasmanian Tiger by the Thylacine Research Unit. It is about some of their methods of investigating thylacine reports, and a history of sightings of the supposedly extinct creatures.

There's also a cryptid word search in the back and lots of cool artwork by many different artists.

If you are someone who is interested in cryptozoology and the unexplained, definitely check out Cryptid Culture.

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