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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Shooting Bigfoot - Wasted Time

A week or two ago I found the show Shooting Bigfoot playing on Destination America. Since it was a show about Bigfoot I decided to watch it.

When I started watching it was already partway through. Basicsally it was filmed by a guy named Morgan Matthews going around with a camera and going to places where different people were looking for Bigfoot. And, let me tell you, this show is not something that would make any non-believer see that most Bigfooters aren't total nuts or hoaxers. Why? Well, because those appeared to be the only people Matthews filmed for his show.

The people he follows around include hoaxers like Tom Biscardi and Rick Dyer. There's also a few guys from Ohio (I have no idea who they were) and some people from other places. In one that I watched, he was with the two guys from Ohio in the middle of the day when they said they saw a Bigfoot at the edge of the woods. Matthews could not see it. Then one of the guys proceeded to tell him that he (the guy, not Matthews) had been "chosen" (or something like that) and that he somehow had sheep DNA because of a bone in him, etc… and that's why he could see the Bigfoot but Matthews couldn't.

I'm going to skip a lot of this and go to the end of the show.

At that part Matthews is with Rick Dyer and they wake up in the middle of the night after something supposedly attacks Matthews' tent. Then you get to see Rick Dyer running around in his underwear carrying a gun running after whatever it was. Then you actually see something run by!
Yeah, Rick Dyer seriously runs around in his underwear after a "Bigfoot"

Yes, you actually see something. When I first watched, I though - wait a minute? Did they really just see something?

Yes, apparently, they did, because you see it again.

Of course, during this whole time, the dialogue of the show is "bleep-this" and "bleep-that," and Rick starts shooting at the "bigfoot" while he and Matthews become separated. When Matthews heads back to camp his is "attacked" by the "Bigfoot" (which you can conveniently see in the camera for just a second.)
Real Bigfoot? Nope.

My main point of this article is to recommend that any of you out there who haven't seen Shooting Bigfoot should not watch it. It will be a waste of your time.

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