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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kids Spot a "Goblin"

Shortly after the news report about the search for witnesses of gnomes back in the '70s comes this story, about a supposed sighting of a "goblin."
The figure can be seen towards the
middle right of the

The Daily Mail reports:

"A group of Argentinian children have been left too terrified to play football after they believe they spotted a goblin in their pitch.
"Eerie footage filmed by one of the youngsters shows the group running happily around the pitch after the ball until the filmer suddenly spots what appears to be a mysterious figure at the side.
"The small, dark shape crawls slowly forwards, moving awkwardly, seemingly neither man nor beast.
"The child zooms in on the unusual being, which advances steadily, and cries out in alarm.
"Moments later the boy beings screaming at the top of his lungs and he and his pals run madly away from the creature in a desperate bid to escape.
"The alarming incident took place  in the city of Santiago del Estero in the northern Argentinian province of the same name.
"Local media also described the strange figure as a goblin and reported that the children's parents said that they were too frightened to return to their pitch to play football.
"One mother described it as a 'paranormal phenomenon.'
"Goblins are monstrous mythical creatures first mentioned in European folklore in the Middle Ages.
"They are usually described as small and grotesque, mischievous or evil, and greedy, especially for gold and jewelry. They often have magical abilities."
(Daily Mail)

 As for what the kid filmed in the video, I can't say as it is too blurry to make out what it is. The one thing that stuck me, though, is it really does sound like genuine terror in is voice when he is screaming. Maybe they really did see a "goblin?"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Killing Bigfoot on Today

Destination America is having a mystery show marathon today. Earlier & now there were shows about the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper, and hauntings. Starting at 6 p.m. tonight is a Killing Bigfoot marathon leading up to a new episode.

6 p.m. - "Killing Bigfoot"

"Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) founders Bobby Hamilton and Jim Lansdale lead a team of commandos on a mission to find and kill a bigfoot in order to prove its existence to science and to protect the public from a future attack."
7 p.m. - "Monkey Business"

 "The GCBRO responds to possible sightings of a dead Bigfoot on the side of a road and terrifying devil-monkeys in the woods. At a Bigfoot gathering controversy erupts over whether to kill a Bigfoot or not. Later at night, a chase through the forest."
8 p.m. - "Bayou Bigfoot"

"The GCBRO investigates a frightening Bigfoot encounter on a family's large farm in the swampy Sabine River area. The hunters have a run-in with their old teammate-turned-rival Dr. Web Sentell, a neuro-psychologist and Bigfoot no-kill advocate."

9 p.m. - "New Recruits"

"With new Bigfoot cases coming in every day, the GCBRO needs new hunters to keep up with the demand. A biker reveals a face-to-face encounter with Bigfoot deep in the woods. The process of selecting new members culminates in a series of challenging tests."
10 p.m. - "Anna Get Your Gun"

"Bobby and Brandi bring the GCBRO to help out a lady whose home and pets have been attacked by Bigfoot and she's taken some shots at the creature. A nearby eyewitness leads the team to possible Sasquatch nests. The hunt reveals  some frightening encounters."

Then some episodes repeat.

So I guess this week is episode 4 of the series of Killing Bigfoot, and I still haven't watched any of them. A friend has said, though, that it's basically just like Mountain Monsters but really bad. I might watch one episode sometime to see just how bad it is!

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Missing Thunderbird Photo and the Mandela Effect

Over the years, stories have circulated throughout the cryptozoology community about an old, very mysterious photo. It is supposedly from the late 1880s and shows some sort of giant bird or pterosaur-like creature. Hence, it is known as the Missing Thunderbird Photo. Info about the photo can be found here on my blog, and here on Karl Shuker's blog.

A while ago something struck me that made me think. I had looked into the Mandela effect - for those who don't know, the Mandela effect is when people are sure they remember something, but in reality they are incorrect. Some examples include thinking the Monopoly man has a monocle, Darth Vader says "Luke" before he says "I am your father" in The Empire Strikes Back, etc, etc. More examples can be found here.
"Jonny" is correct

Anyway, after looking into the Mandela effect and then reading about the missing t-bird photograph in Karl Shuker's massive book Still in Search of Prehistoric Survivors (be on the lookout for a review sometime soon!), it struck me - what if the two are connected? Many people have said they have seen the missing t-bird photo, though now when anyone tries to find it, it seems as though it never existed. This is after so many people claim to remember seeing it in magazines, and some even say they saw Ivan T. Sanderson holding it on a TV show, sometime in the '60s or '70s. Others say they remember Sanderson at least talking about it on the show. But, the certain episode(s) can't be found.

So does this explain why people can't find the t-bird photo? Just possibly, it might. There is this old picture (below) of a marabou stork, which Shuker included in his blog post on the subject and book, that may have been seen by people and then, later, they remember it as something different. Specifically, a thunderbird in Arizona.

Now, I'm not saying in any way that this solves the mystery of the missing t-bird photo, it's just a personal theory of mine. But, it quite possibly could, I think. Let me know your thoughts below.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another Mystery Mega Killer? Half-Eaten Shark found on Florida Beach

Just after rumors of a gigantic killer shark in Britain comes another story about the same thing, this time from Florida.

CBS News reports:

"A half-eaten shark washed ashore Saturday on New Smyrna Beach in Florida, and everyone appears to have the same question: What ate it?
"Photos of the estimated 5-foot-long shark quickly spread throughout social media over the weekend after a Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue lifeguard posted a picture of the dead shark.
"'Anyone up for a swim? LOL I guess there is something even bigger out there. #blacktip #whereiskatherine,' the lifeguard tweeted.

The half-eaten shark
(Fox News/Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue)

"Beach Safety spokeswoman Tammy Morris told CBS affiliate WKMG the shark was either a blacktop or a spinner shark. She said the shark was likely attacked by a bigger fish.
"'It is unknown what type of predator bit the shark or how far offshore it was when it was attacked,' Morris told the station.
"But some locals have their own ideas.
"Nick Oulette, from Eustis, is a frequent visitor of the beach who often spends weekends fishing with friends. The 23-year-old said he spotted the tailless shark on Sunday afternoon near the dock.
"'Definitely a bigger shark took a bite out of this guy,' Oulette told CBS News said. 'Possibly a barracuda, but my money would be on another shark.'
"Others have turned their suspicions on Katherine, a 14-foot great white shark that was tagged with a  satellite tracking device and can be tracked by Ocearch. The giant shark was spotted off the Florida coast in January.
"'Katherine's snack?' one Twitter user asked.
"'Could this be the work of Katherine?' another pondered.
"Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials tweeted Monday that another great white shark was spotted about 20 miles off Ormond Beach on Feb. 1.
"Morris said though they may never know what attacked the shark, officials will certainly continue to keep an eye out."
Just thought this was interesting since it was right after findings of seals in Britain that are thought to have been killed by a giant shark...

Myths and Legends of Upstate New York

Hoax woofen-poof photo has a cool new article up about myths and legends in that area of the state. It starts out like this:

"The myths and monsters of Upstate NY
"Upstate New York's rich history is also riddled with myths about monsters, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.
"These 13 legends have captured the imaginations of New Yorkers and people across the country. Many of them have become cryptids - purported creatures that have yet to be verified as real - and have true believers who claim to have seen mysterious creatures, or have other evidence of their existence.
"Do you believe in any of these Upstate NY monsters and myths?
"Does the long lost cousin of the fabled Loch Ness Monster reside in Lake Champlain? One of the most well known 'cryptids' in Upstate NY (and Vermont) is that of Champ, a supposed lake monster that dwells in Lake Champlain, and shares many characteristics with the well known Scottish legend.
"Cities and towns in the region celebrate Champ at festivals, and have integrated him into tourism campaigns, but some true believers have attempted to use scientific equipment to verify the many sightings of Champ."

The other monsters and legends featured in the post are Bigfoot, the White Lady, haunted sites, Georgie of Lake George, the Beamoc, Eoornis Pterovelox Gobiensis (aka the wooden-poof),  mountain lions, Rip Van Winkle, Sleepy Hollow, Old Greeny, the Lake George vortex, and Cardiff Giant. Check out the whole article here.
Rip Van Winkle

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Search for the Sea Serpent - Reviewing an Old and Hard-to-Find Documentary

Yesterday I got a VHS tape of Search for the Sea Serpent, an old documentary (1999) about the monster supposedly in Lake Seljord, in Norway. It was not mentioned on the show, but that creature is nicknamed "Selma." The description of the doc is:

"Prepare to be surprised on a venture to Norway in search of legendary sea serpents. For two hundred and fifty years residents living around the small Seljord Lake in Norway have reported sightings of a strange serpent-like creature. Explore the hidden depths of the lake with a group of investigators on a mission to find out what really lives in the waters below."
The lake monster on the Seljord coat of arms

The doc follows a team led by Jan-Ove Sundberg, who believed that the creature existed. You usually see him mentioned in books or things of the sort when the Seljord Serpent, as it was called in the show, is mentioned. He is joined by people from all over the world, many of whom are seriously interested in proving whether or not something is in the lake.

Sundberg has the team out on the lake 24 hours a day, some people working morning/afternoon shifts and others working the night shift. At first, everyone's spirits are high and they are excited to be searching for the serpent.  As the expedition continues their attitudes change.

Lots of news crews are at the lake interviewing Sundberg and the others. Part of this is recorded on the show, and you watch as a news reporter (who obviously doesn't think they will find anything) is asking Sundberg is he thinks they will capture a gigantic sea serpent in the lake. Sundberg responds saying that they are not trying to capture the creature and that they do not think it is several meters long.

Ulf Burman and Peter Caspersson saw the creature on August 7, 1998, and say it was 3 meters long and black in color.

Later you see Sundberg asking for money for gas from the whole expedition team, because apparently he didn't figure up how much money he needed for gas before they headed out. This happens twice and the rest of the team isn't too happy about it.

During the expedition, Sundberg sees something in the water and takes several photos of it, one of which you see in the documentary. He is certain that he saw and photographed the monster, though you can't really tell what the thing is in the photo. The rest of the team shares my skepticism about what it is, and one of them tries to talk to Sundberg about it, asking if it could have been wakes from two boats (which they had out at the time) hitting each other and making "humps" of a monster. This happens in other "monster" lakes as well. Sundberg won't hear any of it, though, repeatedly saying something along the lines of "we aren't going to have this conversation." Later, when he shows his photos to the group, the others don't think it shows a sea serpent, to which Sundberg says that yes, it is. And afterwards he says everyone is entitled to their opinion when he won't even begin to think that maybe it is not a monster.

This causes lots of tension in the group, and two of the members who were seriously interested in seeing if there was a creature in the lake or not, leave early. This is also after Sundberg asks for money again, and by this point the rest of the group thinks that is really what he is after.

One interesting part of the documentary is when two of the team members (the more skeptical, scientific guys, who were completely unlike Sundberg, which I liked) test an "exploding log theory" to see if a log, at the bottom of the lake, rotting and filled with gases could rise to the surface (which they do) and be mistaken for the back of an unknown creature. At another point some divers and a UAV search for mysterious tracks of something they were told was on the bottom of the lake, but find nothing.

On the last day of the expedition, Ulf Burman splits up from the rest of the team, and goes up the mountain on the road instead of going on a boat. While the rest of the team is on the lake, he spots something moving through the water, leaving a V-shaped wake. It is the most convincing (and really only) evidence captured during the expedition. There were several large sonar contacts, but when these were sent to be examined the came back saying they were large fish or a school of fish.

Ironically, after trying to find out what this doc was for years, I looked it up when I saw that news crews had covered the expedition, and, believe it or not, found some articles about it! This one was on (Aug 28, 1998) written by Dave Walsh, one of the expedition members:

"It was after much deliberation that I finally found myself in Oslo's Fornebu Airport, on August 3rd 1998. I was there to meet the rest of the GUST (Global Underwater Search Team) gang who, like me, were off to Lake Seljordsvatnet, some 130km or so (as the crow flies) west of Oslo. Once there, we were supposed to investigate 250 years of lake monster reports.
"It turns out that quite a few members were hesitant about committing themselves to going - some of us had left it to the last moment to pay for our flights. One Swedish team member told me that he had even been accused by Jan-Ove Sundberg, the leader of the expedition, of being a spy for a Swedish UFO magazine. I almost got kicked off because he felt I came across as too skeptical [1] in a Sunday Business Post interview. Nevertheless, whether it was the taste of adventure, sheer devilment, or perhaps a genuine quest for The Serpent, ten of the twelve team members convened in the arrivals hall of the airport around 1640, and subsequently made for our transport.
"The expedition was to turn into one of the most hilarious farces I've ever had the pleasure to be implicated in, and more than a week after its apparent conclusion, the dust is still rising, rather than settling. I'm still writing up my notes, so this week's Blather will unfortunately be only able to synopsize some of the events that took place. A 52-minute Discovery Channel documentary on GUST is due in the autumn, and a BBC series on 'science mysteries' is to feature footage, and will be shown next spring.
"Lake Seljordsvatnet, as can be seen by the pictures, is something of a paradise - squeezed in by 1500m mountains, it's some 14km long, and a kilometer or so wide. According to the apparently official chart, it's 138m - there were reports of an area of 157m, and one day we found a depth 147m - if the echo sounder was truthful. Seljord - which has adopted The Serpent as its coat-of-arms - is an attractive scattered community of 3,000 or so, and has just one main drag of businesses in wooden buildings. The local council had put some effort into GUST, as a tourism campaign, and various technology companies sponsored our equipment. During the two weeks I spent in Seljord, we used two different Simrad echo sounders, a side-scan sonar, a GPS hooked into a Konmap moving map system, and a couple of remote-control submarines."

The rest can be seen at the site.

The expedition team consisted of the following people, pictured below - Davy Russell from the USA, Kurt Burchfield from the USA, Arne Thomassen from Norway, Dave Walsh from Ireland, Ulf Burman from Sweden, Jan-Ove Sundberg from Sweden, Eric Joye from Belgium, Peter Caspersson from Sweden, Magnus Backlund from Sweden, Peter Lakbar from Sweden, Vemund Bjore from Norway, and Jason Gibb from the UK.

Overall, I thought this doc was pretty good. I'm pretty sure this was the first time I had seen the whole thing, though I remember seeing part of it (I think it was when some of the team members left) a long time ago when it would play on TV. Besides Sundberg believing everything he sees to be a sea serpent, it is quite good.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Search for the Sea Serpent - Arrived

A while back I put a post up about a lake monster/sea serpent documentary that used to play on TV and which I haven't seen in years. After that I found Search for the Sea Serpent, a Discovery Channel doc from 1999 that I'm 99% certain is it.

And so, I got this today - an old VHS tape (!) of Search for the Sea Serpent found on eBay. I'll watch it later this week and put a review up!

From the back:

"Prepare to be surprised on a venture to Norway in search of legendary sea serpents. For two hundred and fifty years residents living around the small Seljord Lake in Norway have reported sightings of a strange serpent-like creature. Explore the hidden depths of the lake with a group of investigators on a mission to find out what really lives in the waters below."

In Search of the Southern Sasquatch

The Texarkana Gazette has a new article up about Lyle Blackburn and his new book, Beyond Boggy Creek, titled "Searching for Sasquatch: Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn has new book featuring Fouke Monster:"

"For cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn, the Southern Sasquatch remains an ever-elusive but endlessly fascinating subject, so much so he's now written his second book on the subject.
"Texas-based Blackburn should be well-known in Fouke, Ark., where he's researched the Fouke Monster, who inspired his book 'The Beast of Boggy Creek.' In that chronicle of our local Boggy Creek Monster, he took an even-handed, curious and serious look at the subject.
"Inspired as a youngster by the legendary, low-budget, Charles B. Pierce horror flick 'The Legend of Boggy Creek,' Blackburn developed a healthy interest in the Fouke Monster of that film and similar critters described in legend and lore. Just look at the title of his other book, 'Lizard Man,' for a clue to his fascinations with monsters.
"Now, Blackburn has returned with 'Beyond Boggy Creek,' out now from Anomalist Books. The author, a Rue Morgue magazine contributor who's appeared on several TV shows and was featured in the documentary 'Boggy Creek Monster,' takes a wider approach to the Sasquatch story in his new work.
"After the release of 'The Beast of Boggy Creek,' Blackburn explained, not only did he receive additional reports of Fouke Monster encounters, he also heard stories about Bigfoot-type creatures originating from across the wider south.
"Blackburn discovered more to explore, essentially, material to make a new book, which he's dedicated to the memory of J.E. 'Smokey' Crabtree.
"'With Beyond Boggy Creek, I decided to sort of start with that premise,' Blackburn explained. He struts with these additional local stories, then moves on geographically across the map, following the Sulphur River, Red River and across the Deep South all the way to Florida as the stories, of more recent  vintage and those generations old, populate the landscape with a Southern Sasquatch.
"'I try to include the ones that seem to be the most credible, obviously, ones that either had some documentation in old newspapers or ones where I could interview the persons themselves,' Blackburn said. Rather that including anything he found plastered on the Internet, he looked for a basis of accountability.
"'I try to, whenever possible, actually track down the original witness and hear the story straight from them,' Blackburn said of these Southern Sasquatch stories. The approach makes for a better book, he believes. It's what he did in Fouke, but here in the new book it's done on a grander scale.'
"In addition, as a lifelong fan of 'The Leend of Boggy Creek' and the dramatic Fouke Monster sightings therein, he looked for that ingredient in these stories, too. 'You want something interesting,' he said.
"Generally, these Southern Sasquatch tales first found their way to newspaper documentation during the 1800s, Blackburn said. 'I go back loosely to Native American accounts, which are vague and subject to interpretation,' he explained of the timeline with which he worked.
 "He saw common threads in these stories. Various hair colors were mentioned, but a generally consistent height was referenced for what would be seen as an adult creature with 'in some cases bipedal locomotion, as well as moving on all fours.' Such common features referenced from story to story suggest a creature could conceivable be one and the same, he said. 'As far as what I found as the commonality of the creatures described in these cases, it was fairly consistent as to what you have in the Boggy Creek case,' Blackburn said."

You can see the rest on the Texarkana Gazette. 

Blackburn will be at the Monster Mart in Fouke on March 4 from 2-4:30 p.m. to sign copies of his book. There will also be tours of the Sulphur River to areas where Bigfoots have been reported.

With Beyond Boggy Creek author Lyle Blackburn


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finding Bigfoot: "Bigfoot BBQ" & "Brews, Brats and Bigfoots"

A new Finding Bigfoot is on tonight at 8 p.m., followed by another new episode at 9.

The first episode is "Bigfoot BBQ:"

"Who can resist the smell of meats on an open flame? The gang is hoping to entice any nearby Bigfoots with a cookout after receiving tips from a local expert about some secret squatchy hotspots."

Followed by "Brews, Brats and Bigfoots:"

"The team travels to Wisconsin for the first time on the heels of recent Bigfoot activity, enlisting help from locals to investigate reports. They take the final night investigation to new heights as they are stalked by bigfoots in the dark."

Stalked by a bigfoot? I doubt it, unless they meet up with the AIMS team!

The Amityville Horror...

Delving into something new with this book…

Picked up The Amityville Horror and Barnes & Noble yesterday. Supposedly the events in the book are true and happened in the house in Amityville, New York, though some think that they didn't happen. Guess I'll have to read it and judge for myself!

From the back cover:

"The shocking true story of an American dream that turned into a nightmare beyond imagining...
"In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into their new home on suburban Long Island. George and Kathleen Lutz knew that, one year earlier, Ronald DeFeo had murdered his parents, brothers, and sisters in the house, but the property - complete with boathouse and swimming pool - and the price had been too good to pass up.
"Twenty-eight days later, the entire Lutz family fled in terror.
"This is the spellbinding, bestselling true story that gripped the nation - the story of a house possessed by evil spirits, haunted by psychic phenomena almost too terrible to describe." 

Small Town Monsters Kickstarter Still Going

The Kickstarter campaign for The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion on Chestnut Ridge from Small Town Monsters is still going for 13 more days - get on there and donate today! So far it has raised $18,740 which will all go to fund the making of the two films.

From STM director Seth Breedlove:

"We were all extremely encouraged by the turnout for the Kickstarter launch. Obviously you never know how this sort of thing will go and times are tight for a lot of people so it's not something we take for granted. We plan on delivering the best films we've made thus far."

Friday, February 17, 2017

Giant Killer Shark off Britain's Beaches?

Is it a real-life Jaws? Maybe, if it isn't just media hype.

The Daily Star is reporting on what could be evidence of a "monster shark" in Britain's waters:

"Mysterious half-eaten sea animals found on a beach at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk yesterday [Feb. 12] sparked concern among locals.
"Huge teeth marks are gouged into a dead seal's flesh, sparking fears that something massive is lurking in deep water.
"The beaches are normally packed with thousands of holiday makers every summer.
"And worryingly the sea is packed with large fish-like cod, which are ideal prey for a Great White Shark.
"Yesterday's discovery of a half-munched seal comes after a sting of mysterious dead animals washed up on the shores over the last number of years.
"In May last year a 5ft long half-eaten porpoise was found lying on the beach in Happisburg, Norfolk.
"In 2011 three porpoises with 'Jaws' bite marks in their bodies were washed up.
"Yarmouth resident Stephen McHugh, 23, said 'It's pretty frightening - it can't be a coincidence that something out there keeps attacking and eating seals and porpoises.
"'If it is a Great White or a killer whale, let's hope it doesn't come into the warmer shallow water close to the shore when people are on the beaches in the summer.'
"The most recent discovery was made by Lauren Gillies, 25, and her partner Matty Burgess, 29, when they spotted the dead creature.
"Lauren, from Great Yarmouth, said 'Initially my reaction was 'Oh my God a baby seal I need to help it back in the sea'.
"'And then as I got closer I realized it was chewed in half and it freaked me out.
"'We were stunned, honestly we just couldn't make out what had eaten it. It was totally baffling and gruesome.
"'We do often go beach walking but we've never come across this before.'
"The discoveries have reignited fears a Great White, which can reach over 20ft, or a 30ft Orca killer whale have come to the British coastline.
"When one of the dead porpoises was examined by Dr Ken Collins of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton he said they had 'undoubtedly' suffered shark bites.
"He added: 'It could be a Great White. The sea around the UK is habitable for big sharks.'
"Some experts think that massive Megalodon sharks still stalk the depths."

Interesting that Megalodon is mentioned at the end of the article!

What do you think? Could there really be a giant shark off the coast of Britain?

My thoughts - most likely not a Megalodon, even though I think they could still be alive and somewhere in the oceans...

Nebraska Bigfoot Conference This Weekend

Tomorrow in Hastings, Nebraska, is the 1st Annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference. Tonight there was a meet-and-greet and a showing of the Bigfoot movie Something in the Woods though the real conference is taking place tomorrow.
A great movie!

The conference is open to the public and is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and tickets are $10. Speakers are:

  • Lyle Blackburn, Author, Beast of Boggy Creek book and Documentary
  • Stuart Miller and David Ford - producers of the movie Something in the Woods
  • Robin Roberts & her dog Roo; Sasquatch investigators of the Rockies
  • Mike Johnson, Sasquatch Investigations in the Rockies
  • Scotty Plowman, Missouri Bigfoot Researcher & Songwriter/Guitarist
There will also be some door prizes. 

You can see an article on the conference here.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Inside the Goblin Universe: Dr Karl Shuker & Stan Gordon Tonight

New tonight on Paranormal UK Radio - Inside the Goblin Universe, hosted by Ron Murphy Jr. and Colin Schneider. Sounds like tonight's episode will be a good one.

"New episode tomorrow! [Now tonight] Join Colin and Ron as they discuss cryptozoology with Dr. Karl Shuker during the first half of tomorrow's episode. Then, the hosts will delve into the weirdness of Pennsylvania with Stan Gordon in the second half. This will be a must listen! Listen at"

Search for Witnesses of the Wollaton Park Gnomes

The Nottingham Post has a new article up from the other day on something quite interesting - sightings of gnomes from 40 years ago!

"A British folklore writer is trying to track down witnesses to the famous Wollaton Park gnomes sighting nearly 40 years ago. 
"The extraordinary encounter, where six primary schoolchildren claimed to have seen gnomes with Noddy-style caps driving bubble cars around the park, was widely reported by the Nottingham Post and national press and has long fascinated enthusiasts of unexplained phenomena.
"Now writer and historian Dr Simon Young wants to conduct an in-depth study into the tale, which happened in September 1979.
"The children - Angela Elliott and brother Glen, Andrew Pearce and his sister Rosie, Patrick Olive and Julie (surname unknown), all aged between eight and ten, were on an early evening walk when they claimed to have spotted 60 little men, half their height, with long white beards wearing blue tops and yellow tights. The youngsters spent 15 minutes with the 'gnomes' whose little cars could jump over logs and any obstacles in their path.
"Dr Young appealed to the children, who would now be in their forties, to get in touch.
"He said: 'The Wollaton Park sightings badly needs a longer study. I would like to interview them about their memories. I will guarantee absolute anonymity. People are understandably very sensitive about these matters.' 
"Some of the youngsters were interviewed on tape by their headmaster Robin Aldridge at Southwold Primary in Radford and Mr Young has acquired a transcript.
"He said: 'The experience was interesting in several respects. There are many instances of children coming face-to-face with fairies, but I know of none where six saw the fey together.
"'So many Fortean experiences depend on a single shaky witness or poor chain of custody for the evidence: this was not the case with Wollaton.'
"As well as the children, Dr Young would like to talk to their headmaster, parents, uncles and aunts, plus people in the area to find out if there were legends about the gnomes before or after the events in the park.
"Dr Young added: 'I find the case equally interesting even if it was, as one researcher suggested, got up by the kids to explain a fall in some mud! It is a part of Notts history and the history of children's psychology whatever the original motivation.'
"The 1979 incident wasn't the first report of gnome sightings in the park.
"Prior to the schoolchildren's adventure, Jean E. Dixon had an equally unusual experience in Wollaton Park, according to Nottingham woman Marjorie Johnson, who wrote of sightings in her book Seeing Fairies.
"'She was walking there alone, in a pensive mood, when she became aware of the presence of gnomes, who seemed eager to show her some of the various scenes and objects that delighted them. Jean does not see the gnomes but she is given gifts by them: feathers etc,' she wrote.
"And in a further passage there is another account by Mrs. C. George, of Stapleford, as long ago as 1900.
"'She was passing Wollaton Park's gates when she saw some 'little men' dressed like policemen, standing just inside the lodge entrance.
"'They were smiling and looking very happy. They hadn't any wings, and as far as I could remember they were between two and three feet in height,' said the report. She also recalled that fairies had been seen dancing around the lake in the park.'
"Anyone with information about the Wollaton Park gnomes can email Dr Young at" 

Even though I haven't looked into the subject of fairies, gnomes, etc. (yet) in my research of strange creatures, phenomena, and beings, I find the notion of them quite fascinating. It will be interesting to see if Dr. Young manages to get in contact with any of the witnesses or not.

The original story from the Nottingham Post in Sept 1979
(Nottingham Post)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Inside the Goblin Universe: Jon Downes Tonight

A new episode of Inside the Goblin Unvierse, hosted by Ron Murphy Jr. and Colin Schneider is on tonight on Paranormal UK Radio.

"Tonight on Inside the Goblin Universe, Colin and Ron are joined once again by cryptozoologist Jon Downes to discuss all things Fortean and weird. Tune in at"

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Get Well Soon Tom

Thoughts and prayers for Tom Yamarone, Bigfoot researcher and Bigfoot song writer, who suffered a stroke the other day.

Get well Tom!
(Ohio Bigfoot Conference)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Serious Reviews of (Mostly) Not-so-Serious TV Shows

Over on his Crypto-Kid blog, my friend Colin Schneider has a new post up that looks at lots of the cryptid TV shows from 2007 to the present day, including MonsterQuest, Monsters and Mysteries, Mountain Monsters, etc. He gives his thoughts on which shows he thinks are good documentaries and which ones are not so good.

Check it out at this link….

A Couple New Books...

Two new books I've gotten over the past couple of days, from two of my favorite authors - Lyle Blackburn's Beyond Boggy Creek and Nick Redfern's 365 Days of UFOs. Both look great!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pursuing the Unexplained

Didn't see this last month, but apparently Pursuing the Unexplained: Puzzling Mysteries of the Natural World has been published. Written by Ivan T. Sanderson, one of the first people to seriously look into cryptozoology, UFOs, etc.

Looks to me like it may  be a re-published version of his book Investigating the Unexplained: Disquieting Mysteries of the Natural World.

Anyway, the book description on Amazon is:

"Ancient Egyptian depictions if electrical generators and lightbulbs...
"Bird eggs with coins inside...
"Gold models of what appear to be airplanes and bulldozers, sculpted by pre-Columbian Indians...
"Little old ladies who spontaneously burt into flame for no good reason...
"Fish, frogs, ice and metal objects that fall from the sky...
"These are only a few of the recorded phenomena that challenge the basic foundations of conventional zoology, physics, and history.
"In this fascinating survey of unexplained 'things,' renowned Cambridge scientist Ivan T. Sanderson takes an informed look at the problems other experts prefer to ignore.
"This unorthodox yet richly illustrated compilation marshals little-known facts and recent discoveries of modern science in such a way that it will enrage skeptics, shake the complacent, and thoroughly bemuse fans of 'Forteana' and the unknown." 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Killing Bigfoot: "Monkey Business"

The new show Killing Bigfoot is premiering tonight on Destination America. Not really sure what the show will be like, but I won't be surprised if it is something like Mountain Monsters. 

Tonight's premiere episode is called "Monkey Business." I'm thinking that could probably be appropriate for every episode of the show.

"The men of the south search for the creature that's been killing their crops and terrifying the neighbors.
"The GCBRO responds to possible sightings of a dead Bigfoot on the side of a road and terrifying devil-monkeys in the woods. At a Bigfoot gathering controversy erupts over whether to kill a Bigfoot or not. Later at night, a chase through the forest."

I believe the "Bigfoot gathering" is the Honobia Bigfoot Festival. Since "controversy erupts" I'm betting these guys probably ruined the whole thing.

The late night chase sounds just like Mountain Monsters, Alaska Monsters etc. and I bet it will be quite similar to that.

I'm going to watch tonight's episode at 9 o'clock and see what it's like. I'll have thoughts up later.

Sasquatch Stories from North Dakota

Grand Forks Herald is reporting on Bigfoot activity in North Dakota:

"Ellendale, ND -- After mysterious tracks showed up near Ellendale, North Dakota.
"Some thought it was evidence of bigfoot, others dismissed it.
"A letter was sent to the WDAY TV station anonymously, it claims to know exactly where the puzzling tracks came from.
"But, a bigfoot enthusiast says his new chapter in the Ellendale Bigfoot saga doesn't mean it's case closed.
"'Someone saw him, and he left behind a trail and tacks,' said Christopher Bauer, Bigfoot Tracker.
"Hoaxes, monsters and coverups.
"After finding massive sasquatch tracks near Ellendale, tracker Christopher Bauer is certain there's something on the prairie, but an anonymous letter sent to WDAY claims the tracks are man made.
"It reads: 'This is not a hoax, it was supposed to be a prank.'
"The letter details how the writer allegedly went for a booze-fueled stroll on a pair of homemade Sasquatch slippers.
"It refutes Bauer's claims, but he refuses to budge on his stance about the undiscovered ape.
"'This is a real animal,' said Bauer.
"What do other real animals of North Dakota need to survive?
"Large mammal expert Nicole Lee of the Red River Zoo says many have adaptations to help.
"'With the very hot summer and very cold winters they grow thick coats in the winter time,' said Lee.
"'Large, hairy, ugly monster,' said Bauer.
"Hairy, check, but huge mammals in the region like moose need dozens of pounds of food per day.
"'Especially  during the winter months, those food resources are going to be scarce,' said Lee.
"Not exactly a vote of confidence for a giant ape.
"There are some inconsistencies in the letter.
"Bauer says he followed the tracks for miles, much further than the anonymous letter claims the tracks went.
"He believes the letter is a hoax and the tracks couldn't be faked.
"He also claims the marks were made with a four foot stride, nearly double a human step.
"Bauer claims anyone trying to walk in the faux-feet would leave heel marks, which he never found.
"So is bigfoot living in Dickey County?
"We'll let you decide if there's anything skulking around the prairie.
"Bauer tells us he hopes whoever wrote the letter will come forward.
"He also sent me pictures of additional tracks he found in the area, which he says are much smaller, suggesting another bigfoot is walking around."

So are the tracks a hoax? Is the letter saying they're a hoax a hoax? Is Bigfoot currently roaming Dickey County? What do you think?

The only thing I can say is this is a crap news report.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bigfoot, or a Dude? Neither, Actually

Feb 1, 2017

Saw a Cryptomundo post yesterday titled ¨Bigfoot Captured on Camera in Idaho?" It was about a picture James ¨Bobo" Fay posted on his Facebook page yesterday. He said:

¨I promise you this is a legit photo that shows up on therm as a mammal. Taken last week in Idaho.¨


Looks like a guy in a black coat with tan pants on. It´s pretty obvious, too. I´m also curious about the thermal footage it is supposedly on. The photo was taken when there was daylight. Thermals are meant for darkness. And who saw it on thermal and/or photographed it?

Lots of questions came to me when I saw the photo. I´m about 99% sure it isn´t a bigfoot. Why does Bobo think it is?

Update Feb 3

Turns out it wasn't a Sasquatch after all. Bobo posted this on Facebook the next day:

"Sorry about the false alarm. Apparently almost no one saw the 2nd pic from down the road showing it being a moose. I should have been more clear that by legit I meant not photo shopped or an intentional hoax. I never specifically said it was a Squatch, just that it was a 7ft mammal in an undoctored photo. I wanted people to go through and try to figure out what it was. Also to show how easy it is to have an honest misidentification. Also how hard it is to make a definitive analysis of a single photo. I'm getting permission right now to post a couple of real Squatch pics. Sorry for the confusion and disappointment of it not being a Squatch."

Curious to see these real Bigfoot pictures...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Inside the Goblin Universe: Dolores Martell-Concanon and David Weatherly Tonight

Another new episode of Colin Schneider and Ron Murphy's show Inside the Goblin Universe is on tonight at 10-midnight on Paranormal UK Radio. Tonight they will have two guests:

"Join Ron and Colin tonight on Inside the Goblin Universe as they discuss the life of a psychic with Dolores Martell-Concanon in the first half and then talk creatures from the shadows with David Weatherly. This is sure to be a great episode! Listen in at" 

STM Mothman & Chestnut Ridge Kickstarter Begins Tonight

The Kickstarter campaign for The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion of Chestnut Ridge begins tonight at 7 o'clock. STM Facebook page will be having a Facebook Live starting at 6:50 also and going for several hours.

Help fund the next two Small Town Monsters films! Lots of cool stuff can be gotten through the Kickstarter, including a STM shirt, CreatuReplica Mothman, etc, etc.


Kickstarter is live, and right now at 9 p.m. it has already raised $10,529 when the goal was $9,500! Lots of cool rewards too, some of which I will be getting… Campaign is going until Saturday, March 4, so be sure to get on there and donate.

Cool stuff to get...