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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pursuing the Unexplained

Didn't see this last month, but apparently Pursuing the Unexplained: Puzzling Mysteries of the Natural World has been published. Written by Ivan T. Sanderson, one of the first people to seriously look into cryptozoology, UFOs, etc.

Looks to me like it may  be a re-published version of his book Investigating the Unexplained: Disquieting Mysteries of the Natural World.

Anyway, the book description on Amazon is:

"Ancient Egyptian depictions if electrical generators and lightbulbs...
"Bird eggs with coins inside...
"Gold models of what appear to be airplanes and bulldozers, sculpted by pre-Columbian Indians...
"Little old ladies who spontaneously burt into flame for no good reason...
"Fish, frogs, ice and metal objects that fall from the sky...
"These are only a few of the recorded phenomena that challenge the basic foundations of conventional zoology, physics, and history.
"In this fascinating survey of unexplained 'things,' renowned Cambridge scientist Ivan T. Sanderson takes an informed look at the problems other experts prefer to ignore.
"This unorthodox yet richly illustrated compilation marshals little-known facts and recent discoveries of modern science in such a way that it will enrage skeptics, shake the complacent, and thoroughly bemuse fans of 'Forteana' and the unknown." 

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