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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Search for the Sea Serpent - Arrived

A while back I put a post up about a lake monster/sea serpent documentary that used to play on TV and which I haven't seen in years. After that I found Search for the Sea Serpent, a Discovery Channel doc from 1999 that I'm 99% certain is it.

And so, I got this today - an old VHS tape (!) of Search for the Sea Serpent found on eBay. I'll watch it later this week and put a review up!

From the back:

"Prepare to be surprised on a venture to Norway in search of legendary sea serpents. For two hundred and fifty years residents living around the small Seljord Lake in Norway have reported sightings of a strange serpent-like creature. Explore the hidden depths of the lake with a group of investigators on a mission to find out what really lives in the waters below."

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