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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finding Bigfoot: "Bigfoot BBQ" & "Brews, Brats and Bigfoots"

A new Finding Bigfoot is on tonight at 8 p.m., followed by another new episode at 9.

The first episode is "Bigfoot BBQ:"

"Who can resist the smell of meats on an open flame? The gang is hoping to entice any nearby Bigfoots with a cookout after receiving tips from a local expert about some secret squatchy hotspots."

Followed by "Brews, Brats and Bigfoots:"

"The team travels to Wisconsin for the first time on the heels of recent Bigfoot activity, enlisting help from locals to investigate reports. They take the final night investigation to new heights as they are stalked by bigfoots in the dark."

Stalked by a bigfoot? I doubt it, unless they meet up with the AIMS team!

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