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Buckeye Beasts - Paperback Coming Soon

The paperback version of Buckeye Beasts: Historical Accounts of "Gorillas,"  "Wild Men," and Other Hairy Monsters in Ohio should be available on within the next 3-5 days…. I will update things when its available.

UPDATE: It is now available here.

The Kindle version of the book is already available!

Spread the word… if you like it, be sure to leave a review...

The Year’s First Loch Ness Sighting

What appears to be the first Loch Ness Monster sighting of the year has been reported - and the witnesses supposedly saw a family of Nessies.

The UK Mirrorreports:

The Loch Ness Monster has reportedly been seen - with her "family" in tow. Tourist Dakota Frandsen was on holiday from Idaho when he reported seeing a large dark shape - with the skin o f a "hippopotamus" - about 40 feet in length, moving about in the water close to the Urquhart Castle jetty. The castle is a favorite sighting spot of Nessie. "Interestingly there were a number of shapes seen in the water so it may be Nessie and her family," said Gary Campbell, Keeper of the Official Register of Sightings at Loch Ness. "The main shape seemed to purposely avoid the boat traffic in the area but Dakota also reported that as a black speedboat came by it seemed to attract the central shape's attention which lead it to briefly surface. "The 'skin' of the object was grey in color, …

Cryptid Culture #8

The March issue of Cryptid Culture Magazine (#8) is now available! I have an article in this issue on the plausibility of sightings of living pterosaurs.

Other authors featured in this issue include Chad Lewis, Robert Robinson, Colin Schneider, Andy McGrath, Dave Gibson, and more… as well as lots of cool artwork, as always.

You can get it here.

Buckeye Beasts Kindle Available Now

My new book Buckeye Beasts: Historical Accounts of "Gorillas," "Wild Men," and Other Hairy Monsters in Ohiois now available on Kindle on The paperback should be available within a day or two.

The book examines reports of wild men and other things of that nature in Ohio from the mid-1800s through the 1940s.

Below is the book description:

Throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries, encounters with "wild men" were commonly reported in newspapers around Ohio. Many cryptozoology researchers think these reports of wild men, "gorillas," "hairy men," and "anthropoids" could be historical accounts of Bigfoot-like creatures. In this book, author Tyler Houck examines these reports spanning from 1869 to the 1940s. Many are presented here as they originally appeared and are then compared to modern Bigfoot reports and other historical and contemporary reports of strange, man-like cryptids from around the world. Is this all s…

Buckeye Beasts - My New Book

All the stuff is done for publishing Buckeye Beasts… it should be available on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle book very soon!

Below is the book description:

Throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries, encounters with "wild men" were commonly reported in newspapers around Ohio. Many cryptozoology researchers think these reports of wild men, "gorillas," "hairy men," and "anthropoids" could be historical accounts of Bigfoot-like creatures. In this book, author Tyler Houck examines these reports spanning from 1869 to the 1940s. Many are presented here as they originally appeared and are then compared to modern Bigfoot reports and other historical and contemporary reports of strange, man-like cryptids from around the world. Is this all something to do with mythology and folklore, hoaxes on slow news days or misidentifications, or is there something else behind the stories?

I will update things when the book is available on Amazon….

The Norwalk Ape

I am almost finished up proofing my book Buckeye Beasts, and it should hopefully be out very soon.

Until then, here is a story from the book on an "ape" seen near Norwalk, Ohio in 1930 from the Coshocton Tribune:

FREMONT, June 12. - Interest in the "ape mystery," which has gripped this county for the past week, was heightened today when Frank Binder, of Rice tp., near here, reported that he saw the prowling anthropoid. Posses of farmers and deputies from the county sheriff's office organized immediately and started and intensive search in the district. It was believed the animal is in thickets several miles north of this city. Binder described the beast as a large gray animal. He declared that he chased it for some distance thru a corn field but finally lost trace of it. The animal had a "peculiar style of running," Binder said. The strange animal was first reported seen on the western outskirts of Norwalk. A group of tourists from Detroit told city …

Mountain Monsters - Coming Back in 2018?

Destination America's Mountain Monsters was a huge hit when it premiered in 2013. It's had five seasons through last year.

Season 3 started a "Bigfoot Edition" and season 4 introduced a "rogue team." Last season focused entirely on this "rogue team" and ended with really no conclusion.

Over the past 2 Saturdays, some old season 2 episodes of Mountain Monsters have been playing in the evenings. Could this be a sign that the show might be back for another season this year, or does it have no meaning at all?

If the show does come back, where can they go? Last season made absolutely no sense at all and the whole thing was pretty stupid. If it does come back, I think they should go back to just monster hunting like they did in the first two seasons. Once they went to just "Bigfoot Edition" things went downhill quick.

That Georgia "Sea Monster"

Making the rounds on all the news sites on the Internet as a "Loch Ness Monster" is this carcass of something that was recently found on a beach in Georgia, USA.

Fox News reports:

Shocking pictures of a Loch Ness Monster-type beast found on a U.S. beach have sparked talk Nessie could have moved stateside. The mystery creature was reportedly found on Wolf Island, Georgia, by a father and son who were out on a boat trip, The Sun reported.  Father Jeff Warren spotted what he said he thought was a dead seal lying in the surf, according to First Coast News. But upon closer inspection, Warren said it became clear he had no idea what the animal was. Images show the supposed carcass, which Warren said was being eaten by birds when he arrived, lying in the sand. It appears to have a long tail and two fins, as well as a long neck and a tiny head - features usually associated with Nessie in popular culture. The creature was reportedly about 1 or 2 meters in length. Experts have so far b…

Book Review: Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men by Timothy Renner

In January of this year, Tim Renner published his book Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men. The book is a collection of old newspaper accounts from California, Oregon, and Washington from the 1800s to early 1900s. It is a somewhat follow-up to his 2017 book Bigfoot in Pennsylvania.

The majority of the book is taken up by the old newspaper accounts themselves. The author focuses on one state at a time, and each state is split up into several chapters, each focusing on a certain time period (ex., Washington 1900-1920). At the end of each chapter, Renner gives a list of the articles and papers they originally appeared in and comments on some of them, either to compare them to modern bigfoot accounts, rule them out as hoaxes or humans, or examine them in some other way.

If you are someone interested in historical accounts of wild men or Bigfoot, definitely check out Tim's book. It's not that long of a read but the stories are interesting and some of them are very entertaining!

Mountain Monsters Tonight

Some old episodes of Mountain Monsters are airing on Destination America tonight...

Mountain Monsters: "Shadow Creature of Braxton County" is on at 7 pm.

"Hogzilla of Hocking Hills" is on at 8 pm.

"Death Cat of Cherokee County" is on at 9 pm.

"Wild Bill's Bear Beast" is on at 10 pm.

Afterwards they repeat.

Coming Soon - 2 New Books from Me

I have two new books coming out sometime in the near future, both focusing on some of Ohio's cryptid creatures.

First, Buckeye Beasts: Historical Accounts of "Wild Men," "Gorillas," and Other Hairy Monsters in Ohio. The book is an examination of old "wild man" accounts from the 18- and early 1900s in the state. I cover sightings from the "first" report in 1896 up to 1950, since the '50s were the decade when "Bigfoot" was born. After looking at all the newspaper reports, I compare them to other stories of "wild men" from throughout the world (Australia and England for example) and also to modern Bigfoot reports. The book should be available on Amazon before long and I will update things when it is!

The other is The Ohio Monster Guidebook: A Look at the Buckeye State's Most Mysterious Creatures. This one is being published by CFZ Press and things are currently underway. In this book, I cover many Ohio cryptids, and …

Someone Won £1,500 for 2017's "Best Loch Ness Monster Sighting"

The UK Mirror has a new article up on a woman who won £1,500 for having the "best Loch Ness Monster sighting" of 2017.

The article reads:

A woman who had a monster surprise on her honeymoon in the Highlands has won £1,500 for the experience. The annual Best Nessie Sighting of the year has been won by Rebecca Stewart of Lancashire with a picture she took on her honeymoon last October. Mrs Stewart from Chadderton, Oldham, photographed and saw the large fin shape for five minutes - although it is admittedly somewhat hard to make out on the photograph. Her husband Paul also claims to have seen the Loch Ness Monster as the picture was snapped while they were with their two-year-old son Thomas and the family dog. Mrs Stewart's sighting was accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register and then entered into the competition which has a prize of £1,500 given by bookmakers William Hill.  Mrs Stewart, who has recently been made redundant from her job as a social hou…

The Sandusky "Monkey"

The Sandusky (Ohio) Star-Journal ran a story on September 28, 1916, on a weird animal seen in the area:

Frank Johnson, a farmer, residing north of Fremont, reports that a strange monkey is running at large in the neighborhood where he lives. It is thought that the monk escaped from one of the shows at the Sandusky-co fair last week, says a Fremont paper.
Was there an escaped monkey at Fremont, or was it something more mysterious?

This and other old accounts of "gorillas," "wild men," and "anthropoids" are examined in a new book by me…. more on that soon!

Mountain Monsters Tonight

Some old reruns of Mountain Monsters (before they got to "Bigfoot Edition and that other crap)are on tonight on Destination America.

"Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County" is on at 7 o'clock.

"Werewolf of Webster County" is on at 8 o'clock.

"Fire Dragon of Pocahontas County" is on at 9 o'clock.

"Sheepsquatch of Boone County" is on at 10 o'clock.

Afterwards they repeat...

The Secret History of the Jersey Devil - A New Book

Following my last post on the Jersey Devil, just by coincidence, I saw something on this new book on the subject!

The Secret History of the Jersey Devil: How Quakers, Hucksters, and Benjamin Franklin Created a Monster is a brand-new book by Brian Regal and Frank J. Esposito. Below is the book description:

Legend has it that in 1735, a witch named Mother Leeds gave birth to a horrifying monster - a deformed flying horse with glowing red eyes - that flew up the chimney of her New Jersey home and disappeared into the Pine Barrens. Ever since, this nightmarish beast has haunted these woods, presaging catastrophe and frightening innocent passersby - or so the story goes. In The Secret History of the Jersey Devil, Brian Regal and Frank J. Esposito examine the genesis of this popular myth, which is also one of the oldest monster legends in the United States. According to Regal and Esposito, everything you think you know about the Jersey Devil is wrong. The real story of the Jersey Devil's…

Jersey Devil Explained… by Bigfoot?

Trying to explain an unknown with another unknown is never good…

From the Bucks County Courier Times:

That time you and your friends saw the Jersey Devil in the Pinelands? It was probably Bigfoot.  The theme for the annual Lines on the Pines festival was the Jersey Devil, so it was a surprise to see Mike Familant's Bigfoot booth. "I think a lot of Jersey Devil sightings are really Bigfoot," he said. Say again? "I'm serious. There are tons of Bigfoot sightings in New Jersey," Familant said, standing at a table with a selection of plaster Bigfoot feet and video from "In the Shadow of the Big Red Eye," which is his YouTube show documenting his hunts for the woodlands-dwelling creature. All around him at  the Stockton University Campus Center, where Lines was held Sunday, was a celebration of "JD," as some locals call South Jersey's best-known cryptid. There were pictures, books and even a flower arrangement depicting the Jersey Devil i…

Mysterious 'Monster Fish' Washes up in Queensland

A "sea monster" fish was recently found on a beach in Queensland, Australia, and has people baffled as to what species it is.

The UK Express reports:

A MYSTERIOUS 'monster fish' has left experts dumbfounded over its identity - with some online theorists speculating that the sea creature could be an ancient species that had previously been declared extinct.  The huge unidentified creature has prompted an international quest over what the creature could be - with several experts saying they have "never seen anything like it." John and Riley Lindholm came across the creature on a beach at Bundaberg in southern Queensland this week. The couple took several pictures of the sea beast, which they posted on social media, requesting help in identification. However, adding to the online theories, the fish had "vanished" when the couple returned to the spot the next day. The deceased creature was nearly two metres long and weighed 330-pounds, Mr Lindholm, w…

The Story Behind the Lake Worth Monster

WFAA 8, out of Tarrant County, Texas, has a new article up called "Tracking Goatman: The story behind the Lake Worth Monster."

It reads:

It was July 1969, and a crowd people at Lake Worth witnessed something they had never seen before: A seven-foot creature on top of a cliff. Then, a few months later, there was the photo. Rob Denkhaus pointed to a patch of brush on the north side of Lake Worth, across from Greer Island, and help up the grainy black-and-white photo. Denkhaus, the manager of the Fort Worth Nature Center for the last two years and an employee there for the last 20,  was about to shed light on a legend. "I think it was probably in this area," he said. "Because it had the brush, and the was this vegetation is, it's not going to change much over time... You gotta have some open ground. You gotta have some short vegetation in front." This spot, Denkhaus explained, was probably where Lake Worth's most infamous photo - of a furry, white so…

Yowie Photographed?

Has a Yowie been spotted and photographed in Australia?

The Daily Mail reports:

A hiker has taken a suspicious photo at an ancient massacre site, with some swearing he's captured an image of the elusive yowie. Kingaroy photographer Christian Anderson captured the photo at Maidenwell's Coomba Falls, about w200km northwest of Brisbane this week. Mr Anderson said he showed the image to Maidenwell locals who believed he netted an image of the age-old folklore creature. 'Tell me what this is?! I'm curious,' he said.  Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday, Mr Anderson said he always got a 'spooky' feeling when he visited Coomba Falls. 'This place is a spiritual place and whenever I take a photo there I always capture something,' he said. Coomba Falls was home to a massacre of 300 Aboriginal people in the 19th century. European settlers reportedly killed hundreds of Indigenous people, including women and children. Some reports say the bodies of those …

"Beast of Walney" or Feral Cat?

A big cat has been reported from Walney Island, England.

The Mailreports:

"SPECULATION about a 'black panther' spotted on Walney has been refuted by nature reserve staff who insist the animal is just a 'fat and fluffy feral cat'. "A couple visiting South Walney Nature Reserve were left in  shock after spotting what they believe was a big wild cat near to the coastline. "Retired couple Lesley Stenhouse and her partner Gary Sweetman were on a five-day break in South Cumbria last month when they decided to take a trip to the Walney beauty spot. "As Mr Sweetman, from Coventry, recalled, as the couple wandering through the dunes they came across something that shocked them both. "'We were walking down the path not far from the lighthouse by one of the hides,' the 60-year-old said. "'Lesley said, 'what's that down there' and we saw a fairly big black thing slinking along. It went up the brow of a small sand dune, it turne…

"Whatchamacallit Hunt on in Southern Part of Ohio"

An interesting article from the Mansfield News-Journal (Ohio) of January 2, 1936, headlined "Whatchamacallit Hunt on in Southern Part of Ohio - Strange Tracks, Hog Clawed to Death Evidence of Lion, Puma or 'What You Will' at Large, Claim:"

"CINCINNATI -- (U.P.) -- Capt. Charles (Bring-'em-Back-Dead) Coddington of the Hamilton county patrol, six deputies, special deputies and an army of volunteers, set out today to hunt the Whatchamacallit. "It may be a lion, a puma or a bobcat, depending on who saw it and how frightened he was. "Capt. Coddington is convinced that it is something, all right, because, as he sagely points out, a hog does not commit suicide. The hog, belonging to Dr. Henry Miller, was clawed to death and partly eaten last night.  "Further evidence that the strange beast exists outside of wild imaginations are the facts that something bigger than a dog sprang on the back of William Holtke, chief of the Anderson and Columbia townsh…

Crypto-Kid: Tim Renner Tonight

Tonight at 8, Colin Schneider has Tim Renner as a guest on his Crypto-Kid show. They will be talking about Renner's new book Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men.

Listen live on WCJV Radio.

A New Project

I've started work on a new project, one that I hope will not take too long to complete.

More later…

When Monsters Come Ashore

Roland Watson, who runs the Loch Ness Monster blog, has a new book out on a specific aspect of the mystery - the land sightings of Nessie.

The book is called When Monsters Come Ashore: Stories of the Loch Ness Monster on Land. As far as I know, this is the first book to focus fully on the land sightings of the LNM.

Below is the book description:

"For centuries, people have claimed to have seen a strange creature swimming in the murky waters of Britain's biggest body of water - Loch Ness. However, a small but sensational number of these witnesses have claimed to have seen the same creature lurking on the beaches, lying on the fields and crossing the roads surrounding the loch. What are we to make of these extraordinary accounts of a normally aquatic beast? Hoax, misidentification or the real deal? What do they tell us about the nature and habits of this most mysterious of animals? In this first work dedicated to this aspect of the Loch Ness story, Roland Watson takes a fresh l…