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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I May Have Found Evidence of a Bigfoot at the 2014 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference was last month, on April 26. On the 27th(sunday) I walked on one of the trails at Salt Fork State Park by Hosaks Cave and found something I thought was odd. We had walked back on the trail a bit and were on a ledge when I found a tree that was upside down. This is the picture I took on my iPod.

This tree was upside down and right by the ledge and I don't think it could have just fallen like that. I had also read in Doug Waller's book Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio about pictures in another book called Raincoast Sasquatch of trees that were upside down and had the tops showed into the area where the roots were. Those tees were somewhere in remote Alaska(or somewhere around there) and it would have taken lots of heavy machinery if people wold have done that. I didn't see if this tree was lodged in the ground, but I did find it in an area where there have been a lot of Bigfoot sightings(I'm not saying it was a Bigfoot that did it, though.)

                                             This is Hosaks Cave at Salt Fork State Park.
                       There have been many Bigfoot sightings in this area, and it was close to here where I found the tree

I sent Doug Waller, the founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations(SOSBI), the picture of the tree to see what he thought. He goes to Salt Fork a lot to the SOSBI campouts, so he might be able to see the tree if it is still there. I am going to try to go to some of the SOSBI campouts this summer, and I am going to look at the tree again if it isn't gone.

                                                           SOSBI Logo

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding Bigfoot meets Call of the Wildman

Two of Animal Planet's most Popular shows, Finding Bigfoot and Call of the Wildman, are coming back June 8th. The new Finding Bigfoot is at 9, and they head to Kentucky to interview a special witness, Ernie Brown Jr, aka the Turtleman, who is the star of Call of the Wildman.  There is a new Call of the Wildman on after that.

Squirrel from Call of the WIldman, who has also seen what he thinks was a Bigfoot

Its about time to go squatchin, y'all

Lake Monster Sightings Graph

This is a graphI made for Computer Science class. We could use any information we wanted, so I chose to compare sightings of Champ and Nessie from different years. The years I chose were 1977, 2000, 2013, and 2014. This is the info:

1977: Nessie-1     Champ- 6
2000: Nessie-12   Champ-16
2013: Nessie-0     Champ-1
2014: Nessie-1     Champ-0

The 2014 sightings are as of right now, May 22, 2014.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Watch Out, Here Comes Godzilla!

The new Godzilla movie came out Friday, so now a bunch of movie channels are playing a lot of the old ones. There was a bunch of  'em on this weekend, and I didn't really have anything to do but watch movies, so I watched a few. They were terrible, and everything looked SUPER fake, but I watched them anyway, probably because I've wanted to see them for a long time, since 3rd grade, but none of them are really on TV except for the crappy American one from 1998. That one was awful too, and the CGI in it was terrible, because that's all they used to make the monsters, and it looked like a cheap ripoff of Jurassic Park. This is basically how it goes: "Godzilla" attacks a city, and the government and whoever plays the main character try to stop him. I don't know who the main character was, but I COULD NOT STAND HIM! He really had no emotions and just stars into space the whole time. After awhile, he finds out that Godzila laid a bunch of eyes, and then there are a bunch of babies. The military blows up the place the babies were in(they did more damage to the city in the movie than Godzilla did), and Godzilla, who they thought they killed earlier, come back. He. Chases they people around the city for awhile and is killed. The CGI was horrible, and the movie was basically a terrible ripoff of Jurassic Park- Godzilla was the "T-Rex" of the movie and the babies would be he Velociraptors. If you ever see Godzilla from 1998 on the TV guide, don't bother clicking on it.
The other, "real" Godzilla movies that were on were bad, too, but it was really just the quality of them. Some of the ones I saw were Godzilla vs. Mothra, Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, Godzilla 2000, and a few others. They all pretty much went like this:
Someone- "oh no, it's Godzilla!!"
Japanese government: "Godzilla is heading toward Tokyo, please evacuate the city in a calm and orderly fashion."
*everyone starts running around Tokyo like idiots*
*Godzilla arrives in tokyo*
Godzilla- "rar!"
*some other monster comes*
*Godzilla and he monster fight in an epic battle, wih lots of explosions with flashing lights that have probably given someone a seizure before*
Godzilla kills the monster.
Some main character- " Godzilla just killed the monster"
Some other main character- "Oh no! He's destroying Tokyo! What do we do?!"
Some third character-"Lets kill him!"
Everybody else- "good idea!"
* they somehow kill Godzilla*
Someone- "yeah! Godzilla is dead!"
*a year later, Toho releases another Godzilla movie*
Someone- "oh no, it's Godzilla! He's back!"
*the process repeats itself*

So, there's my honest review of the Godzila movies. Nice job Toho! .(ha ha)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Big Grey Man: A Brittish Bigfoot

Karl Shuker has a new post on his ShukerNature blog about the Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui, a Bigfoot-like creature seen(but more commonly heard), in Britain. More info on the BGM can be found here on ShukerNature.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Check it Out, I got on Bigfoot Evidence

Yesterday, I wrote a post on here about a book I'm currently working on called Cryptid U.S., and that news apparently made its way to Bigfoot Evidence.  Thanks for posting about it on there guys.

A Little Preview of Mothman

This is a little preview of what I've got done in the Mothman section of Cryptid U.S.. 


The Mothman is probably the best known flying monster in the United States. It would be put in the ranks of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Sea Serpents, and the Yeti. Many people probably know about Mothman just because they have heard of it, but others know of it because of the 2002 movie The Mothman Prophecies. Just like The Legend of Boggy Creek (see The Monster in Fouke, p. 11), The Mothman Prophecies was based on true events.

The Mothman was first spotted in 1961 when a resident of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, saw a gray, winged figure on the road. The being may have been startled by the car lights, because it opened up its wings and flew away. But, it never flapped its wings; it just went straight up.

Mothman as seen by the woman and her father
in 1961
Mothman sightings really took off in November, 1966. They lasted about a year, until the Silver Bridge collapse on December 15. 1967. The first 1966 sightings occurred on November 15, exactly 1 year and 1 month before the Silver Bridge collapse. Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette were joyriding through the TNT area. Explosives had been manufactured there during WWII. The two couples were driving down the mazes of dirt roads when the spotted a strange figure. They all said it had blood-red, glowing eyes; that's what got their attention in the first place.

The thing didn't seem to notice the four people, and just walked off towards the generator plant. They didn't care where it was headed; Roger turned around and sped out of there. But their encounter wasn't over yet.

As they were leaving, they saw the thing standing on a hill by the road. They said it was 6 feet tall and had wings "like an angel." "It was about six and a half to seven feet tall, and its wings were folded against its back."

The creature's torso looked like a human's, but it had no arms and its face was hard to distinguish; it may have been headless. It walked around clumsily, like a penguin, and had a ten foot wingspan. The creature took off and followed the car. "We were driving 100 miles per hour," Roger said. "And that bird kept up with us, without flapping its wings." The witnesses said it did make a noise, and it sounded like a "squeak" of a huge mouse.

Both of the women in the car were now crying, and the monster followed the four people all the way into Point Pleasant, still "squeaking." At the town limits, the Mothman turned around and they did not see it again.

The couples stopped at a drive in and called the police. Officers came and they told them their story. The officers went to the TNT area, but did not find anything unusual. They did have some scary experiences, though. The couples were there when an officer said he saw shadows circling the old power plant. Deputy Sheriff Mallard Halstead saw a cloud of dust kick up from a coal yard not far away, and he thought the Mothman may have caused it. Steve Mallette, Roger Scarberry, and the deputies returned the Wednesday during the daylight hours and saw something fly up into a boiler when they kicked a door open. No one saw it long enough to determine what it was.

Linda Scarberry was so shaken by the encounter that she had to be taken to the hospital. After that, she and Roger moved back in with her parents.

Hundreds of people flocked to the TNT area after the Scarberry/Mallette sighting, hoping to get a glimpse of Mothman. Marcella Bennett, her daughter Tina, and her brother, Raymond Wamsley, and his wife saw the Mothman. They saw lights in the sky at first, but they dismissed them off as a plane.

They approached the Thomas residence in the area to see Ralph Thomas, only to realize he was not home. Marcella decided to get back in the car and wait until Raymond left, and saw something strange when she reached for the door handle.
She described it as gray, 6 feet tall, and it had feathers. She said it looked like a man, but had wings. It had a bird's head and just stood there. "It looked like he was relaxing," she said. "To me it didn't look like it was of this world."


Friday, May 9, 2014

Cryptid U.S.

I'm currently working on a book on my google drive called Cryptid U.S.. Its about strange creatures seen in the United States, things like Bigfoot, Mothman, Champ in Lake Champlain, Werewolves(yes, werewolves), frog men, lizard men, the Jersey Devil, Black Panthers, and many other things. I'm about 60 pages in right now, on chapter 3, which is about flying monsters. I'm going to give some previews from some sections in the book, starting with good 'ol Bigfoot:

The giant, hairy, ape-like creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch have been seen all over the U.S. since the first people came to America. There seems to be several types(if not separate species) of these creatures across the country. For example, Bigfoots seen in the Eastern part of the country and in the south seem to be a bit smaller and more aggressive than those in the pacific northwest. The Fouke Monster, seen near Fouke, Arkansas, has been known to attack humans. Bigfoot on the western side of the country tend to be tall and shy. They try to hide as soon as they see they have been spotted.
The top state for sightings of Bigfoot or Bigfoot-like creatures is California. The famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film was shot in this state. Number two on the list for the most sightings in Washington and number three is Oregon. The other two states on the top five list are states people don’t often associate with Bigfoot. Number 4 is Ohio(where I live). The Ohio Bigfoot even has it’s own nickname, the Grassman. Florida, in the number five spot, also has it’s own Bigfoot called the Skunk Ape.
Those are the five best places to see Bigfoot, but there are some states where there have been very few sightings. Don’t even bother trying to find evidence of a Bigfoot in Hawaii. They just aren’t there. Delaware also has few sightings, along with Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nebraska, Kansas, and the Dakotas. But, always remember, just because there aren’t many Bigfoot sightings in these states doesn’t mean the creatures are not there(except for Hawaii).
The Pacific Northwest has more Bigfoot sightings than anywhere else, and that is where we will start our journey into the Cryptid U.S.

The Legend of the Ohio Grassman

Ohio is in the number four spot for most Bigfoot sightings. The only states ahead of it are California, Oregon, and Washington. The Ohio Bigfoot even has it’s own nickname, the Grassman. The hotspot for Grassman sightings is Salt Fork State Park, home of the annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

The Ohio Grassman on MonsterQuest(

The first account of a Grassman sighting appeared in a newspaper on January 23, 1869. The headline was titled “A Gorilla in Ohio.” It told of a hairy creature that had attacked a man walking with his daughter. The man’s daughter threw a stone at the creature as it wrestled with her father, and it ran away after the stone hit it’s ear.
Another, more recent sighting occurred in 1978. Evelyn and Howe Cayton said their grandchildren and some friends came into the house crying, saying they had seen a monster in a nearby gravel pit. Vicket Keck and the Caytons went outside to see what had scared the kids. They saw a creature covered in dark, matted hair. They estimated its weight at about 300 pounds and said it was 7 feet tall. In Evelyn Cayton’s words:

“It just stood there. It never moved, but I almost broke my neck running back down the hill.”

The rest of the Minerva sightings started on August 21, 1978. Ron Schaffner, a Bigfoot researcher, chronicled the sightings. This is how it happened.
On August 21, at about 10:30 p.m., Evelyn Cayton’s family and friends heard noises in the direction of an old chicken coop while sitting on the porch. They saw two pairs of yellow eyes reflecting in the porch light. Scott Patterson got up and turned on his car’s headlights. There were two “cougar-like” felines standing by the chicken coop. Then, a large, bipedal creature stepped out in front of them, as if to protect them.  The creature then lurched towards Patterson’s car. Everyone ran into the house and someone called the Stark County Sheriff’s Department. While they were waiting for the police to arrive, they saw the creature looking in the window. It stayed there for 10 minutes. Patterson and Evelyn Cayton loaded guns, but did not shoot at the creature because it did not try to attack them. After a while, it suddenly left. Mary Ackerman said “It doesn’t seem to want to bother anyone. It was just curious. We felt like it wanted to be friends.”
About 5 minutes after the creature had left, the police arrived. A strong stench was still lingering in the area. They also discovered some unclear footprints. The creature was seen several time over the next couple of days.

A picture of a running Bigfoot from Ohio (

One of the prominent Bigfoot researchers in Ohio is Joedy Cook. He has been studying Bigfoot since 1991 and has written  books on the subject that include Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio, Beginner’s Guide to Bigfoot Research, and Legend of the Grassman. He has found several Grassman “nests.” He helped out the MonsterQuest team when they filmed an episode in Ohio. He sent in a baboon skull he had found(MonsterQuest said no one knew what the skull was from because, you know, TV has to be interesting), and a possible Grassman  handprint. Forensic Examiner Jimmy Chilcott examined the print and said it was either from a gorilla or a Bigfoot.

The handprint Joedy Cook found(

2005 was a good year for grassman sightings. Joedy Cook lists 8 reports from that year in his book Legend of the Grassman: The Bigfoot of Salt Fork State Park.
One of the other well known Grassman encounters occurred on July 2, 1984, when Lorena Cunningham saw a female Sasquatch watching her kids while they were playing on the playground. She said it was 7 ½ feet tall and she saw several expressions on it’s face. It never looked like it was angry, it seemed to like to watch the kids playing. “it was almost smiling.” Lorena said. The hair covering the creature was dark with red tips. Lorena called her kids over after a minute and they left.
Lorena didn’t know this, but that was only her first of three encounters with Bigfoot creatures. In 2004, she was at her father’s house and went out to shut the gate one cold winter night after her daughter and her fiance left. When she went out, she saw a tall, grey haired bigfoot walking along the fence line. She thought it might have been going to a barn on the property to get out of the cold. She said it was about 7 or 7 ½ feet tall like the other one she had seen 20 years earlier. When she yelled “Hey!”, the Bigfoot turned, looked at her, and walked back across the field and went into the woods.
Her third encounter occurred in a barn. Lorena went into the barn to feed the horses. Usually when she walked into the barn, about 30 cats came running for food. That day, no cats came. The horses would not come inside. She heard the boards of the hay loft above herr creaking, and saw bits of straw falling through the cracks. She grabbed two pitchforks, because she knew it was a Bigfoot up there, even though she couldn’t see it. If it came down and attacked, she wasn’t going down without a fight, but, that didn’t happen. She walked out of the barn unharmed.
Lorena’s stories have been investigated by Doug Waller, founder of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations, or SOSBI for short, and author of Standing in the Shadows: Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio. He even helped the cast of Finding Bigfoot when they were filming the Ohio episode. Doug is going to start working on a second book sometime soon.

SOSBI’s Logo

I've also got the chapter about Lake Monsters done:


By far, the most famous American lake monster is “Champ” of Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain is located between New York and Vermont and extends a little up into Canada. The lake is 109 miles long and it’s maximum depth is 400 feet- thats plenty of room for a monster to hide. Lake Champlain is the largest oligotrophic lake in the U.S. with the exception of the great lakes. A couple thousand years ago, the lake was part of a larger body of water called the Champlain Sea, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. Eventually the lake was cut off from the rest of the sea and became freshwater.
The first sighting of Champ occurred in 1609, when Samuel de Champlain was on the lake. According to historians, Champlain saw “a serpent-like creature, about 20 feet long, as thick as a barrel, and with a head like a horse.” Many consider this the first Champ sighting.

Smual de Champlain(

Champ has been seen many, many times since then. I went to Lake Champlain in the summer of 2013 and met a woman named Molly who had seen Champ. She said she had seen it in 1982, when it rose out of the water, swam a little ways, and then disappeared under the surface. She said it had a large hump and a long neck.

Many people think Champ and other LAke Monsters could be Plesiosaurs, ancient marine reptiles that lived during the age of the dinosaurs (

I also met Lorraine Franklin, owner of Champ’s Trading Post. She told me of a sighting where a man saw a huge creature swimming alongside his boat.
The most famous Champ sighting occurred on July 5, 1977, when Sandra Mansi saw Champ rise from the lake and took a picture of it. That picture is one of the best photos of any lake monster. Sandra’s children were playing in the lake when she saw the monster. Her husband Anthony went to the car and grabbed the camera. He handed it to Sandra and went to get the kids out of the water. Sandra said that the whole sighting lasted about 5 minutes.

Sandra Mansi’s Photograph(

Scientists have looked at the Mansi photo, and it has never been proven to be fake. Sandra still sticks to her story to this day.
Joseph Zarzynski lists over 200 Champ sightings in his book Champ: Beyond the Legend. But, there have been many more sightings since the publication of his book in 1984. His book is my personal favorite on the subject of Champ.

Here's a little preview of what I've got done in chapter 3:

Many mysterious beasties are also seen in North American skies. Many strange creatures have been seen in various states, some of the most famous beings include the Mothman seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and Thunder birds, which are seen all over the U.S.. Those two creatures are included in this chapter, along with the Van Meter Visitor and Living Pterosaurs.

Native Americans told stories of giant flying monsters they called Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds were said to be big enough to pick up a deer, or even a man! They brought storms with them wherever they went(it is said that a Thunderbird made the sounds of thunder when it flapped its wings and could shoot lightning from its mouth and eyes.)
There are many Native American stories of thunderbirds. Cryptozoologist Mark A. Hall recounts many of them in his book Thunderbirds: America’s Living Legends of Giant Birds(New York, Cosimo Classics, 2004.)

Mountain Monsters: "Sheepsquatch of Boone County"

Mountain Monsters: "Sheepsquatch of Boone County" airs tonight at 10. Trapper and the AIMs team investigate the Sheepsquatch, a half-man half-sheep creature.

The Sheepsquatch has also been featured on another Destination SHow, Monsters and Mysteries in America, on the Appalacia episode.