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Monday, August 1, 2016

Wessie Update 2: Experts, Beer, T-Shirts, and a Search for the Snake

Towards the end June, the giant cryptid snake nicknamed "Wessie" made the news. The hype about the snake has died down a bit, but that's not the end of the story.
Sightings of a giant snake occurred in Westbrook, Maine
in late June

The last reported sighting was when two Westbrook, Maine police officers reported seeing the snake, which is said to be about ten feet long, eating a beaver.

It was reported on July 7 that the Westbrook mayor and police officers agreed to bring in an "expert" to look into the snake sightings, but they did not say who the "expert" was, because they wanted to "keep the specialist's tactics under wraps, hopefully eliminating potential interference from the public." Mayor Colleen Hilton said she was hoping they could at least get a photo of Wessie and identify him/her.

Someone in Westbrook also started selling T-shirts that say "Where's Wessie?"

And that's not all. The Mast Landing Brewing Company in Westbrook released a new beer called (can you guess?) "Wessie."

The big snake sure is a good moneymaker, but is it really there?

Rob Mitchell led "an impromptu search" for the snake, which focused on "the winding riverbanks and downed tree limbs and branches exposed to warm sunlight" along the Presumpscot River towards the middle of July. They did not find anything, though a woman and her daughter claimed they saw the snake before the first reported sighting.

Some said they thought the whole thing was a hoax. Others believe there really is something out there. And, one man said he thinks Wessie is a big eel.

A 3-foot python was found in a vacant house in Biddeford, Maine, but its size does not compare to the 10-foot Wessie of Westbrook.

The last reported sighting of Wessie was on June 29. Now, the question is - is the snake still in Westbrook? If so, where is it? Or, is the whole thing a hoax to begin with?
Where's Wessie?

If there's any more on the snake sightings in the future, I'll update things.


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