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Monday, July 11, 2016

"Wessie" Update - Westbrook's Giant Snake Goes Into Hiding

Earlier this month I posted a piece on the sightings of a giant snake, dubbed "Wessie" or the "Presumpscot Python,' which has supposedly been seen around Westbrook, Maine.

Apparently Wessie has gone into hiding after the first few sightings, when a woman said she saw a snake "as big as a truck," a second witness said he saw a snake "as long as a bench," and two police officers saw it eating a beaver. The police thought that the snake might go into hiding after eating its big meal. It apparently did just that.

The latest news articles I can find on the sightings say that Wessie has not been seen for about a week. Police, their animal control officer, and the Maine Warden Service have all been watching for the snake.

Police Captain Steven Goldberg said:

"I never thought we'd be all over the nation for this, but it's certainly happened. We're aware of it. We're trying our best to locate it, while at the same time, we're dealing with a lot of other things that are going on, too, so we're trying to balance both things at the same time."

Police have warned people to be aware of their surroundings.

Wessie hasn't stopped people from going to concerts in the area where he/she was seen, though. (If I lived in the area the snake sightings would probably be the reason I would want to go!)

If there is any more about Wessie the snake in the future, I'll update things.

Will Wessie return?

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