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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Owlman Again

This is another repost of an old post on here when I first created this blog. To view the original post, click this link.

"The Owlman is a moth man-like creature seen in Cornwall, England. Cornwall is located near Falmouth Bay, where the sea monster Morgawr is seen.

                                                Owlman sketch     Credit: Tyler Houck

The people who saw it said it looked like a man, but had wings instead of arms. The head and face of the creature was described as "unnatural" and had a gaping black mouth, with large eyes, and pointy ears.

The Owlman seems totally unnatural, but, if it is somehow related to owls, the "pointy ears" on it's head  might make some sense, like in the picture below.

                                                  A Great Horned Owl looking like it has pointy "ears."
Picture Credit:

If the Owlman is real, it could be some supernatural creature. It is usually seen around an old graveyard and church, located on a Ley Line.  For more Owlman info, Check out these books:


The Owlman and Others by Jonathan Downes"

Joedy Cook also has a new book out about the Owlman's cousin, the Mothman of WV. 

Mothman and Owlman might also have something to do with a new project I'm working on…..

Mothman has a section in my book Cryptid U.S., which I am now working on the final draft of. After I get that finished it will be published! : )

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