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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2017 - Pics

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference this year was a blast! We headed down to Salt Fork State Park Friday afternoon to go to the VIP dinner in Cambridge. The dinner was at a new venue this year, and I must say it was a lot better than previous years, because you couldn't really even move at the last place, it was so packed!

Friday night also had the meet and greet and ticket pickup, so I hung out for a while talking to some people I know and meeting some others, including Lyle Blackburn, Thom Powell, Robert Robinson, Jeff Meldrum, and Robert Morgan. I also happened to run into James "Bobo" Fay too!

Below are some of the many pics from the conference.

With Robert W. Morgan
With Dr. Jeff Meldrum

With Lyle Blackburn 

With my friend Cal Marks

With Rob Robinson

Cliff Barackman

Rob Robinson's presentation
on the Skunk Ape

With Thom Powell

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