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Thursday, June 15, 2017

More on the St. Albans Big Cat - Paw Prints Found

Has evidence of the St. Albans big cat been found? It seems so.
Paw prints of the mystery big cat of
Hertforshire, England
(Herts Advertiser)

The Herts Advertiser is reporting on some paw prints found not long ago on a golf course:

"Wheathampstead local Stuart Braggs, 50, was playing golf on the Aldwickbury course earlier this month when he noticed something 'bizarre' by one of the bunkers near the clubhouse.
 "Animal footprints almost as large as his palm lead in long strides across the pit - preserved in the wet sand after a rainy morning.
"He said: 'We took photos and carried on playing golf, but I was then aware that some large cat had been walking there, which puts you a little bit on edge.'
"'There's not way it was anything else but a cat, it's definitely something reasonably large.'
"Stuart has been following the story of the mysterious beast of St Albans and would love to see the infamous creature in the flesh: 'I am convinced the creature is out there and hope it continues to live safely and secretly amongst us.'
"Five people Stuart knows have witnessed the cat but when he first told family and friends they were disbelieving, thinking the photo was a joke.
"Only about a week before the sighting, Stuart had been talking about eyewitness accounts of the big cat in the pub and he wrote a poem inspired by them, called Panther - he said it was like the boy who cried wolf.
"Eyewitnesses have come forwards in droves to report big cat sightings around Hertfordshire - in January two Oaklands College staff members saw 'a large, sandy-colored cat', and huge scratch marks were found on agree after a 'huge animal' was seen near Welwyn, and a big black cat was spotted by Luton Airport last year.
"A dog-walker recently found the mutilated corpse of a muntjac deer near Wheathampstead, and a Freedom of Information request from the Herts Advertiser revealed Herts Police have received about 30 big cats reports in the last five years.
"Police advise a safe distance is kept and any sightings are reported on 101.
"Stuart's book Poetry on Mead, which features his big cat piece, is coming out next month, and all proceeds are going to charity."

Even though Stuart did write a poem about the big cat, I feel like these footprints are genuine, especially since there have been so many other sightings.

If there's more to the story of this big cat, I'll update things.

Size of the prints
(Herts Advertiser)


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