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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Has Nessie Collided with Boats?

You'd think that if a creature that's about 30 feet long lived in Loch Ness it might have bumped into some boats. Manatees collide with boats all the time. So, why doesn't Nessie? Truth be told, the monster(s) has collided with boats, at least twice.

In the first incident a Royal Navy patrol boat was badly damaged after running into something in the Loch. When the skipper filed the accident report to the Admiralty they didn't believe him!

Around 1978 another boat collided with something big on the Loch and an elderly passenger actually had a heart attack and died the next day! : ( When the boat was pulled out of the water black skin and flesh was found on it. For some reason the people that pulled the boat out threw the flesh and skin in the Caledonian Canal, and it was lost forever! Say goodbye to the best evidence of the Loch Ness Monster ever!

For more on Nessie colliding with boats and to see the rest of the stroy click here.

Do you think it was Nessie that collided with those boats? What else in Loch Ness would be big enough to do that? It's not everyday you hear about a lake monster colliding with a boat, but it has happened at other lakes, too. Too bad the skin and flesh was thrown in the Caledonian Canal when it was taken off the boat, if it wasn't maybe Nessie would have been proven to be real a long time ago.