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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Return from the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip and Possible Bigfoot Photographed

Bill Brock and his team have returned from the Crypto Paranormal Roadtrip. Sinc they got back to Maine they have had lots of Bigfoot reports, and one person sent in a photo. Here's what Brock had to say on Cryptomundo:

Since getting back from our Crypto-Paranormal Road Trip we have had a ton of new reports of Sasquatch here in our area. All of these reports are around the Turner Maine area or within a hour or so drive. We have had Possible Sasquatch photos and track photos sent to us.. These photos all seem to look like the Turner Bigfoot sighting. Now to be clear we still do not know what was filmed in Turner. It very well could have been a guy in a suit. You also have to remember we found tracks in the exact spot the video was filmed.
The thing I hear most is this possible Sasquatch doesn’t fit the the body type of the Sasquatch people are seeing online or on youtube. I can tell you that everyone on earth has a slightly different body type. No one is the same. Why do people think all Sasquatch has the exact same body type? Bottom Line without a specimen type we will never really know the Sasquatch…
Here is a new Photo from here in Maine.. What it is I have no Idea looks like it could be a just another Blobsquatch … But Team Rogue will find out the truth..

Bill Brock is a Bigfoot researcher and was also on the show Monsters Underground. 

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