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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Return of the Lake Monsters

Peter Costello's book In Search of Lake Monsters first came out in 1974, Now, after 30 years, it has been republished by Anomalist Books.  The new edition of the book features a new afterward by Costello, an introduction by Loren Coleman, and a preface by the Father of Cryptozoology, Bernard Heuvelmans.

Book description from Amazon:

This pioneering classic in the field of cryptozoology covers not only the Loch Ness monster, but lake monsters from all over the world-from the Ogopogo of Canada and the "Patagonian Plesiosaur" of Argentina, to Idaho's "Slimey Slim"' and Sweden's "Storsjo," along with the "Bunyip" of Australia and the strange monsters of South Africa. Peter Costello provides a detailed and fascinating overview of lake monster lore-and gives a convincing explanation of the identity of these elusive denizens.

I'll have to get the new version of the book sometime. When I do I'll read it and review it on this blog.

The new cover for In Search of Lake Monsters

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