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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Not an Orang Pendek

At the end of March, I put up a post about a film that reportedly shows a "lost tribe member" or something of that sort, filmed in Sumatra. The film was also posted on Cryptomundo, where it was asked if it was an "Orang Pendek captured on camera?"

The film, which starts off with a "Fredography" introduction (suspicious), shows some people riding on dirt bikes in the jungle. Suddenly, a little, apparently naked, man runs out in front of them. When first viewing it, it didn't even look to me like he ran out, and just appeared in front of them. Looking closely, though, I do think I see him run out of the trees. One of the bikers falls down as the man runs right in front of him, and the guy who shot the video, apparently with a go-pro on his head, follows it. The man runs into the brush and disappears. 

Some Cryptomundo commenters made some good points:


"Interesting. If you translate the title, it doesn't purport to show orang pendek, it says orang telanjang which translates to 'naked' people. Orang pendek rather is 'short.' While both are short, but I agree with cryptokellie, it's human/humanoid. It does seem to have a long spear like stick and bad tan lines.
"One thing that is troublesome is the 'FredOgraphy' label. It's not something posted by a group of Indonesians; the professional posting gives me pause."


"It's a 'Naked People' that's for sure…lol. I also have a feeling that some post production is occurring with this video. Something about the naked figure's movement is not quite right."
G. de La Hoya:

"Makes sense that a remote being waits until the dirt bikes are upon him to run."

So is this an Orang Pendek? Definitely not.

Do I even think it is a "lost tribe member?" No. Either the whole thing was staged (and that guy had to have been pretty fast if it was) or, as Cryptokellie said, there is post production occurring.

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