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Monday, April 17, 2017

"A Scientific Perspective on Bigfoot" - Pictures

Some pictures from tonight's talk by Dr. Mark Wilson in Loudonville, Ohio on a scientist's perspective on Bigfoot.  A very interesting talk! Dr. Wilson examined many pieces of supposed evidence, like footprints, hair, DNA, photos/videos, etc. While concluding that from a scientific point of view these things, along with eyewitness accounts, can't prove that Bigfoot exists, he does not think that they definitely don't exist. Though implausible, he said, by scientific standpoints, it is not impossible.

Dr. Mark Wilson
There were also lots of cool movie posters hanging around the Ohio Theatre, where the talk was held!

Dr. Wilson has appeared on Ancient Aliens!
(As a scientist, though, talking dinosaurs, earthquakes, etc,
not a crazy ancient alien theorist like Giorgio!)

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