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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Strange Story of the Charles Mill Lake Monster

One of the weirdest aquatic cryptids - ever - was spotted in Ohio in the late 1950's and, some say, in the 1960's. It is known as the Charles Mill Lake Monster (because it was spotted in Charles Mill Lake Reservoir.

The Charles Mill Lake Reservoir was constructed in 1935 by the damming of the Black Fork of the Mohican River. The creature spotted in it was like no other in Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter.

On March 28, 1959, Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong, and Michael Lane were near Ruggles Road, which is located on the edge of Charles Mill Reservoir.

Suddenly, the three boys were horrified to see a freakish creature rise up out of the water. They said the monster was "armless," humanoid, and had "luminous, green eyes" and "large, webbed feet." They quickly left the area.

The authorities soon learned of the sighting of the swamp monster and decided to go to the scene to see if they could find anything. When they went there the found "a series of tracks that resembled the footgear worn by scuba divers" along the shore of the lake.
Charles Mill Lake Monster

In his book Curious Encounters, world-renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman notes that the creature was seen again four years later, in 1963, and was described as "luminous and green eyed."

Does that mean that the creature itself, if it really was seen in 1963, was luminous, or that it had luminous eyes like the three witnesses in 1959 reported?

There is another creature that was seen in the same area as the Charles Mill monster, and which also had glowing eyes. This one was called "Orange Eyes" (you can probably guess why) and was described as looking like a Bigfoot.

There have only been one or two (depending on whether or not you believe the second report, or none if you don't believe either) sightings of the Charles Mill Lake Monster. It's identity, like that of almost all cryptids, remains a mystery.

The website Cryptopia reports that giant tracks that look like webbed feet (like those found by the authorities who investigated the first sighting) are still found from time to time by the lake.

Maybe there is something hiding in those waters...

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