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Monday, June 20, 2016

The "Capture of a Wild Man in Ohio"

The Waukesha, Wisconsin Daily Freeman reported about a strange man (or creature) on Thursday, August 9, 1883.

The headline of the article in the paper was "Capture of a Wild Man in Ohio," and it said:

"MASON, OH. Aug. 9. - The wild man that has been seen in this vicinity for the past few weeks, frightening women and children from the blackberry patches, was captured late Tuesday evening by Constable Corrington three miles south of this place. His long flowing hair and beard and keen black eyes have him a frightful appearance. Of his origin and mode of gaining a livelihood nothing can be learned, as he refused to utter a sound. He was taken by the authorities to Lebanon."

The description of the creature sounds similar to a Bigfoot, but if then how was it captured?

This story, along with many, many others, at least show that there is a long history of encounters with hairy, man-like creatures in Ohio and all over the rest of North America.

More historical (and modern) accounts of Bigfoot in Ohio will be discussed in my next book, along with many, many other things…

Keep an eye out for more on the book tomorrow…

Thanks to Brain and Terrie Seech of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies and Center for Unexplained Events for sharing many newspaper clippings of sightings of cryptids…

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