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Monday, March 28, 2016

Strange Things Under the Big Sky

Received in the mail today a copy of Greg Strandberg's new book Paranormal Montana: The Odd, Strange, and Unexplainable Things That Happen Under the Big Sky. Looks good! I'll post a review when I finish reading it.

Here's the book description:

"Paranormal Montana explores the weird, strange, and out-of-this-world stories that have taken place in Montana's recent past.
  • UFOs and alien encounters
  • Bigfoot sightings and close calls
  • Lake monsters and strange appearances
  • Cannibal giants and what goes bump in the night
 "You'll get all of that and a lot more in this fun and exciting book
"These amazing stories come straight from the state's newspapers and the Montana Historical Society's archives. Full of wondrous tales that are great for any age, this Montana book is one that you'll remember for years!"


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