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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bigfoot Filmed in Utah?

On February 15 a video was uploaded to YouTube by "The Paranormal Review" that purportedly shows a Bigfoot in Utah. You can watch it below. The description on YouTube says:

"A man sent us this footage of a supposed bigfoot or sasquatch sighting. He says that he took it in the Spring of 2015 but was to nervous or embarrassed to show anyone who might think he was crazy. He found our channel and submitted it to us for our bigfoot breakdown."

My opinion is that this video is a hoax. The person filming zooms in on a little stream of water, but when the Bigfoot is spotted on the other side, he decides to zoom out, and not zoom in again! Why would he/she be filming a stream in the first place? Why don't they try to follow the "creature" with the camera? Not a real Bigfoot.

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