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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The North American Dogman Project

In the last decade or so, the creature called the "Dogman" has jumped into the cryptozoological limelight. These creatures are described as things that pretty much look like real werewolves - they walk upright, have paws and tails, and have heads like a wolf or German Shepherd.

Now, a new group has been formed by cryptozoologist Joedy Cook that is solely for studying this mystery. It's the North American Dogman Project. The website for the group says their goal is to "collect as many eyewitness accounts from across the country as possible." This also includes physical evidence like footprints, hair samples, etc.

Ronald Murphy has a book out (a few months old) on the subject now that's called On Dogman: Tracking the Werewolf Through History. Joedy Cook and Adam Davis will have a new book out in June called Werewolf Encounters. The group is also working on a documentary about Dogman sightings.

You can find out more, get t-shirts, join the group, etc. by visiting the website.


  1. Thanks many thanks, pulchritud in your endeavors. More soon about the mnumeic-thoght-form perceivable bio-memory topas_ic 'Dogman'..

    1. More soon about what? Pulchritud? Maybe in English next time.
      Topas? Supposed to be Tulpas?
      Not really sure what your saying here man.
      Also "thought" is spelled with a "u."