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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Monsters in Ohio

Jason Offutt has a new article up on Mysterious Universe about some of the mysterious creatures that have been spotted in the Buckeye State, including the Grassman (Bigfoot), Loveland Frogmen, Lake Erie and Charles Mill Lake Monsters, and more.

It starts out like this:

"Ohio, named for the Iroquois word 'ohi-yo' meaning 'large creek' lies in the Midwestern United States. It's home to a number of firsts, such as America's first automobile (built by John Lambert in 1891), the first use of x-rays in surgery in 1896, Superman (by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933) and the invention of the pop-top can in the 1960s. Eight presidents were either born in Ohio, or lived there when they were elected. Along with presidents, Ohio produced movie directors Steven Spielberg and Wes Craven, first man on the moon Neil Armstrong, inventor Thomas Edison, author Toni Morrison, actors Clark Gable, and Jim 'Thurston Howell III' Backus, and murderer Charles Manson (who also wrote the first draft of the Beach Boys song 'Never Learn Not to Love'). Ohio isn't a big state, the 34th largest, but it ranks seventh in population. Rolling plains make up most of Ohio, topped off by the Appalachian Plateau consisting of hills and valleys. Three hundred twelve miles of Lake Erie shoreline stretch across two-thirds of the northern section of the state. More than 8.1 million acres of Ohio lay under the cover of trees. That's a lot of room to hide, oh I don't know, Bigfoot, maybe?"

See the whole thing here.

And, speaking of Bigfoot in Ohio.... the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference is this weekend at Salt Fork State Park.


  1. Something I find so interesting about Ohio, which is where I live, is the large amount of 'Lover's Lane Creatures'. The list includes Mothman, Orange Eyes, Melon Heads, Loveland Frog, Hookman, and Dogman.
    They all have Lover's Lane stories that float around, never really going away.
    Ohio also has lots of interesting legends pertaining roads and travel ways, it is the Cry-Baby Bride capital of the world, and has a handful of ghost stories dealing with roads, like the Oxford Ghost Motorcycle, and (a personal favorite of mine) Gore Orphanage haunting.

    Just food for thought, Bigfoot isn't the only weird thing going on here.

    1. Yes, I've heard of most of them too, and have written about some of them before. Quite a few are discussed in my book.

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