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Was a Bigfoot Filmed in Canada?

Making the rounds on news sites right now is a video that purportedly shows a Bigfoot in Canada.

The Express reports:

"A FILM purporting to show Bigfoot stalking through a Canadian forest has been hailed as evidence that the shaggy creature may be more than just a myth.
"The skip, shot on January 5, was captured by a Canadian family who entitled it: 'Remarkable footage shows a huge Bigfoot walking through the Canadian wilderness.'
"They uploaded it the YouTube channel Modern Galaxy and since then it has been viewed 126,000 times, with plenty of viewers apparently convinced of its veracity.
"One remarked: 'The thing is freaking huge and wide as hell. You can see where the direction of the sun is coming and can see the sun shine off of the fur of the creature.
"'The creature is in a sitting or crouched position then stands up and begins to walk more into the tree cover. You can even see it moving behind the trees. Very interesting if it's real footage.'
"Another added: 'Don't know what it is… but it's not a bear that I am sure…just wish they zoomed in, or follow up video of the location,' while a third commented: 'It looks like a Bigfoot to me.'
"Last year saw a rash of sightings of Bigfoot, which is also known as Sasquatch.
"In 2017, a farmer claimed to have seen a whole family of the creatures, adding that one of them was carrying a pig while running through his California ranch, while in another incident, also in California, a video appeared to show a Bigfoot-type creature swinging through the trees.
"And Hollywood actor Rob Lowe said an encounter with a 'wood ape' while filming a paranormal reality show in Missouri left him in fear of his life.
"Tales of the mythical beast, which is reported to be between 6 and 9 feet call and covered in thick shaggy hair, precede the colonization of North America, with frequent references to them in Native Ameircans folklore.
"Filmmakers Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin hit the headlines in 1967 when they unveiled a minute-long film in Bluff Creek in Northern California showing an ape-like creature striding through a clearing in the forest.
"The footage is probably the most famous Bigfoot film of all time - but skeptics have since claimed it was an elaborate hoax."

Matt Moneymaker has commented on this video on Twitter and said: "Don't ask me why I think this is legit. It's too subtle to even explain. Just note, for the record, I think this is authentic footage. Usually I'm debunking BF clips but I think this is a real sasquatch, what Dr. Grover Krantz would have identified as 'Gigantopithecus canadensis.'"

He's usually debunking Bigfoot clips? I honestly don't think I've ever seen MM debunk any Bigfoot clip.

And, why can't we ask "why he thinks it's legit?" Its too subtle to explain? If MM really thinks it is real, and has reasons for thinking that, why doesn't he point out why, exactly, we should think this is real and not a fake?

To me, this looks like every other supposed Bigfoot video every uploaded to YouTube - too blurry, with nothing really to go on except something taking a few steps back into the woods. If MM can prove that it is real to me, I would love to hear is reasoning.

Until then, though, it's just a blurry video that believers will put forward as "evidence" when it is really nothing of the sort.

Screams "real!", does it not?


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