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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Malaysian Airliner Mystery

It's been almost a month since flight 370 left Malaysia and dissappeared. Recently, possible remains were found in the ocean. However, they could be from a cargo ship. Ten planes, nine ships, and a UK submarine have been searching the Indian Ocean. It will take a long time to cover the whole search area in planes, but it will take over 100 times longer if they need to check for wreckage on the ocean floor.

Some people think the plane was hi-jacked and taken to an old bunker is a jungle somewhere, but there is no evidence that anyone on the plane, crew or passengers, would have any reason to do that. Satellites have sent pictures that may be remains in the Indian Ocean. I think it may have crashed somewhere. For now, no one knows what really happened. The mystery of what happened may never be solved.


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