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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bigfoot Reviewed

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth came out March 8, 2014. I wrote an earlier post about it here, and this is the review I promised.

I got the book about a month ago but just started reading it last Friday. I really enjoyed it and got it done in a week. Both authors do a great job telling there stories. Rob Riggs tells of his odd experiences in the Big Thicket in Texas, and Tom Burnette says there is a whole group of the creatures living on his property in North Carolina. 

Many of its Amazon reviews are good, and I agree with them. There are a few that say it isn't so good; one person just didn't like it because of Tom's colorful vocabulary, because there are a lot of cuss words in his sections and the person thought that ruined the book. I for one though it helped Tom get his point through,and , I mean, give him a break, he lives in the mountains of North Carolina and everyone around there talks like that.

The main parts in the book are the two author's investigations of the mystery, and then some of their theories. They both think Bigfoot has some kind of psychic power that it can use to hide from people. They both think Bigfoot doesn't like dogs(Tom says they eat his), and they think the creatures may even be from another dimension!

They also talk about some of the better Bigfoot documentaries that have been made in the past 14 years, including Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Bigfoot: the Definitive Guide, series' like MonsterQuest and Finding Bigfoot, and, my personal favorite, Bigfootville.

If you are someone who likes Bigfoot I would definitely recommend this book.

                                           Bigfootville Part 1

                                            Bigfootville Part 2

Bigfootville Part 3

Bigfootville Part 4

Bigfootville Part 5

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