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Friday, December 18, 2015

Japan's "River Child" - The Kappa

Kappas are legendary creatures said to live in Japan. Although Kappa (which means "river child", or something similar) is the most common name, they are also called by many other names, including Kawako and Hyosube.
Kappas are usually said to be about the size of a child and have a humanoid form. They have scaly skin like a reptile, and are sometimes said to be green, yellow, or blue. They are also said to have apelike faces and hair. They have webbed hands and feet because they supposedly live in rivers and ponds.

The strangest feature about a Kappa, however, is probably this. They are said to have indentations on the top of their heads that holds water. Some say that if they don't have water in the bowl on their head they can't move or do anything.

Some people think Kappas are just a legend used to scare kids of the dangers in water. Whatever the case, they certainly are weird!

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