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Monday, October 3, 2016

More Fortean Phantom Clowns?

In November of last year, I posted on article on this blog titled "Fortean Phantom Clowns." The reports of creepy clowns I mentioned in that post are similar to reports coming from, well, all over the United States recently.
Creepy clowns are being spotted around the U.S.

For an example of one such report, WFAA8 reported on a mysterious clown seen last night in Texas:

"FORT WORTH - Police responded to an unusual call late Sunday after a concerned resident reported seeing a person dressed as a clown running down the sidewalk and yelling.
"The call came out at 11:30 p.m. in a residential area in the 5800 block on Melanie Lane, near I-35W and Loop 820 in North Fort Worth.
 "Officers couldn't find the supposed clown, however, and no report was taken, as they could not determine that a criminal offense had occurred.
"This is one of the first reports of the mysterious clown sightings in North Texas.
"Since August, people across the country have been on edge after various reports of clown sightings in more than 10 states.
"The reports have varied in nature and some of them have been deemed to be false.
"Social media website DFW Scanner indicates it has received a dozen or so calls about local clown sightings in North Texas, although those calls have not been confirmed by police.
"Regardless, authorities across the nation are taking each situation seriously.
"Last week, several schools in Cincinnati, Ohio closed because a woman reported being attacked by a male dressed as a clown. 
"On Friday threats posted on Facebook claimed that clowns were going to kidnap students and kill teachers. This caused several schools nationwide to take precautionary action, including heightened security and lock downs.
"In August children in Greenville, South Carolina reported clowns were trying to lure them into the woods with money, although those claims have yet to be substantiated and no arrests have been made."

Police across the country are taking the reports of mysterious clowns seriously. Greenville, South Carolina, Police Chief Ken Miller has said "It's illegal. It's dangerous. It's inappropriate, and it's creating community concern so it needs to stop."

More reports came in from Washington state today, with two videos of clowns spotted in Tacoma and Lynnwood. See them here.
A creepy clown in Lynnwood, Washington

On Friday, Crystal Foster, of Portland, Oregon, said a man dressed in black clothes, black gloves, and a clown mast approached her car. She says he hit her windows and tried to get into the car. She sped away and later called police, who she says weren't too helpful.

As an example of how many creepy clown sightings are being reported, here's a list of 15 on
Why is this of interest to forteans? Well, because this isn't the first time this type of thing (clown sightings all over) has happened. Other notable reports occurred in the early 1980s. Loren Coleman dedicates a whole chapter to them in his book Mysterious America.

So, what is causing this? Suggestions include hoaxes (which some reports are), hysteria, the upcoming movie of Steven King's It, another movie, ClownTown, and some actual sightings of people dressed up as clowns for unknown reasons. Maybe it's because Halloween is coming up?

Check back later for more.

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