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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dead Deer = Bigfoot!

I saw this on Bigfoot Evidence today. A lot of times I think some of the stuff on there is pretty stupid. Well, this really is.

This is a video of an investigation into a sighting report. But, beware before you start it- it's 41 minutes long!

The Bigfoot Evidence post featured a dead deer the group found at the beginning of the video(2:38 mark). The post was: "I wonder what killed this deer?" Here's the rest of the post:

"The RSMO investigates and area known as Lost Creek, where various individuals have had bigfoot sightings, an deer apparently end up dead for no reason. Check it out:"

1. Maybe who wrote this should learn how to spell "and."
2. The part where "deer apparently end up dead for no reason." Uh, there are these things called disease and old age that kill animals all the time.

Bigfoot kill? NO!
I don't think that every little thing out in the woods is Bigfoot, or is caused by Bigfoot. Believe me, though, if anyone would be the person to believe in Bigfoot, that's me. But, I don't go screaming "it's Bigfoot!" every time I see a dead animal in the woods.