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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Crap on Cryptozoology News

Cryptozoology News is a website that has reports of encounters with cryptids, aliens, and the like all the time. Bigfoot Evidence often has links to articles on CZ News. It would all be extremely interesting, if it was real.

While researching for my book Cryptid U.S.(which is available now) I found an article on about Cryptozoology News. I had read some of CZ News' articles before, and even used one of them as a source for a pterosaur encounter for my book. Well, you can imagine I was surprised when I read that all of CZ News was fake.

Just recently, an article appeared on CZ News about a man claiming to have an alien encounter. You can view that here. This made me laugh. I'll let commenter Matt Z. on CZ News explain the rest:
"I'm one for believing in aliens - the universe is too big not to! But holy crap that is so photoshopped it hurts. "

Thank you Matt.

 Other articles on CZ News are like that one and are just so crazy you can't believe them. Trust me, if anyone would be the one to believe a cryptid encounter report, it would be me. But I'm not stupid enough to fall for this. The worst one, though, has to be the Bigfoot photo on CZ News a few months ago. It would be really good, if the Bigfoot wasn't a cutout. I had plenty of people sharing this with me when it came out. I can't believe people believed it.

Other articles on CZ News have included things about trolls, pterosaurs with wingspans of 80 FEET, and and "anteater-man."

I'm not saying I don't believe anything in cryptozoology. I'm just saying that Cryptozoology News is fake, and no one should rely on it for their crypto/alien information.